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Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008)

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Kagel: Chorbuch & Les Inventions d' Adolphe Sax

Kagel: Chorbuch & Les Inventions d' Adolphe Sax



Les Inventions d'Adolphe Sax

Cor de Jong (harmonium) & Sepp Grotenhuis (piano)

Nederlands Kamerkoor & Raschèr Saxophone Quartet, Klaas Stok

Mauricio Kagel’s last recorded works.

This Winter & Winter cd of 'Chorbuch' and 'Les Inventions d' Adolphe Sax', recorded in December 2007, was Mauricio Kagel’s last recording, delayed due to unexpected death in the year 2008.

The centrepiece of the album, 'Les Inventions d' Adolphe Sax' was commissioned by the Nederlands Kamerkoor, who invited the acclaimed Raschèr Quartet to participate. As a premiere recording and with Kagel’s artistic participation a masterpiece was created. The Nederlands Kamerkoor and Mauricio Kagel were closely connected through a long outstanding artistic collaboration and unique shared experiences.

At the end of the recording, choir director, Leo Samama took a funny snapshot of the 'megaphone' choir. In the middle of which, completely covered by his megaphone, sits the composer.

The artist Ursula Burghardt, Mauricio Kagel’s wife, created the images, which are used as the artwork for this release.

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Winter and Winter - 9101912


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Kagel: Kantrimiusik

Kagel: Kantrimiusik

Angela Tunstall (soprano), Susan Bickley (mezzo) & Alan Belk (tenor)

Nieuw Ensemble, Ed Spanjaard

Performed at Symphony Hall last April, by Birmingham Contemporary Music Group and Oliver Knussen, with the same soloists, Paul Griffiths was moved to say "a big and typically quizzical essay by Mauricio Kagel for singers and instrumentalists, exploring various notions of country music and countryside, all of them amusingly wrong."

“Among the major players in the European avant garde of the 1960s, Mauricio Kagel is still by a long way the least known and understood in the UK. Most of his major works remain unperformed here, but the series of discs put out by Winter & Winter over the last few years are at least filling some of the gaps in our knowledge.” The Guardian

“The 1975 work exists in two versions, one of which involves a staging of sorts in faux-naif images, the other a straightforward concert work. This recording, made in 1997 but never previously released, is the latter. It makes a neat enough musical package: the voices of Angela Tunstall, Susan Bickley and Alan Belk dovetail with the instrumental writing, and the local colour is provided by the tape. But the humour is thinly spread, and Kagel's invented folk music is only intermittently engaging. A useful addition to Winter and Winter's Kagel series, certainly, but not one of his major works.” The Guardian, 27th February 2009 ***

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Winter and Winter - 9101502


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Kagel: Playback Play

Kagel: Playback Play

Musikfabrik NRW

Famous for his examination of unusual and exotic instrumental sounds, here Mauricio Kagel focuses on the most mundane of sound materials. While attending a music trade show, Kagel was taken by the many levels and orbits of sound activity emanating from the various booths and stages. In 'Playback Play' (subtitled 'News from the Music Fair, A Radio Piece') he has arranged a spatially sensitive tableau of crowd noises, sales pitches and fragments of the sort one hears in music store show rooms, along with snippets of scales and arpeggios, and little tunes played on electronic keyboards. All of these come together to create a sort of kaleidoscopic audio vérité in which sonic events seem to appear, overlap, collide and disappear freely without the burden of a narrative.

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Kagel: Tantz-Schul (Dance School)

Kagel: Tantz-Schul (Dance School)

Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester, Saarländischer Rundfunk, Mauricio Kagel

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Winter and Winter - 9100992


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Kagel: The Pieces of the Compass Rose, for salon orchestra

Kagel: The Pieces of the Compass Rose, for salon orchestra

Schönberg Ensemble, Reinbert de Leeuw

“After Kagel has done with it you feel that ethnomusicology can never be quite the same again.” BBC Radio 3

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Kagel: Trio in drei Sätzen (Trio in three movements), etc.


Trio in drei Sätzen (Trio in three movements)

Schoenberg Ensemble

Schwarzes Madrigal (Black Madrigal)

Berlin Radio Chorus, Mauricio Kagel

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Winter and Winter - 9100902


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Aiyun Huang: Save Percussion Theater!

Aiyun Huang: Save Percussion Theater!

Alvarez, J:


Bonus Track


Les guetteurs de sons

Le corps à corps

Drouet, J-P:

Variations sur un texte de Victor Hugo

Bonus Track






L’art bruit: solo for two

Aiyun Huang & Friends

Le Trio Cercle

This DVD documents the pioneering percussion works from the French school of theatre music, written for and championed by the legendary Parisian group Trio Le Cercle. These are 'French pieces', mostly written by non-French composers whose most important work took place in Paris in the 1970's and 1980's. The cultural friction between immigrant artists and a French culture that embraced them without completely welcoming them is apparent with every note. This is the music of outsiders with a story to tell, where questions of belonging, control, and place are central.

Many of these works are renowned in the percussion repertoire but their combination of theatre (visual, choreographic, architectural), with percussion makes little sense as strictly audio recordings. The visual aspect is essential to their experience. All receive their first commercial video release performed by percussionist Aiyun Huang, who studied with the members of Trio Le Cercle, giving authoritative performances of these works for solo through quartet. Each work is given a unique visual treatment. Liner notes by Steven Schick and Aiyun Huang. Among the highlights:

Vinko Globokar’s '?Corporel' for a percussionist performing on her body as the instrument is visually arresting, and often discomfiting, as we watch the percussionist strike, rub, caress and slap herself.

In Georges Aperghis’s 'Le Corps à Corps', a disjunctive treatment of text soon renders it useless as a vehicle for narrative, but creates instead an extraordinarily rich source of vocal incantations and drones that run parallel to the colourful hand-drumming.

Mauricio Kagel's two works are large pieces of absurd theatre. In an ultimate example of the burning issues of control and anarchy that raced through Paris of the late 1960’s like wild fire, Kagel’s 'Dressur' draws a pointed comparison between the control over horses in the practice of dressage and the control over performers necessary to effect a concert. 'Dressur' asks three percussionists to engage in a series of seemingly pointless and sometimes painful set of tasks.

DVD Video

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Barrett, R:


Mark Knoop (piano)


The Wreck of Former Boundaries


Elegie para clarinet solo

Pieza para clarinet solo


Skin, Gelatine, Soot

Saunders, R:


Carl Rosman (clarinets)

Ten years in the making, Caerulean presents the stunning results of commissions and collaborations between renowned clarinettist Carl Rosman and some of the most cutting-edge composers of our times, with eleven world

premiere recordings on one disc, including composers Georges Aperghis, Richard Barrett, Aaron Cassidy, Rebecca Saunders, Chikako Morishita and Mauricio Kagel.

“There are collaborations and collaborations. Sometimes performer and composer work closely on every detail of a piece, developing its tonal palette together, trying out preliminary versions over months or years, the composer remaining involved in the tiniest parameters of timing, tone production or rubato, constantly adjusting details up to the premiere and beyond (recording sessions certainly not excluded). But sometimes the fact that a trusted performer on a well-known instrument wants a solo piece is sufficient stimulus on its own: a piece can also simply arrive and go out into the world without any need for working sessions. Neither extreme of the spectrum, nor indeed any point along it, has a monopoly in the creation of musically fulfilling works.” CR

Carl Rosman lives in Köln and is a permanent member of Ensemble Musikfabrik and ELISION Ensemble. He has also appeared with groups including ensemble ascolta (Stuttgart), Ensemble Phoenix (Basel), Ensemble Modern/Ensemble Modern Orchestra, Ensemble SurPlus (Freiburg), Ensemble Mosaik (Berlin), Theater Freiburg, and the Gavin Bryars Ensemble. Works composed for him include Chris Dench’s ruins within for solo clarinet in A, Liza Lim’s INGUZ (fertility) for clarinet in A and cello, Richard Barrett’s interference (for contrabass clarinettist also vocalising over a five-octave range) and Flechtwerk (for clarinet and piano, with Mark Knoop), and Georges Aperghis’s Damespiel for solo bass clarinet. Recent releases include Georges Aperghis’s Babil with Ensemble musikFabrik (on WERGO), Brian Ferneyhough’s La Chute d’Icare with ELISION (on Kairos) and solo works by Aaron Cassidy (on NEOS).

“The sense of pieces written to fit him like a glove pervades the whole. One is particularly struck by his command of breath, whether taken in audible gulps and gasps or inaudibly through circular breathing. It gives these performances a raw edge, even when the music hovers at the boundary of immobility…in this repertory, virtuosity can be taken for granted, but Rosman – and the composers too – gives us far more.” Gramophone Magazine, February 2017

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Huddersfield Contemporary Records (HCR) - HCR12CD


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Darmstadt Aural Documents, Box 1

Darmstadt Aural Documents, Box 1

Composers – Conductors (Composers conducting their own works)



Recorded 1965

Het Residentie Orkest, Pierre Boulez

Brown, Earle:

Available Forms 1

Recorded 1996

musikFabrik, Earle Browne

Brün, H:

Sonoriferous Loops

Recorded 1965

Eberhard Blum (flute), Pierre Pollin (trumpet), Jacques Cazauran (double bass), Heinz Haedler, Rolf Rossmann (percussion)

Herbert Brün


The Mado Songs

Recorded 1988

Birgitta Schrok (alto), Mateja Haller (flute in G), Andrew Malcolm (cor anglais), Walter Ifrim (bass clarinet), Christian Dierstein (vibraphone/marimba)

Carmen Maria Cârneci


Piano Concerto No. 3

Recorded 1990

James Clapperton (piano)

Ixion Ensemble, Michael Finnissy


Mitte des Lebens

Recorded 1953

Ilona Steingruber (soprano), Kurt Redel (flute), Rudolf Kolisch (violin), Friedrich Wildgans (bass clarinet), Rudolf Klamand (horn), Rose Stein (harp)

Wolfgang Fortner


à un moment de terre perdue

Recorded 1994

Klangforum Wien, Beat Furrer



Recorded 1964

Karl-Heinz Böttner (Spanish guitar/electric guitar), Dodo Metelmann (harp), Georg Nothdorf (double bass), Mauricio Kagel, Siegfried Rockstroh (membraphone instruments)

Mauricio Kagel


Recorded 1974

Hans Deinzer (clarinet), Adam Bauer (trumpet), Kurt Schwertsik (horn), Armin Rosin (trombone), Robert Tucci (tuba), Brigitte Sylvestre (harp), Aloys Kontarsky (piano), Christoph Caskel (percussion), Saschko Gawriloff (violin), Siegfried Palm (cello), Georg Nothdorf (double bass)

Mauricio Kagel


Recorded 1996

musikFabrik, Johannes Kagel


Cruxification II

Recorded 2000

Berliner Sinfonieorchester, Johannes Kalitzke


Cantata for Wartime, Op. 95

Recorded 1956

Carla Henius (soprano)

Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Women's Chorus of hr, Ernst Krenek


Kammersymphonie für zwölf Instrumente

Recorded 1948

Kammerorchester des Landestheaters Darmstadt, René Leibowitz

Maderna, B:

Piano Concerto

Recorded 1959

David Tudor (piano)

Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra, Bruno Maderna

Konzert für oboe and kammerensemble

Recorded 1963

Lothar Faber (oboe)

Internationales Kammerensemble Darmstadt, Bruno Maderna

Dimension IV

Recorded 1964

Severino Gazzelloni (flute)

Internationales Kammerensemble Darmstadt, Bruno Maderna

Oboe Concerto No. 2

Recorded 1968

Lothar Faber (oboe)

Het Residentie Orkest, Bruno Maderna


Drei Sätze für Kammerensemble

Recorded 1968

Ungarisches Kammerensemble Budapest, András Mihály


Innere Spuren

Recorded 2002

Mutare Ensemble, Gerhard Müller-Hornbach

Otte, H:


Recorded 1960

Jeanne Héricard (soprano), Severino Gazzelloni (flute), Alfons Kontarsky (piano), Christoph Caskel (percussion)

Hans Otte


from fear of thunder, dreams…

Recorded 1990

Ensemble Köln, Robert Platz


Répons pour sept musiciens

Recorded 1960

Severino Gazzelloni (flute), Francis Pierre (harp), Aloys Kontarsky (piano/harmonium/celeste), Christoph Caskel (percussion), Klaus Assmann (violin), Werner Taube (cello)

Henri Pousseur



Recorded 1974

Hans Deinzer (clarinet), Klaus Thunemann (bassoon), Kurt Schwertsik (French horn), Armin Rosen (trombone), Hubert Mayer (viola), Gaby Schumacher (cello)

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler


Kreuzspiel No. 3

Recorded 1959

Alfred Schweinfurter (oboe), Wolfgang Marz (bass clarinet), David Tudor (piano), Christoph Caskel, Heinz Hadler, Manfred Wehner (percussion)

Karlheinz Stockhausen



Recorded 1976

Carol Redman (flute), Maren Diestel (alto flute), Roland Diry (clarinet), Heribert Haase (bass clarinet), Weronika Szraiber-Knittel (violin), Friedrich Gauwerky (cello), Yoma Appenheimer (harpsichord), David Arden (piano)

Manfred Trojahn

These are recordings from the archive of the Darmstadt International Institute of Music, which has organised International Summer Courses for New Music since 1946. The composers conducting their own works include Stockahusen, Boulez, Maderna, Kagel, Krenek and Leibowitz.

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Neos Contemporary Darmstadt Aural Documents - NEOS11060

(CD - 6 discs)

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Darmstadt Aural Documents, Box 4

Darmstadt Aural Documents, Box 4



Un-fini III for piano

Ermis Theodorakis (piano)


Conversation X for prepared piano and speaking

Reto Staub (piano/speaker)


Kubiniana, Op. 13 (1946)

Peter Stadlen (piano)


Pasaka/ein Märchen for speaking pianist

Benjamin Kobler (piano /speaker)


die Haut Anderer

Rei Nakamura (piano)

Barlow, C:

Orchideae Ordinariae, or The Twelfth Root of Truth: No. 5 L’orchidée d’argent

Orchideae Ordinariae, or The Twelfth Root of Truth: No. 7 Pandora

…until… Version 5

Kristi Becker (piano)


Piano Sonata, BB 88, Sz. 80

Andor Foldes (piano)


Etudes d’après Piranèse

Claude Helffer (piano)


Piano Sonata No. 1

Erika Haase (piano)

Piano Sonata No. 3

Pierre Boulez (piano)


La Morte di Fedra

Yvar Mikhashoff (piano)


Inizio di movimento

Niccolò Castiglioni (piano)

Clementi, A:

Composizione, No. 1

Aloys Kontarsky (piano)


Thymes for quarter-tone piano and tape

Martine Joste (piano)


Cadenza, Op. 23

Else Stock-Hug (piano)

Evangelisti , F:

proiezioni sonore

David Tudor (piano)



Edward Lambert (piano)



Cecil Lytle (piano)

Ferrari, Luc:

Visage I

Else Stock-Hug (piano)


Klavierstück No. 3 - Passacaglia brevis

Ortwin Stürmer (piano)


Tap for prepared piano and live electronics

Oscar Pizzo (piano), Alessandro Pianu & Suyun Kim (live electronics)


An Tasten (1977)

Aloys Kontarsky (piano)



Aloys Kontarsky (piano)


Klavierstück Nr. 7 - Phantasie-Paraphrase

Siegfried Mauser (piano)


faire signe for automatic piano and loudspeaker


Identikit (Divertimento) for five pianists (at one piano) and tapes

David Arden, Marek Mietelski, Davide Mosconi, Carlos Pellegrino, Werner Füsser (piano)


Klavierstücke (8), Op. 3

Andor Losonczy (piano)


Echo andante (1962)

Helmut Lachenmann (piano)

Lang, K:

Der schlafende Landmann, der Baum des Lebens und die Schalen der Finsternis

Bernhard Wambach (piano)

Mack, D:

Chedi - Klavierstück No. 5

Kaya Han (piano)


Trois pièces brêves pour piano à tiers de ton

Martine Joste (piano)



Nicolas Hodges (piano)


Thema mit 840 Variationen

Anna D’Errico (piano)


Drawing with an Angel

Pi-Hsien Chen (piano)


Klavierstück No. 5 'Tombeau'

Herbert Henck (piano)

Rothman, D:

Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit

Bernhard Wambach (piano)

Saunders, J:


Nicolas Hodges (piano)


Kleine Klavierstücke (6), Op. 19

Eduard Steuermann (piano)

Klavierstücke (5), Op. 23

Peter Stadlen (piano)


Prima Sonata (1976)

Peter Schmalfuss (piano)

Due Notturni crudeli

Nicolas Hodges (piano)


From my diary

Howard Lebow (piano)



Ellen Ugelvik (piano), two assistants (members of asamisimasa)


Labile Aktion

Peter Roggenkamp (piano)


Klavierstück XI

David Tudor (piano)

Klavierstück XIII - Luzifers Traum

Bernhard Wambach (piano)

Tanaka, Y:

eco lontanissima II

Massimiliano Damerini (piano)


Variations, Op. 27

Peter Stadlen (piano)


Passacaglia, Op. 23

David Tudor (piano)



Aloys Kontarsky (piano)

Zimmermann, B A:

Enchiridion for Piano: Part 2

Yvonne Loriod (piano)


Matrix for player piano and electronics

Celebrating the history of the Darmstadt Festival, this 7 CD box set is dedicated to the performances of all the pianists who have performed over the years.

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Neos Darmstadt Aural Documents - NEOS11630

(CD - 7 discs)

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