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Les belles fleurs...Entre l'amour et le devoir (from Benvenuto Cellini)


Regnava nel silenzio...Quando rapito in estasi (from Lucia di Lammermoor)

Lucia, perdona se ad ora inusitata (from Lucia di Lammermoor)

Michael Spyres (tenor)


Assez longtemps la crainte et la tristesse (from La Juive)


Jours de mon enfance


Quand je quittai la Normandie (from Robert le Diable)

Va, dit-elle, va, mon enfant (from Robert le diable)

Robert, toi que j'aime (from Robert le Diable)


Ils s'éloignent enfin (from Guillaume Tell)


Hélas! sans le revoir (from Le Freyschutz)

French version of Agathe's scene from 1841 Paris version

Joyce El-Khoury (soprano)

The Hallé, Carlo Rizzi

Read our exclusive interview with Joyce El-Khoury about the recording here.

Born in the Lebanon and brought up in Canada, Joyce El-Khoury studied in Ottawa and Philadelphia, before graduating from the Metropolitan Opera's Lindemann Young Artist Development programme. Today she is one of the brightest young stars in the opera world, recently receiving universal acclaim for her landmark performance of Violetta in La Traviata at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. As well as singing extensively in America, she appears widely in opera and concert throughout Europe, including the Bayerishe Staatsoper. She returns to Covent Garden in 2018, but before then will star in Glyndebourne and Madrid, as well as singing extensively in concert.

Joyce has starred in two Opera Rara recordings to date: Donizetti's Belisario and the award-winning recording of Les Martyrs. Joyce's album Écho features music associated with the great 19th century soprano Julie Dorus-Gras, including arias by Berlioz, Donizetti, Meyerbeer and Weber. She also duets with her co-star from Les Martyrs, Michael Spyres, whose own recital disc is also released in September 2017, and is available from Opera Rara exclusively from 14th July 2017.

“Musical history aside, these discs deserve a place on the shelves due to the extremely high quality of singing...El-Khoury supplies firm, sensitively coloured tone and technical finish in everything she does...she is nigh-on technically immaculate as well as remarkably eloquent...Rizzi conducts with a blend of security and stylistic authority, while the Hallé plays wonderfully for him.” Opera, September 2017

“El-Khoury is especially lovely in her limpid account of Lucia’s Fountain aria, the rare Berlioz transcription of Agathe’s aria from Weber’s Der Freischütz, and arias for both heroines, Alice and Isabelle, from Meyerbeer’s Robert le diable,” Sunday Times, 17th September 2017

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Opera Rara - ORR252


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Rachmaninov: Symphony No. 1 in D minor, Op. 13

Rachmaninov: Symphony No. 1 in D minor, Op. 13

Read our exclusive interview with Vladimir Ashkenazy about the recording here.

Marking their latest collaboration with their conductor laureate Vladimir Ashkenazy, the Philharmonia return to disc with a stellar live-performance of Rachmaninov’s volcanic Symphony No.1 in D Minor. Composed when Rachmaninov was just 22, the work has a famously tumultuous performance history. The work’s premiere in 1897 – conducted by Glazunov – was a disaster, generating vitriolic abuse from critics and reviewers of the day. Rachmaninov destroyed the score and refused the works publication during his lifetime; it was not heard again until its reconstruction from solo parts by Soviet Musicologists for a concert in 1945.

This is the first release in a new series of Rachmaninov’s symphonies, conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy in live performances with the Philharmonia Orchestra.

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Signum Philharmonia Orchestra - SIGCD484


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The Goldberg Variations - The Complete 1955 Recording Sessions

The Goldberg Variations - The Complete 1955 Recording Sessions

Bach, J S:

Goldberg Variations, BWV988

Glenn Gould (piano)

The recording industry of the 20th century saw stars become legends and albums become icons of popular culture. Completed in a total of only four days and released in January 1956, Glenn Gould’s début recording of Bach’s Goldberg Variations is without doubt one of the most significant and successful classical recordings in the history of the gramophone record.

Documenting with unprecedented completeness the events that unfolded in Columbia’s 30th Street Studio during those four key days in June 1955, the present release allows listeners for the very first time to join Glenn Gould, his producer Howard Scott and sound engineer Fred Plaut as one of the greatest recordings of all time came into existence.

Glenn Gould: The Goldberg Variations – The Complete Unreleased Recording Sessions is probably the most comprehensive special edition ever dedicated to a single classical music album. It features Glenn Gould’s complete recording sessions of Bach’s Goldberg Variations on 5 CDs (including the studio conversations between him and his producer), restored from the original ¼-inch analogue tapes and re mastered using 24 bit / 96 kHz technology, plus the final album on both CD and heavyweight 180g vinyl, as well as an extra CD Glenn Gould Discusses His Performances of the “Goldberg Variations” with Tim Page. The edition comes with a 90 x 60 cm (36 x 24") poster and a 280-page hard-cover coffee-table book, featuring 45 sensational, newly discovered photos from the recording sessions, the complete musical score, several essays and an extensive documentation – including facsimiles of more than 20 archival documents detailing how an analogue vinyl LP was recorded in the mid-1950s.

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“It constitutes detailed documentation of Gould’s quest for his ideal Bach performance – his obsession with every detail, his insistence on getting the articulation of every semiquaver in every bar exactly as he imagined it...Taken together they also demonstrate the unwavering virtuosity of Gould’s playing, and the startling clarity he seemed effortlessly able to bring to the densest contrapuntal textures.” The Guardian, 13th September 2017 *****

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Sony - 88843014882

(7 CDs + LP + SACD - 8 discs)

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Sibelius: Piano Works

Sibelius: Piano Works


Impromptu in B minor, Op. 5, No. 5

Impromptu, Op. 5, No. 6

Kylikki, Three Lyric Pieces, Op. 41

Romance in D flat major, Op. 24, No. 9

Barcarola, Op. 24, No. 10

Ten Pieces, Op. 58 No. 4: Der Hirt

Valse Triste, Op. 44 No. 1

Sonatina in F sharp minor, Op. 67 No. 1

Koivu (The Birch), Op. 75/4

The Spruce Tree Op. 75 No. 5

Rondino in G sharp minor, Op .68 No. 2

Elegiaco, Op. 76 No. 10

Six Bagatelles, Op. 97, No. 2: Lied

Six Bagatelles, Op. 97, No. 4: Humoristischer Marsch

Six Bagatelles, Op. 97, No. 5: Impromptu

Esquisses (5), Op. 114

“All appear worlds away from the raw splendour of the symphonic works. Or perhaps not...On closer listening you feel a door to Sibelius’s mysterious world has been unlocked. And the playing is beautiful.” The Observer, 24th September 2017 ****

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Sony - 88985408502


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The Classic Road Trip

The Classic Road Trip

Released or re-released in last 6 months

ABC Classics - ABC4828974

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Caprices: Irvine Arditti

Caprices: Irvine Arditti

1 Sei Caprici 1. Vivace 01:29

2 Sei Caprici 2. Andante 04:38

3 Sei Caprici 3. Assai agitato 01:45

4 Sei Caprici 4. Volubile 03:18

5 Sei Caprici 5. Presto 03:17

6 Sei Caprici 6. Con brio 07:42

7 4 Louds 1. Statement - Remembering Aaron 03:14

8 4 Louds 2. Riconoscenza per Goffredo Petrassi 05:06

9 4 Louds 3. Rhapsodic Musing 02:37

10 4 Louds 4. Fantasy - Remembering Roger 03:53

11 Einspielung l 19:01

12 Anthems l 08:04

Legendary leader of the Arditti Quartet; Irvine Arditti has worked on many solo projects and is still today one of the foremost interpreters of the music of our time.

Over the past decade he has given the world premieres of a whole host of large-scale works written especially for him.

His approach to the contemporary violin is fascinating. The works by Salvatore Sciarrino, Elliott Carter, Emmanuel Nunes and Pierre Boulez assembled in this album are among the most widely known in the recent repertory for violin.

Irvine Arditti’s performance of them on this disc is masterly and already sets a benchmark.

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Aeon - AECD1755



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Nyman: No Time in Eternity

Nyman: No Time in Eternity

1 Full fathom five - Songs for Ariel

2 Prepare to die

3 While you here do snoring lie - Songs for Ariel

4 Where the bee sucks there suck I – Songs for Ariel

5 Eliza, her name gives honour

6 Sit Fast

7 Before you can say Come and Go – Songs for Ariel

8 Ye sacred muses, race of Jove

9 No Time in Eternity

10 In Paradise

11 In Nomine

12 Send forth thy sighs

13 O Jove, from stately throne

14 Come unto there yellow sands - Songs for Ariel

15 In nomine (Crye)

16 Self-Laudatory hymn of inanna

Ensemble Céladon, Paulin Bündgen

Céladon Ensemble underlines the obvious artistic connections between the music of

English Renaissance and contemporary music.

This release is a clever mix of genres that points out to surprising similarities between these works: we could easily believe that Tye’s Sit Fast was composed very recently.

This parentage, harmonic, rhythmic and poetic logic, opens a whole field of exploration into sound identity and tradition.

Both composers, belonging to remote eras, dealt with timbre fusion in a similar way to create a full-bodied sound, both powerful and soothing.

The intensity of a violas consort that carries a certain magic, the paradoxical expression of a voice which is solitary but also becomes a sixth instrument, one of the violas.

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Aeon - AECD1757



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Kinnara Ensemble, J.D. Burnett

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Affetto Recordings - AF1708

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Stradella: Lagrima E Sospiri

Stradella: Lagrima E Sospiri


Moro per amore: Overture

A che tardi a morir, misero core (from Moro per amore)

Furie terribili (from Moro per amore)

Col mio sangue comprarei… Per pietà (from Moro per amore)

San Giovanni Battista: Overture

Queste lagrime e sospiri (from San Giovanni Battista)

La forza dell’amor paterno: Ouverture de 'L’oratio'

O morire o libertà (from La forza dell’amor paterno)

Ferma, regina, ascolta… Morirò (from La forza dell’amor paterno)

Presto, corri ad armarti !... Non vedi che Giove (from La forza dell’amor paterno)

Lasso che feci (from La forza dell’amor paterno)

Santa Pelagia: Overture

Strugge l’alma (from Santa Pelagia)

Quanto mi alletta… Sono i crini aurati stami (from Santa Pelagia)

La Susanna: Overture

Da chi spero aita, o Cieli (from La Susanna)

Chantal Santon Jeffery (soprano)

Galilei Consort, Benjamin Chénier

The mythical life of Stradella, murdered on a Genoese piazza at the age of forty-two on the orders of a jealous rival in love, has inspired several novels and operas,

It is easy to imagine that Stradella’s hectic life provided the inspiration for the captivating female figures who abound in his output, exalted by technically redoubtable vocal writing, as exuberant and virtuosic as it can sometimes be sober and ethereal, and supported by remarkably skilled recitatives, a genuine verbal theatre that offers the singer infinite scope for expression.

From the demonic Salome to Ariadne, the model wife turned into a Fury by despair; from Pelagia, the repentant sinner who ends her days living in a cave disguised as a man, to Susanna, the very image of innocence and purity.

Chantal Santon embodies a series of portraits of women whom all have their turn with all her artistry, her intimate knowledge of this repertory and her sense of theatre.

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Alpha - ALPHA297


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Adon Olam

Adon Olam

Adon Olam

Released or re-released in last 6 months

ARC Music - EUCD2753

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