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Reger: Songs

Reger: Songs


Mein Traum, Op. 31 No. 5

Unbegehrt, Op. 31

Flieder, Op. 35 No. 4

Volkslied, Op. 37 No. 5

Glückes genug, Op. 37 No 3

Zwischen zwei Nächten, Op. 43 No. 1

Meinem Kinde, Op. 43 No. 3

Wiegenlied, Op. 43 No. 5

Sag es nicht, Op. 43 No. 8

Am Dorfsee, Op. 48 No. 6

Träume, träume, du mein süßes Leben!, Op. 51 No. 3

Zwei Gänse Zur weißen Gans sprach einst vertraulich eine graue, Op. 55 No. 8

Viola d'amour, Op. 55

Waldseligkeit, Op. 62 No. 2

Sehnsucht, Op. 66 No. 1

Morgen!, Op. 66 No. 12

Kindergeschichte, Op. 66 No. 12

Aeolsharfe, Op. 75 No. 11

Hat gesagt - bleibt's nicht dabei, Op. 75 No. 12

Du meines Herzens Krönelein, Op. 76 No. 1

Volkslied aus Franken – Waldeinsamkeit, Op. 76, No. 3

Wenn die Linde blüht, Op. 76 No. 4

Glück, Op. 76 No. 16

In einem Rosengärtelein, Op. 76 No. 18

Des Kindes Gebet, Op. 76 No. 22

Die Mutter spricht, Op. 76 No. 28

Das Wölklein, Op. 76 No. 33

Mittag, Op. 76 No. 35

Schelmenliedchen, Op. 76 No. 36

Mariä Wiegenlied, Op. 76 No. 52

Mausefangen, Op. 76 No. 58

Oben in dem Birnenbaum, Op. 76/59

Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe!

Sophie Bevan (soprano) & Malcolm Martineau (piano)

The sunset glow of Max Reger’s late Romanticism is perfectly suited to the lustrous soprano voice of Sophie Bevan, here making her Hyperion debut in a programme of thirty-three of his songs. Malcolm Martineau accompanies.

“If you are looking for a single disc of Reger’s songs, look no further. Bevan and Martineau prove an outstanding partnership in this wonderful music.” Music Week, October 2016

“His music doesn’t deserve its neglect, even if his settings of Meinem Kinde and Morgen won’t displace Strauss’s...[Bevan] is characterful in the song quoting Mendelssohn’s Wedding March ironically, as Mother advises her daughter to remain single.” Sunday Times

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Hyperion - CDA68057


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Debussy Songs Volume 3

Debussy Songs Volume 3



Romance: Silence ineffable de l'heure

La romance d'Ariel



Chanson triste L24

Jonathan McGovern (baritone)

Les baisers d'amour L23

Jonathan McGovern (baritone)

Les Elfes

Aimons-nous et Dormons


Sérénade L29


La Belle au bois dormant

Jonathan McGovern (baritone)

Il dort encore (Hymnis)

Les Roses


Les baisers L9

Dans le jardin

Jonathan McGovern (baritone)

Le Lilas


Zéphyr (Triolet a Philis)

Fête galante

Le promenoir des deux amants

Jonathan McGovern (baritone)

Paysage sentimental

Jennifer France (soprano), Malcolm Martineau (piano)

Hyperion presents a third volume in its acclaimed Debussy songs series, accompanied and curated by Malcolm Martineau, with booklet notes by French music expert par excellence Roger Nichols. Young soprano Jennifer France, winner of the Song Prize at the 2014 Kathleen Ferrier Awards and making her debut on the label, has a thrillingly expressive voice of diamantine beauty and is an ideal performer of these songs. Baritone Jonathan McGovern performs Le promenoir des deux amants and other songs with warm tone and great musical sensitivity.

“France negotiates the upper-altitude territory both with accuracy and with sensitivity to the songs' moods, with smoothness of line matching her subtlety of vocal inflection...McGovern shows himself to be thoroughly at home within the normal baritone register...Martineau, whose pianism is a constant delight, has devised a proper recital programme rather than a completist survey.” Gramophone Magazine, November 2014

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Hyperion Debussy Song Series - CDA68016


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Canciones españolas

Canciones españolas


Goyescas: Quejas ó La Maja y el Ruiseñor

Tonadillas: No. 4, El majo discreto

Tonadillas: No. 6, El majo timido

Tonadillas: No. 1, Amor y odio

Tonadillas: No. 7, La maja de Goya

Tonadillas: No. 2, Callejeo

Tonadillas: No. 11, El tra la la y el punteado

La Maja Dolorosa No. 1-3

Guridi Bidaola:

Seis Canciones Castellanas


Canciones negras (5)



Maig, Quatro Canciones No. 3


Tres Poemas Op. 81

Sylvia Schwartz (soprano) & Malcolm Martineau (piano)

A deeply seductive album of Spanish songs by composers including Granados and Turina, performed by the young Spanish soprano Sylvia Schwartz, whose commitment to this repertoire is described above, and is evident from her utterly enchanting performances.

A work from Granados’ Goyescas, perhaps more familiar in the piano version, opens the programme, which continues with Tonadillas en estilo antiguo, a set also inspired by the paintings of Goya and in which this soprano demonstrates her wonderful emotional and dramatic range. The folk-influenced set of songs by Guridi is a beautiful series of Castillan melodies, creatively transcribed by the composer with aplomb. The recital is completed by works by Turina, Toldrá and Montsalvage, including the latter’s universally popular ‘Canción de cuna para dormir a un negrito’.

“There's a tangy, lived-in quality in Schwartz's tone that is immediately appealing. She compensates for some metallic top notes and an occasional lack of fullness in her lower registers with a wide emotional range” The Guardian, 7th February 2013 ****

“This is a delightful programme of early twentieth-century Spanish song...[Martineau] proves to be an instinctive Spaniophile in his enchantingly nuanced accompaniments. He brings us as close as it is possible in a purely aural medium to the sights and scents of Spain...[Schwartz] delivers these songs with impressive precision and security. On a purely technical level, these are performances of the highest order.” International Record Review, February 2013

“Hers is not a big, fruity Caballe voice but a soubrette - a voice small enough to convey subtlety without having to scale back but one that also encompasses the volatility of this repertoire without audible strain.” Gramophone Magazine, March 2013

“Sharpness and sweetness combine attractively in Sylvia Schwartz's voice. The mixture is perfect for this programme of Spanish songs, some barely a minute long, all beautifully characterised by the soprano and her accompanist Malcolm Martineau” The Independent on Sunday, 3rd March 2013 ****

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Hyperion - CDA67954


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Debussy Songs Volume 2

Debussy Songs Volume 2


Fêtes galantes - Set 1

Lorna Anderson (soprano)

Proses Lyriques

Lisa Milne (soprano)

Trois chansons de Bilitis

Lorna Anderson (soprano)

Ariettes Oubliées (6)

Lisa Milne (soprano)

Trois chansons de France

Lorna Anderson (soprano)

Trois Poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé

Lorna Anderson (soprano)

Two of Britain’s leading exponents of French song, the acclaimed sopranos Lorna Anderson and Lisa Milne, join Malcolm Martineau for the second volume of Hyperion’s overview of Debussy’s haunting, mercurial songs. The French composer’s output in this genre extended throughout his life and he was always inspired by poetry—from his first adolescent attempts to set Paul Verlaine’s Fêtes galantes (which he later revised) to the Trois Poèmes de Mallarmé, written five years before his death. All inhabit a universe of shifting colours and impressions, from the sensual, perfumed ‘flutes and flesh’ of the Chansons de Bilitis to the Proses lyriques, which foreshadow the dreamlike atmosphere of Pelléas et Mélisande.

“The first thing to say that the performances by sopranos Lorna Anderson and Lisa Milne are consistently beautiful, alert to the implications of Debussy's word-setting, whether ecstatic or subdued...Martineau matches them in the subtlety, characterisation and refined textures of his piano-playing” Gramophone Magazine, June 2012

“Anderson and Milnes contrasting in approach. Anderson effortlessly glides through Debussy's limpid, lengthy phrases, while Milne's shivering sense of wonder is Melisande-like in its pent-up excitement. Milne's breathy approach to the sublime Ariettes oubliees has plenty of frisson about it” BBC Music Magazine, July 2012 ****

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Hyperion Debussy Song Series - CDA67883


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Pushkin Romances

Pushkin Romances


The Fountain Statue at Tsarskoye Selo, Op. 57 No. 17

Tï I vï, Op. 57, No. 11

Zhelaniye, Op. 57, No. 25 (Desire)


K druz’yam (To his friends)

Yunosha I deva (A girl and a boy)


Priznaniye (Confession)


Ne poy, krasavitsa, pri mne (Do not sing to me, fair maiden)

Ya pomnyu chudnoye mgnoven’ye (I remember the wonderful moment)

I am here, Inezilla


Muza, Op. 29, No. 1

Roza, Op. 29, No. 6

Lish’ rozï uvyadayut, Op. 36, No. 3

Vals, Op. 32, No. 5



Strekotun’ya beloboka (The magpie)


The Muse, Op. 34 No. 1

Sing not, O lovely one (Ne poi, krasavitsa, pri mne), Op. 4 No. 4

Rimsky Korsakov:

The clouds begin to scatter (Elegy), Op. 42 No. 3

Ne poy, krasavitsa, pri mne, Op. 51, No. 2 (Do not sing to me, fair maiden)

Chto v imeni tebe moyem? Op. 4, No. 1 (What does my name mean to you?)

On the hills of Georgia, Op. 3 No. 4

Moy golos dlya tebya, Op. 7, No. 1 (My voice, calling you)

Ekho, Op. 45, No. 1

Tï I vï, Op. 27, No. 3


Pevets, Op. 36, No. 7

Romance in E flat major, Op. 44 No. 1 'The Night'


Yunoshu, gorku rïdaya, Op. 46, No. 2 (A girl, sobbing bitterly)


Pesn' Zemfiri (Zemfira's song)

with Sergey Rybin

The Nightingale Op. 60 No. 4


The Fountain of Bakhchisarai

Joan Rodgers (soprano) & Malcolm Martineau (piano)

Few Russian composers could resist setting verses by Alexander Pushkin, and his influence on the development of Russian music was indirectly as great as his influence on literature. This collection demonstrates the compelling power of the poet, and the beauty of the music he inspired. It is performed by Joan Rodgers, herself an acknowledged master of Russian repertoire, and Malcolm Martineau.

“To the gentlest songs… Rodgers brings as much gracefulness and subtlety as ever, and timbre as exquisitely fragrant and fine-grained.” BBC Music Magazine, Christmas 2009 ****

“A treasure trove of Russian song that will reward repeated listening for years.” Gramophone Magazine, November 2009

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Hyperion - CDA67773


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Debussy Songs Volume 1

Debussy Songs Volume 1


Nuit d'étoiles

Fleur des blés (André Girod)

Voici que le printemps (Romance) (Paul Bourget)

Mandoline (Verlaine)

Cinq poèmes de Baudelaire

Les Angelus


Les cloches (Paul Bourget)

Trois Mélodies de Verlaine

Fêtes galantes - Set 2

Trois Ballades de François Villon

This collection includes songs from pretty well the whole of Debussy’s composing life, some of them well-known and acknowledged masterpieces, and some of them much less familiar though no less worthy of inclusion. Most of them, though, date from the 1880s and early 90s. Nuit d'étoiles is in fact Debussy's first published composition, dating from 1880 when he was eighteen. The Trois Ballades de François Villon date from 1910.

Christopher Maltman sings them all with his now familiar stylishness and sensitivity to words.

“an admirable recital” BBC Music Magazine

“You could not wish for more than Maltman’s intelligent singing and Martineau’s customary sensitivity to every nuance” Classic FM Magazine

“On the present disc, Maltman distinguishes himself beyond expectation in the realm of French Mélodie, singing throughout with elegance, conviction, communicativeness, specific attention to the text, and unblemished technical security, all utterly without mannerism, in a varied program spanning 30 years (1880 -1910) of Debussy song ... You should go out and buy it right now” Fanfare

“Christopher Maltman has already distinguished himself as a lieder singer, but now he reveals himself as a stunningly apt exponent of French mélodies” Opera News

“nuanced and sensitive performances.” David Smith, Presto Classical, September 2014

“this young baritone invests all he touches with equal consideration and the 21 songs in his programme emerge fresh and compelling … a recording of strong focus” Yorkshire Evening Post

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Hyperion Debussy Song Series - CDA67357


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Of ladies and love ...

Of ladies and love ...


Adelaide, Op. 46

Wonne der Wehmut, Op. 83 No. 1

Der Kuss, Op. 128


Nell, Op. 18 No. 1

Adieu, Op. 21 No. 3, from Poème d'un jour

Sylvie, Op. 6 No. 3

Lydia, Op. 4 No. 2

Fleur jetée, Op. 39 No. 2


Sonetti di Petrarca (3) for voice & piano, S270


Cinq mélodies populaires grecques


Trost: An Elisa, D97

Laura am Klavier, D388

An Sylvia, D891

Der Jüngling an der Quelle, D300 (Salis-Seewis)

Strauss, R:

Cäcilie, Op. 27 No. 2

Zueignung, Op. 10 No. 1

Nichts, Op. 10 No. 2

Morgen, Op. 27 No. 4

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Hyperion Song Recitals - CDA67315


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Quilter: Songs by Roger Quilter

Quilter: Songs by Roger Quilter


Three Shakespeare Songs, Op. 6

Four Songs Of Mirza Schaffy, Op. 2

Autumn Evening, Op. 14 No. 1 (Arthur Maquarie)

June (Nora Hopper) (1905)

Two September Songs, Op. 18 Nos. 5 & 6

Arab Love Song, Op. 25 No. 4 (Shelley)

Music, when soft voices die, Op. 25 No. 5 (Shelley)

Love's Philosophy, Op. 3 No. 1 (Shelley)

Five Shakespeare Songs Op. 23

Now sleeps the crimson petal, Op. 3 No. 2 (Tennyson)

Go, lovely Rose, Op. 24 No. 3 (Edmund Wailer)

A last year's Rose, Op. 14 No. 3 (William Henley)

FOUR CHILD SONGS Op. 5 (Robert Louis Stevenson) (1914) - A good Child, The Lamplighter, Where go the boats?

Seven Elizabethan Lyrics, Op. 12

OLD ENGLISH POPULAR SONGS (1921) (Drink to me only with thine eyes (Ben Jonson), Barbara Allen (traditional), Over the Mountains (traditional))

Four Shakespeare Songs, Op. 30

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Hyperion - CDA66878


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More Songs my Father Taught Me

More Songs my Father Taught Me

Ball, Ernest:

Mother Machree


The Old Brigade


I'll sing thee songs of Araby

Coates, E:

I heard you singing

Star of God

The Green Hills o' Somerset

Elliott, A:

There's a long, long trail a-winding



Harrison, A:

In the Gloaming


Simon the Cellarer


Just a-wearyin' for you

A Perfect Day


Love's Old Sweet Song

Murray, A:

Will you go with me?

Sanderson, W:

Friend o' mine

Time to go

Sheldon, G M:

A Cradle Song



A Song of Sleep


Mountain Lovers

Sterndale Bennett:

The Songs of Today

Sullivan, A:

Orpheus with his Lute


Water o' Tyne

Down by the Salley Gardens

(arr. Herbert Hughes)

The Star of the County Down

(arr. Herbert Hughes)

She moved through the fair

Wallace, W V:

Yes! let me like a soldier fall

Wood, Haydn:

Roses of Picardy


Kashmiri Song

Thomas Allen (baritone), Malcolm Martineau (piano)

GGramophone Magazine

Editor's Choice - August 2003

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On this Island

On this Island


On this Island, Op. 11


Selected songs


Selected songs



'The most delectable recital of English song … a generous sequence of brief, tuneful songs that are totally charming, from Armida's Garden by Parry to Ivor Gurney's rapt setting of John Fletcher' (The Guardian)

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Hyperion Song Recitals - CDA67227


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