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Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen

Wagner: Der Ring des Nibelungen

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Das Rheingold

John Tomlinson (Wotan), Günter von Kannen (Alberich), Bodo Brinkmann (Donner), Helmut Pampuch (Mime), Kurt Schreibmayer (Froh), Matthias Hölle (Fasolt), Graham Clark (Loge), Philip Kang (Fafner), Linda Finnie (Fricka), Hilde Leidland (Woglinde), Eva Johansson (Freia), Annette Küttenbaum (Wellgunde), Birgitta Svendén (Erda), Jane Turner (Flosshilde)

Die Walküre

Paul Elming (Siegmund), Nadine Secunde (Sieglinde), Matthias Hölle (Hunding), Anne Evans (Brünnhilde), John Tomlinson (Wotan), Ruth Floeren (Ortlinde), Shirley Close (Waltraute), Hitomi Katagiri (Schwertleite), Eva-Maria Bundschuh (Helmwige), Linda Finnie (Siegrune/Fricka), Birgitta Svendén (Grimgerde), Eva Johansson (Gerhilde), Hebe Kijkstra (Rossweisse)


Siegfried Jerusalem (Siegfried), Günter von Kannen (Alberich), Anne Evans (Brünnhilde), Philip Kang (Fafner), John Tomlinson (Wanderer), Birgitta Svendén (Erda), Graham Clark (Mime), Hilde Leidland (Waldvogel)


Siegfried Jerusalem (Siegfried), John Tomlinson (Wanderer), Anne Evans (Brünnhilde), Birgitta Svendén (Erste Norn), Philip Kang (Hagen), Linda Finnie Zweite Norn), Bodo Brinkmann (Gunther), Uta Priew (Dritte Norn), Eva-Maria Bundschuh (Gutrune), Hilde Leidland (Woglinde), Waltraud Meier (Waltraute), Annette Küttenbaum (Wellgunde), Günter von Kannen (Alberich), Jane Turner (Flosshilde)

Bayreuth Festival Orchestra and Choir, Daniel Barenboim



Wagner’s complete Ring cycle available in two high quality audio formats (uncompressed WAV and 320kbps MP3)


• BBC documentary: ‘Great composers - Wagner’

• ‘The making of the Ring’ featuring Daniel Barenboim and John Tomlinson.

Full libretto

• The full libretti of all four operas, available to download in PDF form

Specially designed software application featuring:

• Synopses and Articles:

Full synopses for each opera and seventeen original articles covering all

aspects of the Ring and its production.

• Leitmotif extracts and scores:

An exploration of the leitmotifs used in the Ring, with scores, extracts and descriptions covering 65 of the most prominent themes

• Illustrated comic strip:

An illustrated guide to the story of the Ring.

• Photos, biographies and other editorial

“For me the highlight of Daniel Barenboim's 1992 Bayreuth cycle is the matchless singing of John Tomlinson as Wotan, coupled with a radiant Brünnhilde from Anne Evans. Siegfried Jerusalem is movingly tender as Siegfried, and Philip Kang as Hagen is menacingly unsettling; his summoning of the vassals in Act Two of Götterdämmerung is thrilling indeed, with the gentlemen of the Bayreuth chorus sounding fantastic.” James Longstaffe, Presto Classical, March 2015

“it's arguably the finest Ring on disc of the last 30 years” The Guardian, 19th December 2013 ****

“The performances have mostly lasted very well, give or take some lurching speeds and passing weaknesses in lesser roles” The Times, 13th December 2013

Warner Classics - 2564641265



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Strauss, R: Capriccio

Strauss, R: Capriccio

Felicity Lott (Countess), Thomas Allen (Count), Gregory Kunde (Flamand), Stephan Genz (Olivier), Günter von Kannen (La Roche), Iris Vermillon (Clairon), Oskar Pürgstaller (Taupe), Mónika González (Eine italienische Sängerin), Matthias Klink (Ein italienischer Tenor), Markus Eiche (Der Haushofmeister)

Orchester des Südwest Funks Stuttgart, Südwestdeutsche Vokalensemble, Georges Prêtre

Recorded in 1999

Disque Dom - FOR268052

(CD - 2 discs)


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Wagner: Das Rheingold: highlights

Wagner: Das Rheingold: highlights

John Tomlinson (Wotan), Bodo Brinkmann (Donner), Kurt Schreibmayer (Froh), Graham Clark (Loge), Linda Finnie (Fricka), Eva Johansson (Freia), Birgitta Svendén (Erda), Günter von Kannen (Alberich), Helmut Pampuch (Mime), Matthias Hölle (Fasolt), Philip Kang (Fafner), Hilde Leidland (Woglinde), Annette Küttenbaum (Wellgunde) & Jane Turner (Flosshilde)

Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele, Daniel Barenboim

Apex Opera Daniel Barenboim Complete Wagner Operas - 2564615232

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Wagner: Das Rheingold

Wagner: Das Rheingold

Falk Struckmann (Wotan), Graham Clark (Loge), Günter von Kannen (Alberich), Lioba Braun (Fricka), Kwanchul Youn (Fasolt), Matthias Hölle (Fafner), Elisabete Matos (Freia), Andrea Bönig (Erda), Cristina Obregon (Woglinde), Ana Ibarra (Wellgunde), Francisca Beaumont (Flosshilde), Wolfgang Rauch (Donner), Jeffrey Dowd (Froh)

Orquestra Simfònica del Gran Teatre del Liceu, Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin, Bertrand de Billy, produced by Harry Kupfer


“Gunter von Kannen is a powerful, hypnotic Alberich, whose voice conveys a sense of strength and authority which makes his curse on the Ring convincing...There's enough convention to be familiar and the modern touches are highly appropriate to the plot and its development.” MusicWeb International

“Harry Kupfer's Bayreuth staging was Teutonically technological and ugly, but despite some dramatic silliness it actually heeded Wagner's stage directions. So does this one, created originally for Berlin, but it's a lot more attractive, and rightly attentive to the Ring's mythological core.
Its centrepiece, towering above a black mirrored stage surface, is the massive World-Ash tree, from which we see Wotan tearing his spear, and around whose roots the Rhinemaidens gambol and climb; the action moves up and down the trunk with the aid of the Liceu's splendid new machinery. Sillinesses – recurring suitcases, the gods' premature entrances and over-extended dance finale, the serpent reduced to feeble claws – aren't crippling.
Bertrand de Billy's warm, slowish reading is likeable, but doesn't generate enough shape and dramatic drive. Falk Struckmann's Wotan is a strong-voiced dynamic presence, but his tone is harsh and vibrant, and his characterisation arrogantly unsympathetic. Günter von Kannen is now a rather portly Alberich, and, despite a wonderfully malign glare, short on vocal and dramatic bite. Not so Graham Clark's Loge, incisively sung, even if his character tenor underplays the part's more lyrical side. Lioba Braun, Elisabete Matos and Andrea Bönig are worthy goddesses, Jeffrey Dowd a strong if not ideally mellifluous Froh, and Wolfgang Rauch an unusually impressive Donner. Veteran Matthias Hölle and rising star Kwangchul Youn are excellent Giants, android-like figures more effective than Bayreuth's dehumanised monstrous puppets. That goes, too, for the romantic rather than tarty Rhinemaidens.
So we have a decent modern staging on DVD, recorded in vivid surround-sound and clear if somewhat stygian vision. It does, though, have one infuriating disadvantage: unlike any other Rheingold it's spread over two discs; the sidebreak isn't well chosen, and you have to go through the whole menu rigmarole before the second side.”
Gramophone Classical Music Guide, 2010

DVD Video

Region: 0

Format: NTSC

Opus Arte - OA0910D

(DVD Video - 2 discs)


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Wagner: Götterdämmerung: highlights

Wagner: Götterdämmerung: highlights

Siegfried Jerusalem (Siegfried) John Tomlinson (Wanderer), Anne Evans (Brünnhilde), Birgitta Svendén (1. Norn), Philip Kang (Hagen), Linda Finnie ( 2. Norn), Bodo Brinkmann (Gunther), Uta Priew (3. Norn), Eva-Maria Bundschuh (Gutrune), Hilde Leidland (Woglinde), Waltraud Meier (Waltraute), Annette Küttenbaum (Wellgunde), Günter von Kannen (Alberich), Jane Turner (Flosshilde)

Chor und Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele, Daniel Barenboim

Apex Opera Daniel Barenboim Complete Wagner Operas - 2564615132



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Wagner: Siegfried

Wagner: Siegfried

Siegfried Jerusalem (Siegfried), Graham Clark (Mime), John Tomlinson (Wanderer), Anne Evans (Brünhilde), Günter von Kannen (Alberich), Birgitta Svendén (Erda), Philip Kang (Fafner), Hilde Leidland (Waldvogel)

Bayreuth Festival Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim

Warner Classics - 2564676705

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Wagner: Götterdämmerung

Wagner: Götterdämmerung

Anne Evans (Brünnhilde), Siegfried Jerusalem (Siegfried), Philip Kang (Hagen), Günter von Kannen (Alberich), Bodo Brinkmann (Gunther), Eva-Maria Bundschuh (Gutrune), Waltraud Meier (Waltraute), Hilde Leidland (Woglinde), Annette Kuttenbaum (Wellgunde), Jane Turner (Floßhilde), Birgitta Svendén (First Norn), Linda Finnie (Second Norn), Uta Priew (Third Norn)

Bayreuth Festival Chorus, Bayreuth Festival Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim

Warner Classics - 2564677316

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Wagner: Das Rheingold

Wagner: Das Rheingold

(complete opera)

John Tomlinson (Wotan), Linda Finnie (Fricka), Graham Clark (Loge), Helmut Pampuch (Mime), Gunter von Kannen (Alberich), Eva Johansson (Freia), Kurt Schreibmayer (Froh), Bodo Brinkmann (Donner), Birgitta Svendén (Erda), Matthias Hölle (Fasolt), Philip Kang (Fafner), Hilde Leidland (Woglinde), Annette Küttenbaum (Wellgunde), Jane Turner (Flosshilde)

Bayreuth Festival Orchestra, Daniel Barenboim

Recorded in 1991

“These are enthralling performances. Tomlinson's volatile Wotan is the most potent reading here. He manages to sing every word with insistent meaning and forceful declamation while maintaining a firm legato. His German is so idiomatic that he might have been speaking the language his whole life and he brings breadth and distinction of phrase to his solos at the close of both operas. Anne Evans as a single, important advantage over other recent Brünnhildes in that her voice is wholly free from wobble and she never makes an ugly sound. Hers is a light, girlish, honest portrayal, sung with unfailing musicality if not with the ultimate insights. Linda Finnie is an articulate, sharp-edged Fricka, and Graham Clark a sparky, incisive Loge. Nadine Secunde's impassioned Sieglinde is matched by the vital, exciting Siegmund of Poul Elming, and Matthias Hölle as both Hunding and Fasolt is another of those black basses of which Germany seems to have an inexhaustible supply. The whole is magnificently conducted by Barenboim, a more expansive Wagnerian than Böhm. By 1991 he had the full measure of its many facets, bringing immense authority and power to building its huge climaxes, yet finding all the lightness of touch for the mercurial and/or diaphanous aspects of the score. He has the inestimable advantage of a Bayreuth orchestra at the peak of its form, surpassing – and this says much – even the Metropolitan orchestra for Levine. Similar qualities inform his interpretation of Die Walküre. Barenboim has now learnt how to match the epic stature of Wagner's mature works, how to pace them with an overview of the whole, and there's an incandescent, metaphysical feeling of a Furtwänglerian kind in is treatment of such passages as Wotan's anger and the Valkyrie ride. The orchestra is superb. It's backed by a recording of startling presence and depth, amply capturing the Bayreuth acoustic.” Gramophone Classical Music Guide, 2010

“what is particularly surprising is the dramatic tension of the performance. Even with slow speeds, the sense of flow carries the ear on...It is very satisfying, too, to have on disc John Tomlinson's magnificent performance as Wotan, Graham Clark as an electrifying, dominant Loge and Linda Finnie a thoughtful, intense Fricka.” Penguin Guide, 2010 edition ***

Teldec - 4509911852

(CD - 2 discs)


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Busoni: Die Brautwahl

Busoni: Die Brautwahl

(complete opera)

Siegfried Vogel, Carola Höhn, Graham Clark, Vinson Cole, Pär Lindskog, Roman Trekel, Günter von Kannen

Berlin Deutsche Oper Chorus, Berlin Staatskapelle, Daniel Barenboim

“Busoni's first mature opera occupied him for seven years (1905-11). He may not have been as natural a man of the theatre as Richard Strauss, but Die Brautwahl has plenty of fine music in it – at times foreshadowing the splendours of DoktorFaust. This 1992 Berlin production used a version made by Antony Beaumont, whose completion of Doktor Faust was a great success. As Beaumont explains in the booklet, we get only about two-thirds of the whole, and all aspects of the opera's subject-matter may not be ideally balanced. This 'fantastic comedy' is based on a story by E T A Hoffmann, with the climactic scene in which a bride is chosen (hence the title) leaning heavily on The Merchant of Venice. The action is set in Berlin, but there are echoes of Wagner's Nuremberg in the text and characterisation.
Musically, Busoni keeps his distance from Wagner, and the music is attractive, ranging widely in character.
This performance is a strong one, with a certain, untroublesome amount of stage noise. No doubt reflecting the staging, the recording occasionally recesses the singers, but the energy and command of Barenboim's conducting are never in doubt. The energy does not mean that anything is rushed, and the romantic episodes are warmly moulded, the scenes of fantasy properly attentive to matters of colour and texture.
Roman Trekel, a warm yet dramatically resonant baritone, makes a strong impression as Leonhard. He's the perfect foil to Graham Clark, who tackles the role of Thusman with relish, and with considerable technical skill in music which demands lyrical sensitivity as well as comic agility.”
Gramophone Classical Music Guide, 2010

Teldec - 3984252502

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Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro, K492

Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro, K492

John Tomlinson (Figaro), Joan Rodgers (Susanna), Andreas Schmidt (Il Conte Almaviva), Lella Cuberli (La Contessa Almaviva), Luisa Bartoletti (Cherubino), Phyllis Pancella (Marcellina), Günter von Kannen (Bartolo), Graham Clark (Basilio), Richard Brunner (Curzio), Peter Rose (Antonio), Hilde Leidland (Barbarina)

Berliner Philharmoniker & RIAS Kammerchor, Daniel Barenboim

“Mozart brings out the best in Daniel Barenboim,” wrote Opera magazine, also describing him as “a Mozartian of deep conviction”. For his recordings of the three Mozart-da Ponte operas, Barenboim created a hand-picked company of singers, including the charismatic John Tomlinson, here assuming the role of Figaro, and Cecilia Bartoli, who makes an irresistibly palpitating Cherubino. “Everything that Barenboim does provides some sort of illumination of the drama,” said Gramophone of this Figaro; “It has something to say, something that arises from deep and serious musical perception.”

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Erato The Opera Series - 9029586909

(CD - 3 discs)


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