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Robert Pascal: Monographe 1

Robert Pascal: Monographe 1

Pascal, R:

Au front de la lune

Chant d'aubes

Sur Bleus

Dechirure d'un temps plisse

Dulwan nimindi

Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain, Ensemble Resonance Contemporain & L'Ensemble de Six Voix Solistes, Fabrice Pierre & Alain Goudard

Robert Pascal writes: “The musical works presented here are marked by encounters….meeting with the music of the past is very present.” The works on this CD include Song of Dawn for Cello and Electroacoustic Real-Time Device and Au front de la Lune a for 2 women’s voices, flute, clarinet, violin. Viola, cello and percussion.

Ameson - ACSP0916



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Dalbavie: Sonnets & Sextine-Cyclus

Dalbavie: Sonnets & Sextine-Cyclus



The keel row

Nous n'irons plus au bois

Do, do l'enfant do


Yuriy Mynenko (countertenor), Jean-Paul Fouchécourt (tenor)

Orquestra Gulbenkian

With a well-established reputation in orchestral writing, following his recent opera Charlotte, Marc-André Dalbavie further demonstrates his great talent for vocal writing in SONNETS - SEXTINE-CYCLUS - THREE POPULAR SONGS, presenting three works written for countertenor.

The piece Sonnets was inspired by the poetry of Louise Labbé, Sextine-Cyclus is based on texts by thirteenth-century French troubadours, and Three Popular Songs is a tribute to Claude Debussy’s Images pour orchestre.

The young Ukrainian countertenor Yuriy Mynenko, in his first recital recording, performs the works with full orchestra, and celebrated French countertenor Jean-Paul Fouchécourt interprets Sextine-Cyclus, which he had premiered in France. The recording took place in Lisbon, with live accompaniment by the Gulbenkian Orchestra in the great hall of the Gulbenkian Foundation and, for a more intimate setting for Sextine-Cyclus, in the rehearsal room with soloists from the orchestra.

“Mynenko's voice generally matches Dalvebie's glistening textures with an intense clarity. A pity, then, that he has a slight rasp in a couple of mid-range notes...The Gulbenkian Orchestra is excellent under Dalvebie's watchful eye, but the CD booklet's lack of translations for the poems is disappointing.” BBC Music Magazine, January 2016 ****

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Bach, J S:

Viola da Gamba Sonata No. 3 in G minor, BWV1029






Symphony No. 5 in C sharp minor - Adagietto



Milonga en ré

La Muerte del Angel


Ma Mère l'Oye


Jota de San Fermin, Op. 36


With the wonderful interchange and joyous accord of cello and accordion in the A TEMPO duo, the texture and flavor of the interpretations of these inventive performers, both rigorous and full of life, reinvent a repertory that includes Piazzolla and great classical and traditional works. Discover for yourself the uniqueness of this combination of instruments and the complicity between the performers in a bountiful DVD: 4 clips, 2 interviews, and an account of the Mythos accordion from the Pigini workshops. Philippe de Ezcurra’s may be the finest accordion in the world: a famous model combining high-quality Italian technique with Russian acoustics, number 25 out of only 33 manufactured. The breadth of its exceptional sound makes the instrument absolutely unique.

Ameson - ASCP1223



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Johann Sebastian B.A.C.H.ianas & transcriptions

Johann Sebastian B.A.C.H.ianas & transcriptions

Bach, J S:

Prelude & Fugue in A minor, BWV543

(transcribed for piano solo)

Cantata BWV29 'Wir danken dir, Gott, wir danken dir': Overture

(transcribed for piano solo)

Siciliano in G minor from Flute Sonata No. 2, BWV1031

(transcribed for piano solo)

Toccata, Adagio & Fugue in C major, BWV564

(transcribed for piano solo)

Chorale Prelude BWV639 'Ich ruf' zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ'

(transcribed for piano solo)

Partita for solo violin No. 2 in D minor, BWV1004: Chaconne

(transcribed for piano solo)

St Matthew Passion, BWV244: Erbarme dich

(transcribed for piano solo)

Prelude in E minor, BWV855a

(transcribed for piano solo)


Six Fugues on B-A-C-H, Op. 60: No. 2


Bachianas Brasileiras No. 4: Aria (Cantiga)

David Bismuth (piano)

Ameson - ACSP0815



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Gaussin: Harmonie des Sphères

Gaussin: Harmonie des Sphères

Ensemble Sillages, Renaud Déjardin

The Ensemble Sillages is comprised of Jean-Marc Fessrad: clarinette, Vincent Leterme: piano and Sophie Deshayes: flute.

The composer Allain Gaussin is a noted French composer from Normandy, who studied composition at the Conservatoire national superieur de musique in Paris with Messiaen.

The work is written in three parts merging continuously: Part 1 "Symmetries" develops interleaving multiple "figures Ribbons" (in arabesque) split by different types of mirror (flat, sloping or distorting)..

Part 2 "Malaise teenager" is a musical interlude and finally "quantum Movements" (Part 3) takes us into another world, that of the infinitely small, probably where the universe was created.

Ameson - ASCP1324



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Bach Père et Fils

Bach Père et Fils

Bach, C P E:

Keyboard Sonata in F sharp minor, Wq. 52/4 (H37)

Keyboard Sonata in B minor, Wq. 55/3 (H245)

Bach, J C:

Harpsichord Sonata, Op. 5 No. 6 in C minor

Bach, J S:

Fantasia in C minor, BWV906

Toccata in E minor, BWV914

Bach, W F:

Sonata in A Major (BR A15/Fk8)

David Bismuth (piano)

French pianist David Bismuth continues his recording career on the Ameson label. Adding to his recordings of Bach Transcriptions, Saint-Saens/Rachmaninov (**** Classica Magazine), and his acclaimed Franck/Faure recordings, here he performs a selection of the Bach family compositions.

Including the premiere recording of Wilhelm Friedemann Bach's Sonate en la mineur FKnv8, this disc also includes the works of JS Bach, JC Bach and CPE Bach.

Ameson - ASCP1325



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Byrd & Dowland: Ye Sacred Muses

Byrd & Dowland: Ye Sacred Muses

Complaintes, élégies et chansons


Willow song


The man is blest

Ye sacred muses - an elegy for Thomas Tallis

Fair Britain isle

Rejoice unto the Lord

Fantasy Quartet

Lullaby, my sweet little baby



O Sweet flower


In darkness let me dwell

Go, nightly cares

I saw my Lady weepe

Flow my teares (Lacrimæ)

Now, O now, I needs must part

Parsons, R:

Pour down, you pow'rs divine


What then is love but mourning?

Jean-Michel Fumas (countertenor)

Eliza Consort

Jean-Michel Fumas has studied piano, organ and singing and specialised in baroque music at the Studio Baroque Opera de Versailles. He has performed early music with the most celebrated French ensembles, including La Fenice and Il seminario Musicales and has become established as a concert soloist. He excels in Dowland’s Elizabethan airs. This CD illustrates his artistry, beautifully accompanied by the Eliza Consort.

Ameson - ACSP1122



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Olivier Moulin plays Liszt

Olivier Moulin plays Liszt


Danse macabre (after Saint-Saëns), S555/F240

Funérailles (Harmonies poétiques et religieuses, S. 173 No. 7)

Après une lecture du Dante, fantasia quasi sonata (Années de pèlerinage II, S. 161 No. 7)

Totentanz, S525 for solo piano

Sonetto 104 del Petrarca (Années de pèlerinage II, S. 161 No. 5)

En rêve - Nocturne S207

Impromptu S191 1872

Nuages gris, S199

Olivier Moulin (piano)

First noticed when he won first prize in Radio France’s Royaume de la Musique competition, Olivier Moulin has won many awards. He has collaborated with many orchestras, including those in China and Mexico. He teaches piano at the Geneva Conservatory and at the Gautier d’Épinal Conservatory and regularly gives master classes in France and Asia.

Ameson - ACSP1121



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Georges Aperghis: À portée de voix

Georges Aperghis: À portée de voix


Calme plat I

Calme plat II

Calme plat III

Calme plat IV

Calme plat V

Dialogue amoureux

Simulacre II

Rire physiologique



Pub I

Pub II

Valérie Phillipin (voice)

Ensemble Kiosk, Jean-Philippe Causse (vioce, piano & direction)

1CD + DVD.

The works in this collection demonstrate the many aspects of Georges Aperghis’ works; musical theatre, chamber music, and vocal works. Vocal effects are very important in his compositions: Valérie Phillipin has worked in many different facets of 20th century and contemporary vocal repertory and studied musical theatre with Aperghis.

Includes a DVD.

“no other living composer writes music that is so seriously entertaining” Gramophone Magazine, January 2012

Ameson - ACSP1019



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Chopin & Szymanowski: Mélodies

Chopin & Szymanowski: Mélodies


Zyczenie (The Maiden's Wish), Op. 74 No. 1

'Le souhait'

Wiosna (Spring), Op. 74 No. 2


Moja pieszczotka (My Sweetheart), Op. 74 No. 12

'Ma mignonne'

Smutna rzeka (The Sad River), Op. 74 No. 3

'La Rivière triste'

Dwojaki koniec (The Double End), Op. 74 No. 11

'Double fin'

Piosnka litewska (Lithuanian Song), Op. 74 No. 16

'Chanson lituanienne'

Posel (The Messenger), Op. 74 No. 7

'Le messager'

Wojak (The Warrior), Op. 74 No. 10

'Le soldat'

Pierscien (The Ring), Op. 74 No. 14

'La bague'

Hulanka (Merrymaking), Op. 74 No. 4


Nie ma czego trzeba (I Want What I Have Not), Op. 74 No. 13

'Il manque l'essential'

Narzeczony (The Bridegroom), Op. 74 No. 15

'Le fiancé'

Czary (Charms), KK.IVa/11


Sliczny chlopiec (Handsome Lad), Op. 74 No. 8

'Le beau garçon'

Dumka (Reverie), KK.IVb/9

Spiew z mogilky (Leaves Are Falling), Op. 74 No. 17

'Les feuilles mortes'

Melodia (Melody), Op. 74 No. 9

Gdzie lubi (What She Likes), Op. 74 No. 5

Precz z moich oczu (Out of My Sight!), op. 74 No. 6


Dans l'abime d'une sombre lune

Saint Francois parle

Le doux parfum de tes cheveux

Mon ame reve

Des penombres du palais

Ses cheveux s'emmelent

Urszula Cuvellier (soprano) & Anne Le Bozec (piano)

The Polish soprano Urszula Cuvellier has studied both singing and the violin. Since 2001, she has been a soloist in the Choeur Symphonique de Paris. Anne Bozek teaches vocal accompaniment at the Paris Conservatoire and regularly gives masterclasses in Europe and Asia.

All tracks sung in French

Ameson - ACSP1018



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