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Sergio Azzolini

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Jiránek: Music from Eighteenth-Century Prague

Jiránek: Music from Eighteenth-Century Prague


Oboe Concerto in B flat, JK17

Bassoon Concerto in G minor

Flute Concerto in D, JK11

Oboe Concerto in F, JK15

Triple Concerto in A, JK22

Sergio Azzolini (bassoon), Xenia Loffler (oboe), Jana Semeradova (transverse flute), Lenka Torgersen (violin), Vojtech Semerad (viola d’amore)

Collegium Marianum, Jana Semeradova

It was not long before the baroque composer and violinist in Count Morzin's court orchestra, František Jiránek, received the moniker of a "Czech Vivaldi". Musicologists discovered him only recently and his works are gradually being identified, as his authorship is disputable in some cases. This is because Jiránek was a gifted pupil of his teacher in Venice and his works thus bear strong Vivaldian influence. Musicians are also becoming more and more enthusiastic about the newly discovered composer - besides the ensemble of Jana Semerádová, his promoters include the phenomenal bassoonist Sergio Azzolini, whose unique recording of Jiránek's concertos (SU40392) was received with great acclaim, and the renowned oboist Xenia Löffler. Despite all unclearness in the attribution of the works and some unusual features (such as the incorporation of the rarely used viola d'amore into Jiránek's Triple Concerto in A major), listeners are certain to find lively and virtuosic music on this recording of hitherto unheard compositions in top-class interpretations: a truly opulent baroque feast.

“Collegium Marianum…play with punch and attention to detail” Gramophone Magazine, March 2017

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Supraphon Music From 18th Century Prague - SU42082


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Musici da Camera

Musici da Camera

Fasch, J F:

Quartet in D major for Flute, Violin, Bassoon and Basso continuo (FaWV N:D1)

Concerto in C major for Flute, Violin, Bassoon and Basso continuo (FaWV L:C3)


Trio sonata in B flat major for Two Violins and Basso continuo, Jk 27


Trio in F minor for Two Violins and Basso continuo


Trio sonata in A major for Two Violins and Basso continuo


Quartet in G minor for Violin, Cello, Bassoon and Basso continuo, Rk 18

Sergio Azzolini (bassoon), Lenka Torgersen (violin) & Helena Zemanova (violin)

Collegium Marianum (on period instruments), Jana Semeradova (artistic direction)

Recorded in the Church of Our Lady, Queen of Angels in Prague, July 2012 (CD1), June 2003 and September 2005 (CD2).

Whereas Vivaldi needs no introduction whatsoever and other names (Caldara, Fasch, Tůma) are familiar to lovers of Baroque music, even specialists have only been getting to know the remarkable oeuvres of Reichenauer and Jiránek over the past few years, owing in large part to Supraphon’s Music From Eighteenth-Century Prague series.

Prague is that which all these composers had in common; for some of them the city represented a significant part of their career, for others a short episode or merely a way station. The Czech capital was a melting pot in which Dresden, Vienna, Naples and Venice came together and the influences of all the major European musical centres were recast. In aristocrats’ exquisite palaces, and to the delight of their masters, these superlative artists performed their own chamber music, whose originality and splendour we can rediscover today. The CD blends the refinement and spontaneous musicality of the renowned Collegium Marianum with the Italian vivacity of their special guest, the phenomenal bassoonist Sergio Azzolini.

The splendour and refinement of the music that resounded in Prague Baroque palaces.

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Supraphon Music From 18th Century Prague - SU41122

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Antonín Reichenauer: Concertos

Antonín Reichenauer: Concertos


Suite in B flat major for two oboes, bassoon and strings

Bassoon Concerto in C major

Bassoon Concerto in G major

Oboe Concerto in G major

Violin Concerto in C minor

Concerto in B flat major for oboe, bassoon and strings

Sergio Azzolini (bassoon), Lenka Torgensen (violin), Xenia Löffler (oboe)

Collegium 1704, Václav Luks (artistic director)

New recordings from Supraphon’s Gramophone Editor’s Choice winning series “Music From 18th Century Prague”

Unlike the copiously preserved sacred music, instrumental works by Czech composers in the Prague of the first third of the 18th century are as scarce as hen’s teeth. The twenty or so instrumental pieces by Antonín Reichenauer are among the most significant.

Reichenauer was a musician in Count Morzin’s chapel, in which he assumed the role of in-house composer after Johann Friedrich Fasch. The ensemble’s superb quality is documented by the Count’s regular contacts with Antonio Vivaldi, whom he engaged as his “maestro di musica in Italia”. Among other pieces, Vivaldi dedicated to Morzin his Opus 8, containing the celebrated The Four Seasons. The rarity of Reichenauer’s virtuoso concertos is emphasised by their being extremely challenging in technical terms, which serves as evidence of the skills of the chapel’s members – even Vivaldi himself lauded them!

Many a contemporary musician would find these concertos extremely difficult. This, however, is certainly not the case of the “wizard” Sergio Azzolini and the other soloists featured on this recording. Together with Collegium 1704, an ensemble that gained renown with albums of Jan Dismas Zelenka’s paramount compositions, they perform Reichenauer’s concertos with a vivacity and energy this music requires.

“Reichenhauer's was a fluent, likeable, if not specially distinctive talent...All the soloists play with skill and spirit” Gramophone Magazine, September 2011

“The disc opens with the C major Bassoon Concerto. Its astonishingly florid solo line does not daunt the Baroque bassoonist Sergio Azzolini...[his] alert phrasing and sensitivity to his instrument's varied hues are most evident in the soulful Adagios of both concertos...Also impressive is the strikingly sweet-toned Baroque violinist Lenka Torgensen in her concerto, which demands both superior poetic imagination and agility from the soloist.” International Record Review, April 2011

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Supraphon Music From 18th Century Prague - SU40352


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