Antonio Vivaldi


Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)

Antonio Vivaldi was a prominent Venetian musician – we remember him primarily as a composer but he was also a virtuoso violinist of some renown, as well as entering the priesthood in his twenties (earning him the nickname "The Red Priest", in reference to the colour of his hair).

Today it seems almost incredible to think that Vivaldi could have spent centuries after his death in almost total obscurity – yet this was indeed his fate. Even his most famous work, The Four Seasons, barely received any performances. Ironically, it was the popularity of Kreisler’s faux-Vivaldi pastiche concertos that first began reviving interest in Vivaldi’s real compositions as well.

Today Vivaldi is once more known as a varied and prolific composer, with numerous operas, concertos, chamber and choral works to his name. The Naïve label has embarked on an ambitious project to produce a complete edition of his works, which has brought many of his lesser-known works to light.


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