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Henri Herz - Piano Music

Henri Herz - Piano Music


Deuxième thème original avec introduction et variations, Op. 81

Variations on Non più mesta from La Cenerentola

Trois Nocturnes caractéristiques, Op. 45

Première Ballade, Op. 117 No. 1

Le mouvement perpétuel, Op. 91, No. 3

Fantaisie dramatique, Op. 89

Deuxième Ballade, Op. 117 No. 2

Fantaisie et Variations sur des Airs nationaux américains variés, Op. 158

The Variations on ‘Non più mesta’ from Rossini’s La Cenerentola Op 60 is Herz’s best-known work. Several composers were attracted to the show-stopping aria sung by Rossini’s eponymous heroine, and Herz’s response is as dazzling and witty as the original, demanding pyrotechnical displays of agility from the pianist. Philip Martin has delighted listeners with his eight volumes of the works of Gottschalk – a composer undoubtedly influenced by Herz – and his performances on this disc are equally as agile and graceful.

“…Philip Martin's performances replace obvious dazzle with an engaging warmth and affection coupled with a mischievous twinkle when required.” Gramophone Magazine, February 2008

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Hyperion - CDA67606


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Reizenstein: Piano Music

Reizenstein: Piano Music


Legend, Op. 24

Scherzo in A, Op. 21

Suite for piano, Op. 6

Piano Sonata No. 2 in A flat major, Op. 40

Variations for Piano on "Lambeth Walk"

“Philip Martin, who was a pupil of Reizenstein, is the ideal advocate for this music. Whether it is in the uncompromisingly serious Sonata No. 2 or in the skilled pastiche of the Lambeth Walk Variations he is able to communicate Reizenstein's strong and profoundly skilled musical personality with real success.” Gramophone Magazine, February 1990

Continuum - CCD1007



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Gottschalk - Piano Music Volume 6

Gottschalk - Piano Music Volume 6

Gottschalk, L:

Le Carnival de Venise

Marche funèbre


Printemps d'amour

Caprice élégiaque

Colliers d'or

Danse ossianique

Danse des sylphes

Le Sourire d'une jeune fille


La Favorita (after Donizetti)

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Hyperion Gottschalk Piano Music - CDA67349


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Gottschalk - Piano Music Volume 5

Gottschalk - Piano Music Volume 5

Gottschalk, L:

Sospiro Valse poétique RO241 (Op 24)

Marguerite Grande valse brillante RO158 (Op 76)

Bataille Etude de concert RO25 (Op 64)

Réponds-moi (Dí que sí) Danse cubaine, caprice brilliant RO226 (Op 50)

(arr. for piano solo by C Wachtmann)

Solitude RO239 (Op 65)

8ème Ballade RO16 (Op 90)

Tremolo, Grande étude de concert, Op. 58

Orfa Grande polka RO186 (Op 71)

El Cocoyé Grande caprice cubain di bravura RO57 (Op 80)

Polka de salon RO207 (Op 1)

Rayons d'azur Polka de salon RO220 (Op 77)

La chasse du jeune Henri Morceau de concert RO54 (Op 10)

“CD that hasn't been recorded by Philip Martin, the ideal exponent, but here's another whole collection of surprises – again a real enchantment from start to finish. It's interesting to hear Gottschalk's Op 1, the Polka de salon, published in Paris, which he wrote in his mid-teens. No particular character yet but genuine charm. More typical of the pianist-composer as pop star is Elcocoyé, which gives a local carnival tune a flashy setting and brought the house down for Gottschalk's first recital in Havana in 1854. Solitude is a pretty nocturne inspired by Lamartine, Chopinesque but simpler. The middle section is a fine example of Martin's totally natural, relaxed melodic playing which perfectly fits the serenity of Gottschalk's lyricism. Martin knows how to pace Gottschalk's Caribbean syncopations, too, and is up to all the pyrotechnics.” Gramophone Classical Music Guide, 2010

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Hyperion Gottschalk Piano Music - CDA67248


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Gottschalk - Piano Music Volume 4

Gottschalk - Piano Music Volume 4

Gottschalk, L:

La Colombe Petite polka RO60 (Op 49)

La Moissonneuse Mazurka caractéristique RO173 (Op 8)

Le songe d'une nuit d'été Caprice élégante RO240 (Op 9)

Pensée poétique

La Scintilla (L'Étincelle) Mazurka sentimentale RO80 (Op 20)

Souvenir de Cuba Mazurka RO245 (Op 75)

La Gitanella Caprice caractéristique RO103 (Op 35)

Morte!! Lamentation RO174 (Op 55)

Polonia Grande caprice de concert RO210 (Op 35)

Fantôme de bonheur (Illusions perdues) Caprice RO94 (Op 36)

Forest Glade Polka (Les Follets) RO98 (Op 25)

Ossian Deux ballades RO187 (Op 4)

Ricordati Nocturne, méditation, romance RO227 (Op 26)

Reflets du passé RO223 (Op 28)

Apothéose Grand marche solennelle RO8 (Op 29)

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Hyperion Gottschalk Piano Music - CDA67118


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Gottschalk - Piano Music Volume 3

Gottschalk - Piano Music Volume 3

Gottschalk, L:

O ma charmante, épargnez-moi! Caprice RO182 (Op 44) 1861

Grande Fantaisie triomphale sur l'hymne national brésilien RO108 (Op 69) 1869

Gottschalk's Melody

Banboula, danse de nègres, Op. 2

The Dying Poet Meditation RO75 1863/4

Hercule Grande étude de Concert RO116 (Op 88) 1869

The Last Hope Religious meditation RO133 (Op 16) 1854

Murmures éoliens RO176 (Op 46) 1860

Andante (Symphony No. 1 'La Nuit des tropiques', first movement) RO5 ?1879

Arranged by Artur Napolelo

La Chute des Feuilles Nocturne RO55 (Op 42) 1860

Tournament Galop, R0264

“It isn't only the playing here which gives such satisfaction, but the whole package is stylishly produced – Rousseau on the booklet cover and fine notes from Jeremy Nicholas. The piano sound from the fastidious Hyperion team is flawless. Martin, operating in a context where some pianists can hardly play softly at all, has a ravishing pianissimo. This makes O ma charmante and the perennial – but highly original – The lasthope simply enchanting. Gottschalk is a real melodist. Martin understands the intimacies of the salon but he also lacks nothing in his transcendental virtuosity.
The more flamboyant numbers, such as Tournament Galop prove this.
About 10 years after Gottschalk's death, his pianist colleague, Artur Napoleão, made a piano arrangement of the first movement of Symphony No 1 (Night in the tropics) which Martin includes here. It's slightly drab compared with the orchestral version and soon feels repetitive.
But don't let that put you off this outstanding continuation of Martin's Gottschalk series.”
Gramophone Classical Music Guide, 2010

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Hyperion Gottschalk Piano Music - CDA66915


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Gottschalk - Piano Music Volume 2

Gottschalk - Piano Music Volume 2

Gottschalk, L:

Suis-moi! - caprice Op. 45 (RO253)

Berceuse, RO27 (Op 47) 1860

La jota aragonesa, caprice espagnol, Op. 14

Manchega, Étude de concert Op. 38

Marche de Nuit, RO151 (Op 17) 1855

La Savane - Ballade Creole, RO232 (Op 3) c1845/6

Miserere du Trovatore - Paraphrase de Concert, RO171 (Op 52) 1856

Souvenir d'Andalousie - Caprice de Concert, RO242 (Op 22) 1851

Polka in A flat, RO275 1859

Ballade, RO271 1853

Polka in B flat, RO273 date unknown

Ynes, RO277 1860

Caprice-Polka, RO44 (edited Espadero as Op. 79) 1856

Scherzo Romantique, RO233 (edited Espadero as Op. 73) 1851

Souvenir de Lima - Mazurka, RO247 (Op 74 )1865

Grand Scherzo, RO114 (Op 57) 1869

Pasquinade, caprice, Op. 59

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Hyperion Gottschalk Piano Music - CDA66697


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Once More with Feeling... A Selection of Favourite Piano Encores

Once More with Feeling... A Selection of Favourite Piano Encores


Córdoba (from Chants d’Espagne Op. 232)


Danzas Cubanas: No. 6


Pièces pittoresques (10): No. 10, Scherzo-valse


Arabesque No. 1


Nocturne No. 6 in D flat major, Op. 63


The Man I Love

I Got Rhythm (from Girl Crazy & An American in Paris)


Triakontameron No. 1 'Nocturnal Tango'


Lyric Pieces Op. 43: No. 1 - Butterfly

Lyric Pieces Op. 43: No. 6 - To Spring



Martin, P:

Jazz Pieces (2)

Night piece for Julia

New York Nights

The Zodiac -Three Pieces


Oriental Sketch (1917)


Gnossienne No. 3


Stances à Madame de Pompadour


Suite variée for Piano: Ostinato

This delightful disc of favourite – and occasionally unfamiliar – piano music played by pianist Philip Martin fulfils several functions: it is, first and foremost, a collection of ‘personal choice’ encore pieces, some of which are amongst the world’s favourite piano music, with others coming into the unjustly neglected genre, all of which have a special affection in Philip’s comprehensive repertoire. Secondly, we encounter the art of this much-admired Irish musician as a composer, whose own music possesses an individuality and immediacy of appeal that confirms his qualities as a musical communicator to his audience. And finally (although it is not ‘final’!), this exceptionally well-filled CD is released

as Philip Martin prepares coincidentally to celebrate his 70th birthday and 50 years in the music profession with a wide-ranging selection that indicates the range and artistry of this truly international musician.

Philip was born in Dublin but soon made his mark internationally, establishing and cementing a reputation notable for his championship of several further unjustly neglected works, amongst them the Samuel Barber Piano Concerto – of which Philip gave both the French and Irish premieres – and Britten’s Diversions on a Theme for piano left hand and orchestra. Philip’s appearances in France have reinforced his knowledge, understanding and love for French piano music; it was with Britten’s masterpiece that Philip made his much-praised Proms debut in 1985 at the Royal Albert Hall with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, being invited back two years later to play Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. This enjoyable disc is sure to win many more friends for this well-loved artist.

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Somm - SOMM0176



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Piano Music by Billy Mayerl Vol. 2

Piano Music by Billy Mayerl Vol. 2


Insect Oddities

The Big Top

Pianolettes (Book 2)

Three Japanese Pictures, Op. 25

Three Syncopated Rambles

This is the second CD of music by the legendary Billy Mayerl, who was one of the most successful and brilliantly gifted composer-pianists of his generation - the generation that spanned the Second World War. Mayerl's twice- weekly radio programmes became compelling listening for literally millions of Britons, both here and on the Continent. Mayerl's original records equally sold never less than in their tens of thousands - some of them, considerably more - with the effect that his early death just over 50 years ago was front-page news all over the world. As a composer, Mayerl - a classically trained pianist - had the priceless gift of melody, which combined with his dazzling pianism proved a uniquely winning formula for decades. In technical terms, his music often demands a finished command of the keyboard, placing his pieces beyond the skill of most amateur pianists. Mayerl played the Grieg Piano Concerto at London's Queen's Hall when still in his early teens and gave the British premiere of his friend George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue in the composer's presence. Volume One of The Piano Music of Billy Mayerl with Philip Martin [SOMM0124) has proved conclusively that there's a new and ready market for this brilliantly written and attractive music - and here is the equally fine follow-up disc, with more of Mayerl's inspired compositions for a new generation of listeners.

Somm - SOMM0149



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Piano Music by Billy Mayerl Vol. 1

Piano Music by Billy Mayerl Vol. 1


Autumn Crocus


Evening Primrose

Aquarium Suite

Puppets Suite

Three Contrasts

Harp of the Winds

Shallow Waters

Robots, Op. 81

Post World War 1, broadcasting became ever more popular and most of the music played on the radio in those early days could be categorized as jazz or ragtime. The main element of these styles of music was of course syncopation and in Britain, Billy Mayerl had arguably become one of the most famous ‘syncopaters’ regularly broadcast on the radio at that time.

The distinguished Irish pianist and composer Philip Martin is the pianist introducing us here to Volume 1 of the series of Billy Mayerl’s music from Somm Records.

Somm has established itself as a great exponent of British piano music and this series is sure to be revered in the same light as previous releases of Bridge and Bax’s music.

“Casual listeners may think they’ve stumbled across a clutch of rare Gershwin pieces, but Mayerl’s style is just a little more introspective, a touch less self-consciously jazzy. These miniatures are difficult to play, and Martin manages to sound improvisatory whilst nailing the music’s technical demands...Irresistible.” The Arts Desk, 30th March 2013

“This is the first volume in a series in which the sequels cannot arrive too soon. The principal joy resides in Billy Mayrel's music - British piano pieces that are syncopated and melodious...Martin's (he is joy number two) leaps through the repertoire with clean and infectious élan” BBC Music Magazine, July 2013 ****

“Martin's depth and breadth marks him out as a musician of exceptional qualities...This music needs to smile and dance (and occasionally to weep and yearn), but always there must be a soulful connection made, and hence Martin's playing is so much at the service of the music.” International Record Review, June 2013

“My hunch is that Martin is more interested in pointing up Mayerl’s harmonic writing, and that he is intent on pursuing the more veiled impressionism that does indeed lie at the heart of some of Mayerl’s music - that and Gershwin and Rachmaninovian impulses.” MusicWeb International, 21st May 2013

Somm - SOMM0124



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