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Victoriana - Music, Verse & Recollections from the Time of Queen Victoria

Victoriana - Music, Verse & Recollections from the Time of Queen Victoria

The Polyphon: Valse Des Fées

Miss Dorothy Blake 1: Barton Manor And The Queen

Venetian Gondola Song 1: (Mendelssohn), Broadwood Piano

Kilvert’s Diary 1: Read By Timothy Davies

Musical Box Bellini

Parlour Poetry 1: Read By Kenneth Williams

Bristol Barrel Piano 1846

English National Songs Lucie Skeaping

Miss Dorothy Blake 2: The Sad Fate Of ‘Morair’

Musical Box Gilbert & Sullivan

Kilvert’s Diary 2: Read By Timothy Davies

A Victorian Sunday - Church Pipe Barrel Organs

A Victorian Sunday – Musical Boxes

Cold Was The Day When In A Garden Fair: Sneak’s Noise

Miss Dorothy Blake 3: Osborne Toy Dog Exchange

Victorian Nursery Rhymes: The Broadside Band

Parlour Poetry 2: Read By Kenneth Williams

Tranter Dewy’s Dance The Mellstock Band

Venetian Gondola Song 2: (Mendelssohn): Collard Piano

Kilvert’s Diary 3: Read By Timothy Davies

Musical Box Opera Miscellany

Miss Dorothy Blake 4: Tea At Osborne House

Legend Of The Mistletoe Bough Andy Turner/Mellstock

Clementi And The Monferrina Clementi Piano

Victorian Musical Box Dances

Miss Dorothy Blake 5: Meeting The Queen In The Garden

A Shropshire Lad: Is My Team Ploughing Gef Lucena

A West Gallery Carol The Mellstock Band & Choir

Musical Box Verdi

Miss Dorothy Blake 6: Christmas At Osborne

Victorian Musical Shows Of The 1890s Musical Boxes

Miss Dorothy Miss Dorothy Blake 7: Her Gift From Queen Victoria

Music, verse and recollections from the time of Queen Victoria from Kenneth Williams, Miss Dorothy Blake’s personal account of life with the Queen at Osborne House, The Broadside Band, Richard Burnett & many more with a detailed 32 page booklet with numerous quotations from Queen Victoria’s journals, Mendelssohn letter and other historical background information.

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Saydisc - SDL445

(CD - 2 discs)


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Handel at Vauxhall Vol. 2

Handel at Vauxhall Vol. 2


A Loyal Song for two Voices ‘God save great George Ye king'

Charles MacDougall (tenor), Benjamin Bevan (baritone)


Spring Gardens

Greg Tassell (tenor)


The Ladies in Vauxhall Gardens, to the British Officers at Dettingen

Eleanor Dennis (soprano)


Concerto grosso, Op. 6 No. 4 in A minor, HWV322

Hornpipe in D, HWV 356


Eleanor Dennis (soprano), Claire Bessent (soprano), Benjamin Bevan (baritone)

A Song on the Victory over the Rebels, by his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland, HWV 228/9

Mary Bevan (soprano)

Hasse, J A:

Roger and Sue a Ballad to a Favourite Air by Sig.r Hasse

Nicky Spence (tenor)

Lampe, J B:

The Farewel to Vaux Hall

Greg Tassell (tenor)

Stanley, J:

The Power of Music and Beauty

Mary Bevan (soprano)

London Early Opera continue their programme themed around a typical evening’s entertainment at the 17th & 18th century Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, with a second collection of works by George Frideric Handel and contemporary composers of the day (John Stanley, Thomas Gladwin, John Lampe and Johann Adolph Hasse). Featuring performances by soloists Claire Bessant, Mary Bevan, Benjamin Bevan, Eleanor Dennis, Charles MacDougale, Nicky Spence and Greg Tassell, the programme evokes the carnival of music and entertainments that amused visitors in these London gardens for nearly 200 years. The booklet notes feature images and expert commentaries on the Vauxhall Gardens by author David E. Coke and as well as conductor and musicologist Bridget Cunningham.

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Signum - SIGCD479


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Serebrier conducts Granados

Serebrier conducts Granados


Tango (No. 2 from Espana, Op. 165)




Danza española, Op. 37 No. 5 'Andaluza'

Danza española, Op. 37 No. 2 'Orientale'

Pequeña romanza

El Himno de los Muertos

Goyescas (opera): Intermezzo


Lento Expresivo


Serenata espanola


Andantino expresivo for string instruments

Andante religioso




Gran vals

Recuerdos de la Alhambra


Vistas al mar

Concerto Malaga String Orchestra, Jose Serebrier

This delightful album of Spanish music arranged for strings and celebrating the 150th anniversary of Enrique Granados, was recorded by legendary conductor Jose Serebrier and Concerto Malaga String Orchestra founded in 1996. The orchestra is now one of the foremost ensembles in Spain, best known for its dedicated research into string repertoire ranging from the 17th century onwards. Ther recording pays tribute to one of Spain's most important composers, Enrique Granados and also includes works by Granados's contemporaries and successors who played active roles in promoting Barcelona's and Madrid's musical life in the middle of the 19th century. Over a century after his tragic death, Granados's music continues to entertain and inspire performers and listeners the world over. He spent his entire life in Barcelona and contributed to its musical life as apianist, composer, teacher, conductor, and concert organizer. He was thus only a true champion of Spanish music but he was also a leading figure in the Catalan movement known as modernisme which was on display in much of Barcelona's architecture from around 1900. Granados's best-known collection of 12 Danzas espanolas was premiered in Barcelona in 189. No. 5, Andaluza, transports us to the south of Spain with its suggestion of an impassioned song supported by an energetic guitar accompaniment. Orienta is an all-purpose adjective that suggests anything associated with Andalusia or the Middle East. The Intermezzo from his opera Goyescas and the hauntingly beautiful Pequena Romanza are eloquent examples of his broad stylistic range.

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Somm - SOMM0171



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Piano Music by Tchaikovsky

Piano Music by Tchaikovsky


Grand Sonata for Piano in G major Op. 37

Piano Sonata No. 2 in C sharp minor, Op. 80

Nocturne Op. 10 No. 1

Feuillet d'album (No. 3 from Morceaux (6), Op. 19)

Humoresque, Op. 10 No. 2

Dumka (Russian Rustic Scene), Op. 59

Nicola Meecham (piano)

Superlative reviews greeted Nicola Meecham’s disc for SOMM, of works by Kodaly, Enescu and Janacek (SOMMCD 081). They now welcome her back in a fabulous recital of piano music by Tchaikovsky which includes the two rarely performed or recorded Piano Sonatas. The large-scale, majestic Grande Sonate in G major Op. 37, Tchaikovsky’s most significant work for solo piano, and the earlier Sonata in C sharp minor of 1865.

The G major sonata was published during Tchaikovsky’s lifetime, having been written in 1878. The work opens with a magnificent chordal gesture and an initial richly inventive theme, which is threaded through and across all four movements. In both sonatas, Tchaikovsky is in total command of his chosen structure and develops his ideas with great originality and ease. The effective keyboard writing apparent in both works betokens a composer thoroughly at home in the medium.

The disc includes four of Tchaikovsky’s shorter solo pieces, the Nocturne and Feuillet d’album, Opus 19 and the Humoresque Op. 10 No. 2, all of which strengthened his reputation as a distinctive composer of solo piano pieces. The delightful Doumka in C minor paints a picture akin to a rustic Russian scene and is one of the finest of all of Tchaikovsky’s shorter solo piano works.

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Somm - SOMM0173



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Echoes of Land & Sea

Echoes of Land & Sea


Holiday Diary Op. 5 for solo piano


Brook Green Suite

arr. Vally Lasker

Chrissemas Day in the Morning Op. 46/1



O! I hae seen the roses blaw

The Shoemakker



Sea Fever

arr. Roderick Williams

Ballade of London Nights


Six Studies (Study-Variations) Op. 56

Stevenson, R:

Fantasy on Peter Grimes

Williams, Roderick:


Maria Marchant (piano)

This cleverly planned new recital represents a uniquely valuable addition to the catalogue and focuses attention on English piano music which is less well known but no less delectable. Our programme ranges from some of the most famous names in music to those best-known in other areas of the art - and has been carefully chosen to present a uniquely fascinating conspectus of piano music by British composers of the last 100 years. There are such rarities as Benjamin Britten's brilliant early suite 'Holiday Diary', the great composer in lighter mood, and the magnificent virtuoso set of Six Studies for Piano by Kenneth Leighton, alongside a rare collection of Impressionist pieces by Gustav Holst - showing him to be as much a master of the keyboard as his 'Planets' suite is of the orchestra. John Ireland (Britten's teacher) is represented by his haunting Ballade of London Nights, and we have a significant premiere recording of Ireland's most famous song - Sea Fever - arranged for solo piano by Roderick Williams, best-known as one of the finest of all living British singers, now appearing on disc in a new light. Both the world premiere Goodwood-by-the-Sea and the piano arrangement of Sea Fever were written by Roderick Williams especially for Maria Marchant and dedicated to her. Ronald Stevenson's 'Peter Grimes Fantasy' takes us back to Benjamin Britten - a wonderful homage from one major British composer to another.

Also included here, is another valuable first recording, Vally Lasker's arrangement of Holst's delightful Brook Green Suite. Lasker taught music at St Paul's Girls' School, Hammersmith as assistant to Holst, who was also head of music. She has arranged several of Holst's as well as Vaughan Williams's works for piano.

“Marchant excels in both [the Holst and the Britten] but is most impressive in Kenneth Leighton’s Six Studies Op 56, from 1969, displaying cool control in the monolithic chordal movements and great dexterity in the highly complex contrapuntal sections.” The Observer, 24th September 2017 ****

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Somm - SOMM0174



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Love Letters

Love Letters

Star Eyes

Things Are Looking up Again

Some Day My Price Will Come


Love in Letters

There Is No Greater Love

Till There Was You

Summer Morning

Close Your Eyes

Answer Me

Under a Blanket of Blue

When You're Not There



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Sony - 88985386642



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Alessandra Rombolà (flute), Alessandra Rombolà (bass flute), Alessandra Rombolà (piccolo)

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Stradivarius - STR37074

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Frescobaldi: Il Primo Libro di Capricci

Frescobaldi: Il Primo Libro di Capricci

Sergio Vartolo (harpsichord)

Frescobaldi’s book of Capricci from 1624 was intended as a continuation of his 1615 Book of Ricercari. It was clearly conceived, however, for the keyboard, an idiom for which this work is a masterpiece, both in regard to contrapuntal technique and to the exceedingly refined art and skill of harpsichord and organ writing. The interdependence of these two books is underlined by their publishing history already beginning with the second edition of the Capricci of 1626, and continuing for the later ones of 1628 and 1642. The first editions of the Ricercari (1615 and 1618) included five canzonas, after which the planned 'second book' in actuality took on such particular characteristics that Frescobaldi decided to give the work its own title, that of 'Capricci': 'In these compositions entitled Capricci, I have not kept to as simple a style as in my Ricercari'.

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Tactus - TB580692

(CD - 2 discs)


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Biagio Marini: Madrigals & Symfonie Op. II

Biagio Marini: Madrigals & Symfonie Op. II

Marini, B:

Il Grimani

Se nel sereno viso

Le carte in ch’io primier scrissi

Il Seccho

Vezzosi augelli infra le verdi fronde

La Grilla

Perché fuggi tra’ salci

La Roccha

Non te’n fuggir deh spira

La Bombarda

Perché credi o mio core

La Malipiera

S’io non ti toglio un bacio

La Cominciola

Questi languidi fiori

La Rossa

Deh non coglier più fiori

La Scistina

Misero me son morto

La Finetta

O care stille hor che pietà vi scioglie

La Philippi

Anzoletta del ciel senza pecca’

Canzone à 4 in D minor, 'La Rizza'

Chi quella bella bocca

I Musicali Affetti, RossoPorpora, Fabio Missaggia, Walter Testolin


Biagio Marini, composer and violinist from Brescia is universally recognized as one of the most singular personalities of the first half of the seventeenth century, especially for his great contribution to the development of violin technique and the triosonate form. In fact, his profile is much more articulated and as a whole is represented more by vocal works than instrumental. This work, discovered by the collaboration of Musicali Affetti from Vicenza with some researchers from the University of Strasbourg, finally can be performed by the Musicali Affetti ensemble directed by Fabio Missaggia and the RossoPorpora vocal ensemble directed by Walter Testolin.

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Tactus - TC591304

(CD - 2 discs)


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Tartini: Concerti per flauto

Tartini: Concerti per flauto

and 'Trillo del diavolo'


Flute Concerto in G major, Gimo 293

Flute Concerto, Gimo 291

Flute Concerto in G major, Gimo 294

Concertino in F for flute, strings and basso continuo

Concertino in G for flute, strings and basso continuo

Sonata a tre B. d2

Sonata a tre B. a1

Sonata a tre B. d10

Sonata a tre B. c3

Sonata a tre B. g3

Sonata XII in G major B g2

Violin Sonata in G minor 'Devil's Trill'

Born in Pirano d’Istria then established in Padua, Giuseppe Tartini began studying music and violin at a religious college; at the same time he also studied law showing his great abilities with which he was able to overcome any kind of commitment. He soon became an international point of reference when he founded the 'Scuola delle Nazioni' (School of Nations) in Padova, where many students came from all over Europe to perfect the art of the violin under his guidance. In this double CD including the concerts for flute, for strings, and various sonatas including the famous Trillo del Diavolo, the two soloists Massimo Mercelli (flute) and Marco Rogliano (violin) are accompanied by the Ensemble Respighi from Bologna.

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Tactus - TB692090

(CD - 2 discs)


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