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Tallis: Spem in alium

Tallis: Spem in alium

& other sacred music


In ieiunio et fletu

Blessed are those that be undefiled

Spem in alium for eight five-part choirs '40-part Motet'

God Grant we grace (Tallis Canon)

Robert Rice (baritone)

O Lord, open thou our lips

Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?

Robert Rice (baritone)

O do well unto thy servant

My soul cleaveth to the dust

Short Service (Dorian) for 4 voices

The Lord be with you

Robert Evans (bass)

O sacrum convivium

Remember not, O Lord God

Hear the voice and prayer

Verily, verily I say unto you

O Lord, in thee is all my trust

Hodie nobis caelorum

Sing and glorify heaven's high majesty

The Cardinall's Musick's thrilling exploration of Tallis' sacred music comes to a glorious close with both versions of the great forty-part motet: 'Spem in alium' itself and 'Sing and glorify', the less familiar English-texted contrafactum.

“Carwood moulds the structures to great effect, with wide ranging dynamics from hushed groupings of eight voices to the full force.” BBC Music Magazine, December 2016 *****

“The placing of the lovely miniature God grant with grace just after the monumental Spem is very moving, and this In ieiunio is as fine an account of it as I can recall…Carwood’s ensemble give the sense of an unfolding tapestry, and the sound recording holds detail and monumentality in fine balance” Gramophone Magazine, November 2016

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Hyperion - CDA68156


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Elgar: Enigma Variations

Elgar: Enigma Variations

& other orchestral works


In the South (Alassio), Op. 50

Enigma Variations, Op. 36

Carillon, Op. 75

Florence Daguerre de Hureaux (narrator)

Une Voix dans le Désert

Kate Royal (soprano)

Le Drapeau Belge

Florence Daguerre de Hureaux (narrator)

Pleading, Op. 48 No. 1

Yann Ghiro (clarinet)

Two much-loved orchestral favourites representing the summit of Elgar's maturity are coupled with three of the lesser-known wartime works, here receiving their rst recordings with the original French texts. Kate Royal is the soprano soloist in 'Une voix dans le désert', a hauntingly tender masterpiece which every Elgarian should know.

“Both [In the South and the Enigma Variations] are well known and given impressively emotional and dramatic performances by Brabbins...The entire disc is a collector’s item.” Sunday Times, 30th October 2016

“fine, firmly unsentimental, bracingly muscular performances.” The Guardian, 3rd November 2016 ****

“Exceptional Elgar. ‘Nimrod’ has the grandeur of a Bruckner slow movement.” BBC Music Magazine, December 2016 *****

“Brabbins masterminds an expansive, ideally flexible and notably unflustered reading of Elgar’s In the South, one which quarries this evocative score’s plentiful reserves of noble grandeur, pantheistic wonder and vulnerability…[he] proves a comparably unhurried, affectionate and cannily observant guide through Enigma, the friends pictured within springing to life with unforced naturalness…an enjoyable and stimulating anthology that Elgarians everywhere should try and hear” Gramophone Magazine, November 2016

“Splendidly performed and recorded versions of Enigma and In the South, plus some fascinating rarities.” MusicWeb International, 1st December 2016

BBC Music Magazine

Disc of the month - December 2016

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Hyperion - CDA68101


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The Romantic Piano Concerto 69 - Hill & Boyle

The Romantic Piano Concerto 69 - Hill & Boyle

Boyle, G F:

Piano Concerto in D minor

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Johannes Fritzsch

Hill, Alfred:

Piano Concerto in A major

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, Johannes Fritzsch

Piano Sonata in A major

Piers Lane (piano)

Alfred Hill and George Boyle enjoyed distinguished careers in their native Australia and abroadBoyle's students in New York included Copland and Barberthough both are all-too-little known today. The piano concerto and sonata by Hillthe 'grand old man' of Australian musical life at the timeare effectively the same work, the one an orchestral expansion of the other.

“an intriguing disc of Australian examples, Piers Lane making a convincing case for his countrymen’s music. Alfred Hill’s 1941 concerto has a breezy, sunny disposition, with hardly a dark cloud in the sky…[Boyle's is] altogether graver than Hill’s [and] has a final movement to rival anything coming out of Europe at the time.” The Observer, 23rd October 2016 ****

“One cannot imagine a more persuasive, artful advocate of the music of his two compatriots than Piers Lane who, frankly, is worth hearing in whatever he plays” Gramophone Magazine, November 2016

“A very welcome addition to this series; the Boyle is the stand-out.” MusicWeb International, 2nd December 2016

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Hyperion - The Romantic Piano Concerto - CDA68135


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Bach, J S: Goldberg Variations, BWV988

Bach, J S: Goldberg Variations, BWV988

2015 recording

Sixteen years have passed since Angela Hewitt’s first, justly celebrated, version of the ‘Goldbergs’. She here commits to record her ever-evolving response to a work which contains the ‘shadowed lesson of the whole world’, and which continues to play a central role in her life as an artist.

“The fingers are as formidably on the ball as ever – capable of the most tender translucency, of staccato leaps that ‘ping’, and able to differentiate and characterise several voices simultaneously with jaw-dropping felicity” BBC Music Magazine, Christmas 2016 *****

“A perfect recording for her fans” Pianist Magazine, October 2016 ***

“More than any contemporary player, she manages to suggest the harpsichord’s plucking mechanism with her brilliant articulation — the trills of Variation 16!...her fluency makes the Goldbergs sound easy.” Sunday Times, 8th October 2016

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Hyperion - CDA68146



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Fin de siècle

Fin de siècle

Music for viola and piano


Appassionato, Op. 34


Pièce Op. 39


Beau Soir


Vitrail pour alto et piano


Concertstück for viola & piano

Hahn, R:

Soliloque et Forlane for viola & piano


Morceau de concert


Thème varié


Deux mélodies hébraïques: Kaddisch

Vierne, L:

Deux Pièces Op. 7

Lawrence Power (viola) & Simon Crawford-Phillips (piano)

That the names of Hüe and Büsser are now largely forgotten is no reflection on their ability to write music which cannot fail to delight (and did not fail to win the Prix de Rome). Lawrence Power and Simon Crawford-Phillips present a wonderful recital which sets Ravel and Debussy in the context of their lesser-known contemporaries.

“Most of these pieces by Paris-based composers may be unfamiliar...but they merit rediscovery thanks to this duo’s superb playing. They make Henri Büsser’s Appassionato seem like the viola’s miniature answer to Franck’s Violin Sonata.” Sunday Times, 11th September 2016

“The players’ enthusiasm is self-evident, and Power tempers his sweet, full-throated tone...with a lovely inwardness in the quieter music. Crawford-Phillips is very much on the same page; the pair phrase naturally together... consistently enjoyable way to discover some unexpectedly rewardAing music.” Gramophone Magazine, October 2016

“Power and Crawford-Phillips are a superb duo, matching their depth and richness of tone with an energetic, passionate approach, and the warm sound lets them shine.” BBC Music Magazine, December 2016 ****

GGramophone Magazine

Editor's Choice - October 2016

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Hyperion - CDA68165



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Bartók: Mikrokosmos Book 5

Bartók: Mikrokosmos Book 5

& other piano music


Romanian Folk Dances for piano, Sz. 56, BB 68

14 Bagatelles, BB 50, Sz. 38

Allegro barbaro, BB 63, Sz. 49

Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs, Sz. 74, Op. 20

Mikrokosmos Book V

This second album in Cédric Tiberghien's highly praised survey reveals the radicalism of Bartók's piano-writing to be just as evident in the early Bagatelles as it is in the lexicon of style and technique which is the fth book of Mikrokosmos.

“Magic moments are plentiful...One feels the weight of Tiberghien’s thought in every phrase, yet the sense of easy flow is paramount.” Sunday Times, 6th November 2016

“Intimate and poetic, this pianism which delicately suggests rather than making statements. A lovely hour and a quarter.” BBC Music Magazine, December 2016 ****

“it’s a measure of the quality of Cédric Tiberghien’s series that it promises to rival Kocsis’s set when complete...Tiberghien catches the essence of each piece instantly, and brings to all of them a sense of freshness and discovery, as well as the ability to combine expressive freedom with rhythmic precision in a remarkable way.” The Guardian, 17th November 2016 *****

“A fine programme overall, much to be recommended” Gramophone Magazine, November 2016

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Hyperion - CDA68133


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Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Opp 90, 101 & 106

Beethoven: Piano Sonatas Opp 90, 101 & 106


Piano Sonata No. 29 in B-flat major, Op. 106 'Hammerklavier'

Piano Sonata No. 28 in A major, Op. 101

Piano Sonata No. 27 in E minor, Op. 90

Read our exclusive interview with Steven Osborne about the Hammerklavier Sonata here.

Steven Osborne has repeatedly proved himself a Beethovenian of profound insight. In these three late sonatas—including the monumental ‘Hammerklavier’—he gives performances of stunning impact and lasting fulfilment.

“Fine performances, but I can’t imagine that anyone will want to listen to anything for sometime after this colossal Hammerklavier.” BBC Music Magazine, December 2016 *****

“[this] is about the big picture, objectivity and a powerful kinaesthesia that could propel rockets into space…the result is a virtuoso apotheosis as brilliant as molten iron from a blast furnace” Gramophone Magazine, October 2016

“The Scottish pianist plays with an authority built on intelligent, very human musicianship: his accounts of these three late-period Beethoven sonatas are hugely personal but are never about him.” The Guardian, 6th October 2016 *****

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Hyperion - CDA68073



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Mozart: Violin Sonatas Volume 2

Mozart: Violin Sonatas Volume 2


Violin Sonata No. 24 in F major, K376

Violin Sonata No. 10 in B flat major, K15

Violin Sonata No. 29 in A major, K402

Violin Sonata No. 1 in C Major, K6

Violin Sonata No. 14 in D major, K29

Violin Sonata No. 4 in G major, K9

Violin Sonata No. 2 in D major, K7

Violin Sonata No. 22 in A major, K305

The earliest music here dates from when Mozart was just six years old, the latest from his first years as a freelance composer resident in Vienna. The distinguished advocacy of Alina Ibragimova and Cédric Tiberghien, in a second volume of the complete violin sonatas, is equally persuasive in both.

“Tiberghien and Ibragimova palpably delight in their opportunities for witty repartee…cultivating light, limpid sonorities (violin vibrato used only for occasional effect), the pair shade and phrase imaginatively without compromising the music’s essential innocence” Gramophone Magazine, October 2016

“The balance between pianist Cédric Tiberghien and violinist Alina Ibragimova on this recording is as beautifully calibrated as always in this long-standing partnership, but here, unusually, it is Tiberghien’s poised, lyrical piano playing that is, more often than not, to the fore…there is something to raise a smile in every single movement” The Guardian, 26th May 2016 *****

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Hyperion - CDA68092

(CD - 2 discs)


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Chopin: Mazurkas

Chopin: Mazurkas


Mazurka No. 31 in A flat major, Op. 50 No. 2

Mazurka No. 34 in C major, Op. 56 No. 2

Mazurka No. 11 in E minor, Op. 17 No. 2

Mazurka No. 12 in A flat major, Op.17 No.3

Mazurka No. 38 in F sharp minor, Op. 59 No. 3

Mazurka No. 33 in B major, Op. 56 No. 1

Mazurka No. 47 in A minor, Op. 68 No. 2

Mazurka No. 14 in G minor, Op. 24 No. 1

Mazurka No. 13 in A minor, Op. 17 No. 4

Mazurka No. 17 in B flat minor, Op. 24 No. 4

Mazurka No. 56 in B flat major, K.IIa/3

Mazurka No. 10 in B flat major, Op. 17 No. 1

Mazurka No. 24 in C major, Op. 33 No. 3

Mazurka No. 16 in A flat major, Op. 24 No. 3

Mazurka No. 26 in C sharp minor, Op. 41 No. 1

Mazurka No. 19 in B minor, Op. 30 No. 2

Mazurka No. 32 in C sharp minor, Op. 50 No. 3

Mazurka No. 15 in C major, Op. 24 No. 2

Mazurka in A minor KKIIb/5

Mazurka No. 1 in F sharp minor, Op. 6 No. 1

Mazurka in A minor KKIIb/4

Mazurka No. 30 in G major, Op. 50 No. 1

Mazurka No. 35 in C minor, Op. 56 No. 3

Mazurka No. 37 in A flat major, Op. 59 No. 2

Pavel Kolesnikov (piano)

There are in all fifty-eight mazurkas by Chopin. Pavel Kolesnikov, making a welcome second recording for Hyperion, here performs a selection of twenty-four, from the earliest examples dating from his teenage years, through to the rich maturity of Op 59 No 2 from 1845.

“His unfolding of the lovely G minor Op 24, No 1, with its gentle, sighing motifs , is pliantly phrased and delicately shaped, but there is no lack of temperament in his virtuoso dispatch of the big pieces that conclude each set.” Sunday Times, 18th September 2016

“This must be one of the most appealing Chopin discs I’ve ever come across.” MusicWeb International, October 2016

“An ideal realisation of these exquisite dances, the likes of which I never dreamt of hearing…Liszt said it: ‘A wind plays in the leaves, life unfolds and develops beneath them, but the tree remains the same – that is the Chopin rubato.’ Kolesnikov does it…these performances are the most beautiful and strikingly original I’ve heard.” Gramophone Magazine, Awards Issue 2016

“The 26-year-old's latest Hyperion release is arguably the best Chopin recording I have encountered in recent years…from start to finish Kolesnikov doesn’t lose sight of the fact these are dances in miniature and his phrasing of each is entirely apposite. Chopin’s inventiveness is made the inescapable feature of this recording” Classical Ear, 1st November 2016 *****

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Hyperion - CDA68137



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Krenek: Reisebuch aus den österreichischen Alpen

Krenek: Reisebuch aus den österreichischen Alpen


Reisebuch aus den österreichischen Alpen


In der Ferne (No. 6 of Sieben Lieder)

Wandl’ich im wald des Abends

Die schlanke Wasserlilie (No. 1 of Sieben Lieder)


Florian Boesch (baritone) & Roger Vignoles (piano)

Krenek’s wonderful travelogue is a real tour de force; a fusion of the remembrance of things past—the Schubertian landscape of Austria and its cultural history—with the music of the 1920s. The very special demands it makes of its performers are effortlessly negotiated by Florian Boesch and Roger Vignoles.

“a real treat, and confirms Krenek’s cycle as one of the great early modernist additions to the German lieder tradition...Boesch and Vignoles evoke this kaleidoscope of styles with fabulous naturalness and fierce dramatic intensity when needed.” The Guardian, 1st September 2016 ****

“The tone of voice, so perfectly captured by Floraian Boesch’s securely focused yet nonchalant baritone, is very much that of the so-called ‘new objectivity’ of the 1920s…the piano accompaniments, lucidly and energtically wrought by Roger Vignoles, add little emotioinal subtext, and the tone of coice makes us feel we are eavesdropping on a private conversation with the self” BBC Music Magazine, November 2016 ****

“It would be fair to say that Boesch has done nothing finer on disc. This is exceptional Lieder singing, fusing line, text and dynamics into an indivisible whole, all of it delivered with a conversational intimacy that is often breathtaking. The emotional ambivalences are finely projected, as sadness, dismay and anger are repeatedly undercut by self-deprecating wit and humour” Gramophone Magazine, October 2016

Released or re-released in last 6 months

Hyperion - CDA68158



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