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Karl Amadeus Hartmann (1905-63)

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Hartmann, K: Simplicius Simplicissimus


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26th Oct 2009




1 hour 56 minutes


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Hartmann, K: Simplicius Simplicissimus

Camilla Nylund (Simplicius), Christian Gerhaher (Farm Worker/Narrator), Will Hartmann (Hermit/Governor) & Michael Volle (Farmer/Sergeant)

Münchner Rundfunkorchester, Ulf Schirmer

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The absolute highlight of Karl Amadeus Hartmann’s centenary year was the concert performance of his opera Des Simplicius Simplicissimus Jugend in Munich’s Prinzregententheater. It was the first performance of the original version, reconstructed by Wilfried Hiller and Robert Klimesch on commission from Bavarian Broadcasting. Besides the Münchner Rundfunkorchester under Ulf Schirmer, the performance had the good fortune of featuring a first-rate quartet of soloists including Christian Gerhaher, Will Hartmann, Camilla Nylund and Michael Volle. With this release, Simplicius Simplicissimus is now available in an exemplary recorded production both editorially and musically. While Hartmann described his work as an “opera” he avoided “stock operatic gestures” in the shaping of his musical language – it seems more likely to have been based on the style of Stravinsky’s L’histoire du soldat. The style of the work is directly related to the historical context of its composition: the original version was composed in 1934 1936 on the suggestion of Hermann Scherchen, who had lived in Swiss exile since 1933. The plot follows the destiny of a person threatened with the loss of himself and his world in the maelstrom of the Thirty Years War. Hartmann confronts this period with harsh refractions, nameless sorrow and biting satire. He dedicated the overture, composed in 1939, to Sergei Prokofiev, whose music embodied the style of the international avant-garde decried by the Nazis. Hartmann’s feelings when he set to work on the revision (1955/56) following World War II would be hard to describe! Incl. Bonus: Bernhard Neuhoff in conversation with Wilfried Hiller and Ulf Schirmer, with sound documents from Karl Amadeus and Elisabeth Hartmann.

Karl Amadeus Hartmann: Simplicius Simplicissimus (2005 Bavarian Radio version by W. Hiller and R. Klimesch)


Act I Scene 1: Anno Domini (Chorus, Speaker)

Act I Scene 1: Bub sei fleissig (Bauer, Simplicius)

Act I Scene 1: Du sehr verachter Bauerstand (Simplicius)

Act I Scene 1: Traum

Act I Scene 1: Hunger und Durst (Landsknecht, Simplicius)

Act I Scene 2: Da schaut die losgelassenen Teufel (Bauer, Speaker)

Act II Scene 1: Komm, Trost der Nacht (Einsiedel)

Act II Scene 1: Baume, lauter Baume (Simplicius, Einsiedel)

Act II Scene 1: Ich sehe wohl (Simplicius, Einsiedel)

Act II Scene 1: Unser lieber Vater (Simplicius, Einsiedel)

Act II Scene 1: Simplici ein vernunftiger Mensch (Chorus, Speaker)

Act II Scene 2: Nun Simplici, liebes Kind (Einsiedel, Simplicius)

Act II Scene 2: So geht das schnode Leben hin (Einsiedel, Simplicius)

Act II Scene 2: Mein lieber und wahrer, einziger Sohn (Einsiedel, Simplicius, Chorus)

Act II Scene 2: Vater! Herzliebster Vater! (Simplicius, Chorus)

Act II Scene 3: Hut Dich, Bauer, ich komm (Chorus, Feldwebel, Landsknecht, Simplicius)

Act II Scene 3: Soll ich dich zeitlich oder ewig strafen (Feldwebel, Simplicius, Chorus)

Act III: Bankett beim Gouverneur

Act III: 3 Tanze der Dame: No. 1. Sehr schnell

Act III: 3 Tanze der Dame: No. 2. Lustig

Act III: 3 Tanze der Dame: No. 3. Furioso

Act III: Als Manner sind wir durchaus ehrlich (Hauptmann, Gouverneur)

Act III: Hochedler Herr Gubernator (Landsknecht, Gouverneur, Simplicius)

Act III: Spiel 1: Simplex sieht erstmal einen Tanz (Sprecher, Simplicius, Landsknecht, Hauptmann, Gouverneur)

Act III: Spiel 2: Simplex das Lob der Jungfrau beschreibet (Speaker, Simplicius, Hauptmann, Gouverneur)

Act III: Bravo, Simplici, bravissimo (Governeur, Simplicius, Hauptmann)

Act III: Dank Herr, dass ihr mich so ehrt - Scene 1: Das ist brav von dir - Scene 2: Diese sehen ernstlich und etwas reputierlicher aus (Gouverneur, Simplicius, Hauptmann)

Act III Scene 3: Diese sind eine schwere last fur die Wurzeln (Gouverneur)

Act III Scene 4: Ihr alle martert und qualt unsaglich (Gouverneur, Chorus)

Act III Scene 4: Gespriesen sei der Richeter der Wahrheit (Simplicius, Chorus, Speaker)

Karl Amadeus Hartmann and the original version of Simplicius Simplicissimus

BBC Music Magazine

June 2010


“This edition sounds taut and pungent under Ulf Schirmer's baton. Camilla Nylund sings gleamingly as the idealist Simplicius, and there are incisive yet pliable performances from the three excellent male soloists”

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