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Béla Bartók (1881-1945)

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Bartók: 44 Duos for Two Violins, BB 104, Sz. 98

Bartók: 44 Duos for Two Violins, BB 104, Sz. 98

András Kiss (violin) & Ferenc Balogh (violin)

“These players seem as naturally sympathetic to the Bartók idiom as anyone; certainly, they lavish much more care upon the less demanding items, whilst the more sophisticated pieces are imbued with verve and energy.” Gramophone Magazine

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Helios - CDH55267


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Bartók: Mikrokosmos Book 5

Bartók: Mikrokosmos Book 5

& other piano music


Romanian Folk Dances for piano, Sz. 56, BB 68

14 Bagatelles, BB 50, Sz. 38

Allegro barbaro, BB 63, Sz. 49

Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs, Sz. 74, Op. 20

Mikrokosmos Book V

This second album in Cédric Tiberghien's highly praised survey reveals the radicalism of Bartók's piano-writing to be just as evident in the early Bagatelles as it is in the lexicon of style and technique which is the fth book of Mikrokosmos.

“Magic moments are plentiful...One feels the weight of Tiberghien’s thought in every phrase, yet the sense of easy flow is paramount.” Sunday Times, 6th November 2016

“Intimate and poetic, this pianism which delicately suggests rather than making statements. A lovely hour and a quarter.” BBC Music Magazine, December 2016 ****

“it’s a measure of the quality of Cédric Tiberghien’s series that it promises to rival Kocsis’s set when complete...Tiberghien catches the essence of each piece instantly, and brings to all of them a sense of freshness and discovery, as well as the ability to combine expressive freedom with rhythmic precision in a remarkable way.” The Guardian, 17th November 2016 *****

“A fine programme overall, much to be recommended” Gramophone Magazine, November 2016

“Beautifully recorded … beautifully played.” MusicWeb International, 9th December 2016

GGramophone Awards 2017

Shortlisted - Instrumental

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Hyperion - CDA68133


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Bartók: Mikrokosmos Book 6

Bartók: Mikrokosmos Book 6


Mikrokosmos Book VI

Piano Suite, BB 70, Sz. 62, Op. 14

Out of Doors, Sz. 81, BB89

Hungarian Peasant Songs for piano (15), BB 79, Sz. 71

Three Burlesques, Op. 8c, Sz. 47, BB55

The remarkably gifted French pianist Cédric Tiberghien turns to the music of Béla Bartók in a wide-ranging programme including the famous Op 14 Suite and the sixth (and final—most ferocious in its technical demands) book of the Mikrokosmos project.

“one of the most remarkable aspects of Tiberghien's interpretations is that they are refreshingly free of those aggressive arracks that used to pass for 'Bartok style'. He never overplays, yet there's ample dynamic variety, scrupulous attention to articulation and plenty of rhythmic verve…[he] is clearly a committed Bartok player, whose fresh ideas are remarkably consistent with the letter and spirit of the Hungarian master” Gramophone Magazine, April 2016

“Tiberghien has an expressive way with Bartók. Even in music that often uses the piano as a percussive instrument, his attack is never angular or dry; instead, it’s warm, personal and spacious, with a flux to the rhythms that sounds totally organic...Tiberghien is capable of magicking up vivid character within seconds.” The Guardian, 24th March 2016 *****

“Tiberghien mixes fiery flair with charm and poetry in his readings of the final volume, and his beautifully coloured playing is equally compelling in the rest of the programme.” Sunday Times, 10th April 2016

“Possessing an instinctive feel for impressionism, and for the ebb and flow of those rhythms with their little hesitations and sudden rushes forward, Cédric Tiberghien is ideally fitted for this task…the chief glory of this recording lies in what Tiberghien does with the Peasant Songs and the sixth book of Mikrokosmos. Each of the songs is sharply characterised, and the pulse throughout follows the heartbeat” BBC Music Magazine, June 2016 *****

“I enjoyed this recital immensely” MusicWeb International, 10th June 2016

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Hyperion - CDA68123


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Bartók: Sonata for two pianos and percussion

Bartók: Sonata for two pianos and percussion

& other piano music


Piano Sonata, BB 88, Sz. 80

3 Hungarian Folksongs from Csik, BB 45b, Sz. 35a

Sonatina, BB 69, Sz. 55

3 Rondos on Slovak Folk Tunes, BB 92, Sz. 84

3 Studies, BB 81, Sz. 72, Op. 18

Sonata for Two Pianos & Percussion, BB 115, Sz. 110

with François-Frédéric Guy (piano), Colin Currie (percussion), Sam Walton (percussion)

A welcome return to the piano music of Béla Bartók and a programme which includes the popular Sonatina, the aggressively experimental Op 18 Études and the Piano Sonata of 1926, the composer’s ‘year of the piano’. Cédric Tiberghien is then joined by François-Frédéric Guy, Colin Currie and Sam Walton for the Sonata for two pianos and percussion—a high-spirited conclusion to this successful mini series.

“Tiberghien meets all the technical challenges in these pieces with seeming effortlessness. His touch is pellucid, and he knows ho to bring out the charm of Bartók’s arrangements; every grace note is given due weight; and the sustaining pedal is used to make simple effects more resonant; when Bartók’s games with tonatlity grow complex, he renders them with relaxed playfulness.” BBC Music Magazine, May 2017 *****

“In the Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, Tiberghien is joined by François-Frédéric Guy, Colin Currie and Sam Walton: the result is the best version in excellent digital sound available; indeed the recording quality is top-drawer throughout, the piano(s) perfectly caught.” classicalsource.com, July 2017 *****

“Bartok’s piano idiom, generally less resonant than, say, Liszt’s or Chopin’s, oddly benefits from the stylistic amplification lent by other instruments: a thought provoked by this fine account with François-Frédéric Guy and the percussionists Colin Currie and Sam Walton.” Sunday Times, 5th March 2017

“The French pianist has saved some of Bartók’s most straight-up tuneful material for last...through it all, the angular and the earthy, he has a way of making Bartók’s rhythms sound simultaneously stretchy, precise and personal.” The Guardian, 16th February 2017 ****

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Hyperion - CDA68153


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Debussy, Bartók & Prokofiev: Études

Debussy, Bartók & Prokofiev: Études


3 Studies, BB 81, Sz. 72, Op. 18


Études pour piano (12) (complete)


Four Etudes, Op. 2

Garrick Ohlsson has an unbeaten reputation as the master of the miniature. In this new recital he presents three sets of Études: the twelve by Claude Debussy (so ferocious in their demands they were shunned even by elite pianists for decades), as well as Prokofiev’s revolutionary opus 2 and a set of three lesser-known works by Bartók. In all Ohlsson excels.

“His powerful technique motors through Prokofiev’s four miniatures with tremendous confidence, relishing their naughty-boy dissonances, and he treats the Lisztian flourishes that occasionally surface in the modernist currents of Bartók’s three pieces with suitable flamboyance. There are some fine moments in the Debussy set, too.” The Guardian, 23rd July 2015 ****

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Hyperion - CDA68080


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For Children

For Children

Piano music composed for or about children

Bach, J S:

Prelude in E major, BWV937

Prelude in G minor, BWV930


An evening in the country


Swineherd's Song




Für Elise (Bagatelle in A minor, WoO59)


La toupie


Nocturne in C minor Op. post


Le Coucou


Docteur Gradus ad Parnassum (from Children's Corner)

The Little Shepherd (from Children's Corner)

Le petit nègre


Berceuse from Dolly Suite, Op. 56


Chanson naïve Nos. 1 & 3


Étude Nos. 1 & 2


Danse noble

Nostalgie du pays

Chant des moissons


Miniature Variations


Variations (12) on ‘Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman' in C major, K265


Waltz, Op. 65 No. 6


Wilder Reiter

Volksliedchen Op. 68/9

Fröhlicher Landmann, Op. 68 No. 10


Mother, from Album for Children, Op. 39



O Polichinelo (from Prole do Bebê, book 1)

A Pobrezinha


Lívia Rév (piano)

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Helios - CDH55194


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Homage to Paderewski

Homage to Paderewski


Three Hungarian Folktunes, Sz. 65-66

Benjamin, A:

Elegiac Mazurka


Kujawiak-Obertas (No. 2 from Suite polonaise No. 2, Op. 31)


Mazurka Elegiaca op.23 no.2


Hommage à Paderewski


Étude symphonique Op. 28




Homage To Paderewski

Hammond, R:





Mazurka ‘Homage to Paderewski’, H. 284


Choral, Op. 111


In Memoriam Paderewski




Allegro danzante


Nocturne à Ragusa

Con tenerezza


Cradle Song

Weinberger, J:

Étude in G major


Hommage, Op. 58, No. 2


Étude, Op. 44 No. 22


Chant du printemps, Op. 34, No. 1

Following the resounding success of Jonathan Plowright’s 2010 Hommage à Chopin, the acclaimed British pianist becomes the first artist to record the album of works written and published in homage to one of the early twentieth century’s most fascinating figures, Polish pianist, composer and politician Ignacy Jan Paderewski.

Of the twenty-two works on this recording, from composers including Bartók, Martinu and Milhaud, seventeen were intended for the memorial piano album Homage to Paderewski published by Boosey & Hawkes in New York in 1942. A further six pieces written for the pianist also feature, including a Mazurka for two pianos by Britten, for which Plowright is joined by Aaron Shorr.

Plowright performs these diverse works with flair and dedication.

“Though not all the works are memorable...this is a fascinating document...Overall more reflective than virtuosic, this disc allows Plowright to show off his superb command of texture and colour.” BBC Music Magazine, December 2011 ****

“To be candid, not all the 24 items on offer on this disc are diamonds rather than paste...The genuine jewels include Ernest Schelling's sultry and ambitious Nocturne, a real find, and, better known, Britten's poignant Mazurka elegiaca...What is not forgettable are performances of a superlative technique and musicianship. Pianism and sheer musical quality of this order are rare at any time” Gramophone Magazine, January 2012

“Many of the composers have now disappeared into the mists of time, but all of these miniatures are well worth the warmth, affection, lyrical beauty and bravura that Plowright devotes to them...Plowright’s playing throughout is sublime.” The Telegraph, 27th October 2011 *****

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Hyperion - CDA67903


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Rózsa & Bartók: Viola Concertos

Rózsa & Bartók: Viola Concertos


Viola Concerto, BB 128, Sz. 120


Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, Op. 37


Rhapsody for Viola and Orchestra

The British viola player Lawrence Power continues to be acclaimed as one of the greatest performers of today. Together with Hyperion he is recording all of the seminal twentieth-century works for the viola.

Of the three Hungarian works for viola and orchestra on this latest release, the best-known is Bartok’s viola concerto, completed after the composer’s death by Tibor Serly. Serly was Bartók’s most constant and trusted Hungarian musicianfriend in his last years in the USA. William Primrose (who edited the viola part himself) was able to premiere Serly’s recension of the music on 2 December 1949, with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra conducted by Antal Dorati. Almost immediately it was recognized as one of the major contributions to the small literature of concertos for the viola, and has been a cornerstone of the instrument’s repertoire ever since. Serly’s own Rhapsody for Viola and Orchestra dwells somewhat within Bartok’s shadow, but is nevertheless a skilful and elaborate work with a rollocking finale. The disc is completed by a modern viola concerto by the film composer Miklós Rósza. The overall impression of the work is individual, darkly Romantic, and authentically Hungarian in inspiration.

“Power treats each piece on its own terms and the comparison turns out to be a telling one...[His] immaculate sense of line, and his charismatic sound, is a balm in Bartok's understated concerto. This performance is up there with the best.” Classic FM Magazine, December 2010 ****

“everything comes across with maximum impact - his agility at speed, his warm 'walnut' tone...and the innate musicality of his phrasing. Andrew Litton is in total command of every aspect of the score...An exceptional release in every way.” Gramophone Magazine, December 2010

“a wonderfully imaginative piece of record programming...The superb accounts of the Bartok concerto and Serly’s short yet compelling Rhapsody only enhance this set’s desirability.” Sunday Times, 3rd October 2010 ****

“Power’s supreme artistry fuels performances of works by composers who are linked...All are energised by the orchestra’s vigour.” The Telegraph, 13th September 2010 *****

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Hyperion - CDA67687


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