The Sixteen


The Sixteen

After thirty years of world-wide performance and recording, The Sixteen is recognised as one of the world’s greatest vocal ensembles. Its special reputation for performing early English polyphony, masterpieces of the Renaissance and a diversity of 20th century music is drawn from the passions of conductor and founder, Harry Christophers. Over ninety recordings reflect The Sixteen’s quality in a range of work spanning the music of five hundred years, winning many awards including Grand Prix du Disque for Handel's Messiah, numerous Schallplattenkritik, the coveted Gramophone Award for Early Music, and most recently the prestigious Classical Brit Award 2005 for 'Renaissance'.

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Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki

Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki


Conductus funebris

Litaniae de Providentia Divina

Missa Rorate caeli

In virtute tua

O rex gloriae

Illuxit sol

Sepulto Domino

The Sixteen, Eamonn Dougan

The third disc in The Sixteen’s acclaimed series of Polish music, conducted by Associate Conductor, Eamonn Dougan, explores the work of Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki (1665–1734). Regarded as the outstanding Polish composer of the high baroque, Gorczycki studied in Prague and Vienna in his early years and returned to Kraków in 1690 where he took holy orders. He was appointed Magister capellae at Wawel Cathedral in 1698, a position he held until his death. Like his predecessor Bartłomiej Pękiel (COR16110), Gorczycki wrote in both stile antico and stile moderno; the works featured in this recording display his skill in both genres. The Missa Rorate shows his mastery of counterpoint and sensitivity to word-setting, as does Illuxit Sol in which Gorczycki revels in the rhetoric of the text, painting it with lush five-part string writing; Conductus Funebris, a four-movement work setting text from the Burial Service, marries his contrapuntal skills with a more emphatic, declamatory style, while in the Litania de Providentia Divinae, Gorczycki unleashes the full power of his invention as he paints the virtues of "Divine Providence" with a glowing palate of colours.

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Coro Polish Music - COR16130



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Flight of Angels

Flight of Angels


Duo Seraphim

Missa Surge propera: Gloria

Laudate Dominum

Maria Magdalene

Missa de la batalla escoutez: Credo

Vexilla Regis

Missa Congratulamini mihi: Agnus Dei I

Missa Congratulamini mihi: Agnus Dei II

Lobo, A:

Missa Maria Magdalene: Kyrie

Libera me

Ave Regina caelorum

Ave Maria

Versa est in luctum

Harry Christophers talks to Presto's David Smith about Flight of Angels here.

The Sixteen takes a trip back to 16th-century Spain and more specifically to one of the biggest, richest and most cosmopolitan cities on earth - Seville. It was during this 'golden age', when arts and culture flourished, that Francisco Guerrero and Alonso Lobo made their mark. Between them these two composers captured an astonishing variety of moods within their music, from ecstasy and joy to despair, longing and devotional stillness.

“Christophers has devised a sequence that weaves together strikingly beautiful liturgical settings by both composers...The Sixteen performances may be a little detached and disembodied at times, but the poised beauty of their singing never fails.” The Guardian, 27th March 2015 ****

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Coro - COR16128


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Spirit, Strength & Sorrow

Spirit, Strength & Sorrow

Five settings of the Stabat Mater


Stabat Mater


Stabat Mater


Stabat Mater

Martin, M:

Stabat Mater

Scarlatti, D:

Stabat Mater a 10 voci

Spirit, Strength & Sorrow is the staggering result of The Sixteen’s third collaboration with the Genesis Foundation and demonstrates, once again, their joint commitment to nurturing new artistic talent. This CD features three brand new settings of the Stabat Mater from emerging composers, Alissa Firsova, Tõnu Kõrvits and Matthew Martin alongside those by Claudio Casciolini and Domenico Scarlatti.

Harry Christophers writes: ‘I find it staggering to think that it was only eight years ago when I first met John Studzinsiki. We had been invited to perform a very special work by Will Todd, aptly written for sixteen solo voices, which John had commissioned for his birthday. From this moment began a fruitful, meaningful and, above all, inspirational collaboration with John and the Genesis Foundation. Every project since has emanated from John’s devotion to the Catholic faith and his love of the wonderful poetry which encapsulates Christianity as well as his laudable mission to promote and nurture young talent.’

“Three new responses to the text, commissioned by John Studzinski’s Genesis Foundation, are sung here with faultless clarity by the Sixteen...Each is a significant contribution to the repertoire, sitting proudly alongside more familiar settings from Scarlatti and Casciolini, and all meticulously directed by Harry Christophers.” The Observer, 16th November 2014 ****

“All three [new works] are worth hearing and Domenico Scarlatti’s “Stabat Mater” makes a highly enjoyable Baroque companion for them.” Financial Times, 29th November 2014 ****

“All three [new settings] are touching and effective: imaginative in their choral sonorities and colouring of the text, skilfully balancing a strong feeling for tradition with a distinctive individual voice...At moments in their intimate and elegiac performance of the Scarlatti I wanted a dose of Latin theatricality. But in the new works their singing, technically and expressively, is beyond criticism.” Gramophone Magazine, January 2015

“Of the three contemporary works featured, Matthew Martin's is technically the most ambitious...It's an absorbing, highly accomplished piece of vocal writing, tailor-made to stretch a choir of The Sixteen's ability...For sinuous beauty, though, Domenico Scarlatti's gorgeous ten-part setting takes some beating, deliciously accompanied here by theorbo, harp and organ.” BBC Music Magazine, February 2015 ****

GGramophone Magazine

Editor's Choice - January 2015

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Coro Genesis Foundation - COR16127



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Monteverdi: Vespro della beata Vergine (1610)

Monteverdi: Vespro della beata Vergine (1610)

Grace Davidson, Charlotte Mobbs (sopranos), Simon Berridge, Jeremy Budd, Mark Dobell (tenor) & Ben Davies, Eamonn Dougan (bass)

The Sixteen, Harry Christophers

Harry Christophers writes: ‘Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610 is quite simply one of the greatest works of sacred music ever written and without doubt the most varied and inspired before Handel and Bach began composing their oratorios and passions. Where it was written, why it was written and who it was written for are actually immaterial – suffice it to say it was quite simply his calling card for the big job, Choirmaster at the resplendent Basilica of St Mark in Venice. Its variety alone makes it unique – thrilling psalm settings with virtuosic writing for both multi-part choir and instrumentalists to exotic and sensual settings of texts from the Song of Songs for solo voices. Every movement is full of luscious harmonies, drama and an evocative musical language which is so beautifully constructed for all concerned.’

“Christophers sees Monteverdi attempting here to 'speak through singing'...and this, he tells us, allows the conductor 'the most amazing licence' - of accentuation, speed and declamation. Hence the character accounts of Laudate pueri and Dixit Dominus, where pauses are ignored or inserted and the relative speeds between their duple and triple sections are rarely the same.” BBC Music Magazine, January 2015 ****

“Exemplary all-round standards are the draw here, whether solo voices, choir or instruments.” Financial Times, 15th November 2014 ****

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Coro - COR16126

(CD - 2 discs)


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Bach, J S: Motets, BWV225-230

Bach, J S: Motets, BWV225-230

Bach’s six motets are among the greatest achievements of choral polyphony in the baroque period. This early recording by The Sixteen and Harry Christophers is a jewel in Hyperion’s catalogue, containing performances of utter joy, rendered in sonic splendour.

“Splendid. A wonderful achievement, one that only renews our admiration for Bach. It has been six, maybe twelve months since I heard a record that impressed me as much as this one. Don’t pass it by” American Record Guide

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Helios - CDH55417



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Palestrina: Volume 5

Palestrina: Volume 5


Missa Iam Christus astra ascenderat

Canticum Canticorum, cycle of 29 motets: No. 13

Canticum Canticorum, cycle of 29 motets: No. 14

Canticum Canticorum, cycle of 29 motets: No. 15

Dum complerentur

Loquebantur variis linguis

Veni Creator Spiritus

Veni Sancte Spiritus

Magnificat quarti toni

Harry Christophers and The Sixteen continue their exploration of Palestrina's great work with the fifth disc in their celebrated series. This album features a selection of Palestrina’s music for Pentecost including his Missa Iam Christus astra ascenderat. Alongside the Mass are motets from the Song of Songs. The Song of Songs are among some of Palestrina’s most sublime and expressive works and, as with previous disc in the series, this album includes three of them. Dedicated to Pope Gregory XIII, Palestrina’s style of writing for these sensual texts demonstrates what variety and intensity of feeling can be conveyed with the simplest of means.

“The subtle ebb and flow of the speed in Vox dilecti, for example, exactly matches the quickening emotions at the sound of the voice of the beloved, and the ascending musical motives at the call for her to rise up and come hither at beautifully handled by the singers in Surge propera.” BBC Music Magazine, September 2014 ***

“The energy that The Sixeen bring to their Palestrina is admirable, though I continue to hope for a surprise in the format to keep the series on its toes.” Gramophone Magazine, September 2014

“The balance of voices, sensitivity to the text, ebb and flow of phrases, and uniformity of sound, all suggest that these discs will be listened to decades from now.” Early Music Today

Presto Discs of 2014Presto Discs of 2014


Coro Sixteen Palestrina - COR16124



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The Blossoming Vine

The Blossoming Vine

Italian Maestri in Poland

Anerio, G F:

Salve Regina

Litania deiparae Virginis

Missa Pulchra Es


Ego flos campi (Song of Salomon 2,1-3) from Sacrae Cantiones, libro primo (1601)

Osculetor me osculo

Regina Caeli


Veni Sponsa Christi

Beata es Virgo Maria

Dum esset rex

The Sixteen, Eamonn Dougan

The Sixteen and Associate Conductor, Eamonn Dougan, follow up the success of the first disc in their new Polish series with a new recording devoted to music from the court of Sigismund III Vasa. The second disc in the series explores a selection of fascinating music composed by the Italian maestri at the Polish Court of the 16th and early 17th centuries including works by Asprilio Pacelli (1570–1623), Vincenzo Bertolusi (c.1550-1608), and Giovanni Francesco Anerio (c.1567–1630).

The first disc in the series was devoted to one of the most eminent composers of the Polish 17th century, Bartłomiej Pękiel.

“There are two beautifully wrought Song of Songs settings, Ego flos campi and Osculetor me osculo, by Bertolusi, while Anerio’s Missa Pulchra Es is, by any standards, a monument by a master.” Sunday Times, 27th April 2014

“it is Pacelli who is responsible for the disc's treasure, the nine-minute Dum esset rex. Here, single voices replace thicker choral textures, with forces divided into five four-voice choirs. The result blends monumental architecture and athletic polychoral energy with a sensuousness born of the text.” Gramophone Magazine, August 2014

BBC Music Magazine

Choral & Song Choice - August 2014

Coro Polish Music - COR16123



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Music of the Kingdom

Music of the Kingdom



Homage: Final Dance


Missa Dum sacrum mysterium: Sanctus Carver: Benedictus

Gibbons, O:

Great King of Gods


Coronation Anthem No. 1, HWV258 'Zadok the Priest'


Sing and glorify heaven's high majesty


From stormy windes

This new compilation from The Sixteen brings together some of the finest works written for, and in celebration of, Monarchs and the Kingdom. From Turges in the 1400s to Britten in the 20th century, whether for magnificent state occasions or private devotion, the Kings and Queens of Great Britain have inspired and patronized some of our finest and most enduring music.

Included on this disc are two of Handel’s glorious Coronation Anthems written for the coronation of King George II; excerpts from Purcell’s music for Queen Mary; and the Sanctus from Robert Carver’s sumptuous Missa Dum Sacrum Mysterium which may well have been sung at the coronation of James V. Taking centre-stage however, is Tallis’s dazzling Sing and glorify – the English setting of Spem in alium which was adapted for King James I to honour his son Henry, the newly-anointed Prince of Wales.

On display are centuries of superb compositions from the CORO catalogue of recordings made so far, with the exception of one specially recorded track: William Byrd's fabulous O Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth.

Coro - COR16122



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The Voice of the Turtle Dove

The Voice of the Turtle Dove

Davy, R:

Ah, mine heart, remember thee well

O Domine caeli terraeque creator

Mundy, W:

Vox Patris caelestis

Adolescentulus sum ego

Sheppard, J:

Libera nos 1 & II

In manus tuas I

In manus tuas III

Gaude gaude gaude Maria

In 2014 The Sixteen returns to its grass roots for the repertoire of the 14th Choral Pilgrimage tour as it revisits the golden age of Renaissance polyphony in England. In this new programme The Sixteen presents a stunning selection of music by John Sheppard, Richard Davy and William Mundy including Sheppard’s magnificent Gaude, gaude, gaude Maria, and gem of the Tudor period Libera nos; Davy’s monumental O Domine caeli terraeque creator which was written in one day at Magdalen College, Oxford; and Mundy’s great antiphon Vox patris caelestis.

“the soloists do well by [Davy's] Ah, mine heart, and Mundy's Vox patris caelestis, engagingly fleet of foot, belies its length and concludes the disc very satisfyingly.” Gramophone Magazine, April 2014

“The artistry of The Sixteen makes this disc worthwhile. More satisfying, however, would be if the group would re-engage with under- or never-recorded Tudor masterpieces, rather than with its own earlier performances.” BBC Music Magazine, May 2014 ****

“these performances have about them an aura of musical supremacy, which, coupled with the choir's technical magnifience and the recording's sumptuous sound, makes this an outstanding disc, even by the phenomenally high standards The Sixteen has long since made its own.” International Record Review, May 2014

Coro - COR16119



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John Tavener: Ikon of Light

John Tavener: Ikon of Light

Special Commemorative Edition


Ikon of Light

Hymn to the Mother of God

The Lamb

The Tiger


Today the Virgin

"I consider Ikon of Light to be one of my most important works…I recall the splendour and magic of the sound of The Sixteen at the recording, and in particular, at hearing them sing Eonia for the first time. Heartfelt thanks to Harry Christophers and The Sixteen." Sir John Tavener.

Sir John Tavener was one of Britain’s leading composers of the last 50 years. To commemorate his extraordinary life and works The Sixteen is re-releasing its acclaimed recording Ikon of Light in a special limited edition slip-cased version with a newly commissioned booklet essay. The new version will only be available for one year from December 2013.

The album was originally conceived for Sir John’s 50th birthday and covers a wide range of his celebrated choral output including Eonia, which Sir John especially requested The Sixteen record, alongside Ikon of Light, The Lamb and The Tyger.

Despite the mystic beauty of his music, John Tavener's place in Western music was a controversial one. His desire to create musical ikons for a time in which he believed 'man had lost his belief not only in God, but also in himself' was provocative. Yet part of the attraction of his music must surely arise from its symbolic nature, a reflection of his deeply-held Orthodox faith.

Coro - COR16116



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