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Bach, J S: Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin, BWV1001-1006

Bach, J S: Sonatas & Partitas for solo violin, BWV1001-1006

Miriam Fried (violin)

Miriam Fried has been recognized for many years as one of the world's preeminent violinists. A consummate musician - equally accomplished as recitalist, concerto soloist or chamber musician - she has been heralded for her ‘fiery intensity and emotional depth’ (Musical America) as well as for her technical mastery. Her supreme blend of artistry and musicianship continues to inspire audiences worldwide. Miriam Fried has played with virtually every major orchestra in the United States and Europe and has been a frequent guest with the principal orchestras of Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, as well as with the Israel Philharmonic, the London Symphony, the Royal Philharmonic and the Vienna Symphony. Recital tours have taken her to all of the major music centers in North America and to Brussels, London, Milan, Munich, Rome, Paris, Salzburg, Stockholm and Zurich. Chamber music plays an important role in Ms. Fried's musical life. She was the first violinist of the Mendelssohn String Quartet for ten years and collaborates regularly with her son, pianist Jonathan Biss. During he 2015-16 season, Ms. Fried returned to the Bach solo Sonatas and Partitas. She recorded a series of lectures addressing performance questions relating to these works. The lectures are now availabl eon iclassical-academy.com.

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Nimbus - NI6351

(CD - 2 discs)


Scheduled for release on 6 October 2017. Order it now and we will deliver it as soon as it is available.

Sawyers: Symphony No. 3, Songs of Loss and Regret & Fanfare

Sawyers: Symphony No. 3, Songs of Loss and Regret & Fanfare


Symphony No. 3

English Symphony Orchestra

Songs of Loss and Regret

April Fredrick (soprano)

English Symphony Orchestra


English String Orchestra

Kenneth Woods

‘To me the symphonic ideal is one of ‘becoming’, of almost organic growth. It is a journey through a myriad of musical ideas that are as closely argued as any philosophical treatise.’ - Philip Sawyers

This programme reveals Philip Sawyers as a composer at the height of his powers whose music ranges across a relatively wide spectrum of harmonic intensity, from the very direct and straightforward tonal language of the Fanfare to the twelve-tone pyrotechnics of the Third Symphony. However, regardless of whether we look to the modal harmonies of Songs of Loss and Regret or the multi-layered serial counterpoint of the finale of the Third Symphony, we still find a unifying sense of a strong and individual artistic personality. - Kenneth Woods

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Nimbus - NI6353



Scheduled for release on 6 October 2017. Order it now and we will deliver it as soon as it is available.

Company: Glass, Vasks, Pärt, Ucarsu

Company: Glass, Vasks, Pärt, Ucarsu

Glass, P:

String Quartet No. 2 'Company'




String Quartet No. 2 'The Untold'


String Quartet No. 4

The Borusan Quartet

Taking its title from the 2nd String Quartet by Philip Glass, the Borusan Quartet's exciting new album focuses on contemporary repertoire, embracing the spiritual minimalism of Arvo Pärt's 'Summa', to the expansive 4th Quartet of Peteris Vasks. This work, with its multi-faceted emotions swings from the contemplative to the combative: "I saw an angel flying over the world; the angel looks at the world’s condition with grieving eyes, but an almost imperceptible, loving touch of the angel’s wings brings comfort and healing", wrote the composer of the quartet's finale. The work has moments of conflict reminiscent of Shostakovich in places: a depiction of the condition of the world today perhaps?

The world of theatre is the background to the Glass. The source of this Quartet was a 1983 dramatisation of Samuel Beckett's prose poem 'Company'. Traditional music from the Borusan Quartet's homeland and in particular Anatolia is to be found in the String Quartet No.2 'The Untold’ by Turkish composer Hasan Ucarsu. It draws on Turkish folk music and traditions, especially the festival of 'Hidrelliz' which celebrates the coming of Summer. The songs of Neset Ertas were in the composer's mind when writing this quartet, especially in the 2nd movement. Rhythmically complex it is a colourful and dramatic work influenced by the music of the composer’s country in the same way as Hungarian folk music colours Bartok's Quartets and Balkar and Kabardinian folk music does in Prokofiev's F major Quartet. Born in 1965, Hasan Ucarsu studied in Turkey with Ahmed Adnam Saygun and then in the USA with George Crumb.

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Onyx - ONYX4171


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Scheduled for release on 6 October 2017. Order it now and we will deliver it as soon as it is available. (Available now to download.)

Humperdinck: Hänsel und Gretel

Humperdinck: Hänsel und Gretel

Katrin Wundsam (Hansel), Alexandra Steiner (Gretel), Ricarda Merbeth (Gertrud), Albert Dohmen (Peter), Christian Elsner (Witch), Alexandra Hutton (Dew-Fairy), Annika Gerhards (Sandman)

Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Kinderchor Staatsoper Berlin, Marek Janowski

Is it possible to administer at too early an age the intoxicating and gloriously sweet poison of opera, especially in an era of constant muzak? The clear answer is “No!”. In a splendidly moving new recording of Engelbert Humperdinck’s one-hit wonder Hansel and Gretel, Maestro Marek Janowski now introduces the perfect “gateway drug” to opera.

The fairy-tale opera Hansel and Gretel is a perfect choice as the first joint trip to the opera for parents and children to enjoy. The story of the two children who lose their way in the forest and are ensnared by the evil witch is well-known. The plot reflects the age-old conflict between good and evil, and has a happy ending. Add to this Humperdinck’s magical music: poetically childlike and powerfully dramatic at the same time. In the score, Humperdinck’s close connection to Richard Wagner is always discernible. The composition oscillates between childlike simplicity and adult monumentality.

To this day, Hansel and Gretel remains one of the most popular pieces in the German opera repertoire. One of the main reasons for this is certainly the seriousness with which Humperdinck approached the simple story. All emotions are truly felt: and this is obvious not only to a child, but also to any adult who has retained a childlike view of the world.

Who better than Marek Janowski here as conductor? Not only does he clearly feel completely at home in this late-Romantic German repertoire, he has also already given benchmark-setting interpretations of these works in both the major concert halls and the most important opera-houses. At the head of “his” Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin – which he previously led for 14 years, raising it to an outstanding level of playing – he takes the listeners into the forest-bird sound-world of this fairy-tale opera, at all times accompanied by a well-coordinated ensemble of singers.

Manuel Brug wrote the following for Klassiker Welt-Blog: “Coming from the Wagner camp are Albert Dohmen (Peter) and Ricarda Merbeth (Gertrud) as the parents, who pulled out all vocal stops in a highly dramatic and parodic manner. Tenor Christian Elsner was terrific as the wicked witch. The lyrical ladies’ quartet (Katrin Wundsam as Hansel, Alexandra Steiner as Gretel, Annika Gerhards and Alexandra Hutton as the Sandman and, respectively, the Dew Fairy) sang in sweetly beautiful voice, in accordance with their roles.”

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Super Audio CD


Hybrid Multi-channel

Pentatone - PTC5186605

(SACD - 2 discs)

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Scheduled for release on 6 October 2017. Order it now and we will deliver it as soon as it is available.

Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Rachmaninov

Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Rachmaninov



Lieutenant Kijé: Troika

Cello Sonata in C major, Op. 119


Cello Sonata in G minor, Op. 19

Vocalise, Op. 34 No. 14


Cello Sonata in D minor, Op. 40

Matt Haimovitz (cello), Christopher O'Riley (piano)

Acclaimed for their adventurous and wide-ranging recording projects – from Beethoven Sonatas on period instruments to genre-bending arrangements of Radiohead and Arcade Fire – the endlessly inventive duo of cellist Matt Haimovitz and pianist Christopher O’Riley returns to explore music of the Slavic soul. Anchored by the cello sonatas of the iconic triumvirate of Russian composers –Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, and Shostakovich – and inspired by the subversive irony of Shostakovich’s Sonata, TROIKA also delves into more recently written, unexpected, and popular works. Whether subtle or blatantly rebellious, each work potently reveals the strength of the artistic voice in the face of political repression in mother Russia.

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Super Audio CD


Hybrid Multi-channel

Pentatone Oxingale Series - PTC5186608

(SACD - 2 discs)


Scheduled for release on 6 October 2017. Order it now and we will deliver it as soon as it is available.

Britten & Hindemith: Violin Concertos

Britten & Hindemith: Violin Concertos


Violin Concerto in D minor Op. 15


Violin Concerto

Breathtaking virtuosity flows seamlessly with expansive lyrical passages and fiendish passagework in this commanding performance by Arabella Steinbacher of the restless and technically demanding violin concertos of Britten and Hindemith, with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin conducted by Vladimir Jurowski.

Britten’s haunting and mesmerising violin concerto is considered one of the century’s finest. The three contrasting movements are replete with grand theatrical gestures, unabashed lyricism, and show-stopping pyrotechnics, and the work closes with an austere passacaglia of other-wordly beauty and power. Following the work’s enthusiastic reception at its premiere in 1940 at Carnegie Hall, Britten declared “So far, it is without question my best piece”.

“Britten and Hindemith completed their concertos at about the same time,” writes Steinbacher, “both are absolutely bursting with emotional turmoil, persisting precariousness, and latent despair.” Steinbacher feels a particular affinity with the Hindemith concerto. “Every artist introduces his own life experiences and personal feelings into his interpretations ... with the Hindemith concerto, I have an extremely close, even private connection, as my father knew Hindemith rather well.”

Steinbacher’s previous recordings for PENTATONE have received widespread praise. For her playing in the Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky violin concertos, Gramophone commented “one could hardly wish for a more expressive account of both concertos”; for the Korngold and Bruch Violin Concertos, Gramophone noted Steinbacher’s “easy virtuosity with concern to find the right tone and nuance for every phrase”. And BBC Music Magazine said of her last album, Fantasies, Rhapsodies, Daydreams, that it was “recorded in glowing sound that feels astonishingly lifelike ... this recital is something of a triumph”.

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Super Audio CD


Hybrid Multi-channel

Pentatone - PTC5186625


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Scheduled for release on 6 October 2017. Order it now and we will deliver it as soon as it is available.

The Baroque Bohemians

The Baroque Bohemians


Sweet Uhorovska

arr. Summerhayes

Slow Road To Uhrovska

arr. Summerhayes


Violin Sonata No. 1 in A major


Gypsies Round


Le Carnaval de Venise: La Bohémienne


Lascia ch'io pianga (from Rinaldo)

arr. Summerhayes as 'Lascia Ch’io Czardas'



Nicholson, R:

Jews Dance


Concerto TWV 52:e1 in E minor for flute, recorder, strings & b.c.: Largo

Concerto TWV 52:e1 in E minor for flute, recorder, strings & b.c.: Presto


Concerto, Op. 3 No. 6 'Con Violino Solo obligato', RV 356

Piers Adams (recorders), David Wright (harpsichord), Adam Summerhayes (violin/guitar/melodion/gemshorn), Angela East (cello)

Telemann believed that a composer could gain a lifetime’s inspiration from gypsies’ improvisations, but exactly what gypsy music might be is hard to pin down. Whether it is Spanish, Romanian or Hungarian ‘gypsy’ tunes that we hear, musicologists from each country tell us that we are, in fact, enjoying the country’s own folk-tunes through the distorting prism of gypsy players. Jewish Klezmer music is also conflated with gypsy music: one of the earliest famous gypsy players was in fact a Jewish fiddler. The Roma themselves were recently pinned down by DNA evidence to having originated as a low caste tribe of musicians from Northern India called the Doma or Rom. Since they first appeared in 14th century Hungary, they spread through Europe, becoming must-have players for village dances, for aristocrats and for the courts. Although written source material is by its very nature limited, the Uhrovska Collecion – a Slovakian fiddler’s songbook from 1730 – provided a starting point for this disc, out of which we have explored, speculated and re-imagined the multilayered relationships between folk and court music.

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Red Priest - RP014



Scheduled for release on 6 October 2017. Order it now and we will deliver it as soon as it is available.

The Imaginative Johnny Windhurst

The Imaginative Johnny Windhurst

Eddie Condon & His Band:

A Hundred Years From Today

Johnny Windhurst & Quartet:

Sweet Georgia Brown

Lazy River

The Eddie Condon Band:

Swing That Music

Walt Gifford & His New Yorkers:

I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me


Struttin’ With Some Barbecue

It All Depends On You

California, Here I Come

Jack Teagarden & Sextet:

Nobody Knows The Trouble I’ve Seen

Barbara Lea With Johnny Windhurst

& His Quintet:

My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms

I’m Coming, Virginia

Johnny Windhurst & His Quartet:

Back In Your Own Backyard

You Do Something To Me

Memphis Blues

Strut, Miss Lizzie

Georgia On My Mind

Lover, Come Back To Me

Bonus Track - Sidney Bechet & His New

Orleans Rhythm Kings:

Nobody’s Sweetheart

Johnny Windhurst (trumpet)

Following on from the pioneering Dick Cathcart CD (RTR 4308), Retrospective presents more buried jazz treasure with The Imaginative Johnny Windhurst. Of the label’s many rewarding Digby Fairweather collaborations, this one performs the greatest service in throwing the spotlight on a relatively little-known musician of unsurpassed brilliance, yet who seldom visited the recording studio. New York-born Johnny Windhurst (1926-1981) was playing alongside Sidney Bechet as a teenager, apparently destined for jazz immortality, and he was among the most highly regarded of the Eddie Condon ‘school’, one whose skill and imagination was spoken of with awe by fellow musicians. Yet somehow his career didn’t take off and he eventually opted to play in local obscurity. This collection of his rare studio recordings, plus a few spectacular live concert broadcasts, is a revelation, demonstrating the artistry of a true jazz master. The release happily joins a string of Retrospectives (now 16-strong!) spotlighting the trumpet greats of jazz: Humphrey Lyttelton (RTS 4108), Louis Armstrong (RTR 4129), Bunny Berigan (RTR 4139), Nat Gonella (RTR 4146), Bix Beiderbecke (RTS 4154), Billy Butterfield (RTR 4203), Bobby Hackett (RTR 4208), Don Goldie (RTR 4216), Red Nichols (RTS 4227), Henry Red Allen (RTS 4248), Muggsy Spanier (RTS 4254), Wingy Manone (RTS 4267), Harry Sweets Edison (RTS 4271), Harry James (RTS 4281) and Dick Cathcart (RTR 4308).

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Retrospective - RTR4316



Scheduled for release on 6 October 2017. Order it now and we will deliver it as soon as it is available.

Frank Crumit - A Gay Cabellero

Frank Crumit - A Gay Cabellero

His 25 Finest 1925 - 1935

A Gay Caballero

Abdul Abulbul Amir

Ukulele Lady

I Married The Bootlegger’s Daughter

I’m Sitting On Top Of The World

Thanks For The Buggy Ride

The Girl Friend

Mountain Greenery

Get Away, Old Man, Get Away

Pretty Little Dear

High, High, High Up In The Hills

Crazy Words, Crazy Tune

Frankie And Johnny

’S Wonderful

The Song Of The Prune

Granny’s Old Armchair

Little Brown Jug

Donald The Dub

Down By The Railroad Track

What Kind Of A Noise Annoys An Oyster?

Three Little Words

Would You Like To Take A Walk?

(With Julia Sanderson)

They’re Always Together

The Pig Got Up And Slowly Walked Away

There’s No One With Endurance Like The Man Who Sells Insurance

Always a great favourite, especially in the UK, the inimitable Frank Crumit (1889-1943) performs all his best-loved comic songs on one well-filled CD. A jocular and inventive singer and writer of comic novelties, the American Crumit was a leading figure in stage, radio and recorded entertainment in the 20s and 30s. Especially popular for his sprightly and humorous renderings, he had a pleasant, warm-hearted nature that came through on his recordings, where his friendly voice and lively accompaniments to catchy tunes have given a lasting quality. Surprisingly, he was even more famous in Britain than in his native USA. He is credited with 31 ‘chart hits’ from 1920 to 1929. Retrospective’s A Gay Caballero presents the finest single CD selection of Crumit’s happy material available. All his best-known numbers are here. Comic classics such as A Gay Caballero (in the technically superior 1934 version), The Song Of The Prune and The Insurance Salesman still raise a smile, and of course there’s his most famous epic, Abdul Abulbul Amir. He had a winning way too with many of the Charlestonflavoured numbers of the day – Crazy Words, Crazy Tune, Ukulele Lady etc. – and even standards like Mountain Greenery or ’S Wonderful emerge fresh as paint. There is also a charming duet with his wife Julia Sanderson, Would You Like To Take A Walk?, performing as “The Singing Sweethearts”.

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Retrospective - RTR4317



Scheduled for release on 6 October 2017. Order it now and we will deliver it as soon as it is available.

Music In Germany From Schütz To Bach

Music In Germany From Schütz To Bach

8 CD + Book

After exploring the evolution of Italian and French music in the seventeenth century, Jérôme Lejeune devotes a new volume in his History of Early Music to Germany. During this century in which the Lutheran musical tradition developed further, Germany lived through a particularly enthralling period, bringing the musical world a highly original language, but also assimilating Italian and French models with talent and imagination; all of this unquestionably prepared the way that leads to Johann Sebastian Bach.

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Ricercar - RIC109

(CD - 8 discs)

Normally: $59.00

Special: $50.25

Scheduled for release on 6 October 2017. Order it now and we will deliver it as soon as it is available.


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