Lasso: Prophetiae Sybillarum

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Lasso: Prophetiae Sybillarum



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16th Oct 2015




48 minutes


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Lasso: Prophetiae Sybillarum

Vocalconsort Berlin, Daniel Reuss



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The Sibyls were women of ancient times with the gift of prophecy. From the Middle Ages, these figures and their myths were interpreted in a Christian light and placed on a level with the Old Testament prophets. They were a favourite motif in the visual arts during the Renaissance: the best known are Michelangelo's Sibyls in the ceiling frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, which also adorn the cover of this CD.

The twelve-part motet cycle 'Prophetiae Sibyllarum' was composed during Orlando di Lasso's early period at the Munich court under Duke Albrecht V. The Duke commissioned his young, promising court Kapellmeister to write several extended cycles of works and prohibited their publication, thus making them the sole property of the Munich court. This "musica riservata" was performed for a select audience and is noted for its great compositional skill and sophisticated Latin texts – in this case referring to Christmas events. In an unconventional manner, Lasso often places extreme harmonies next to each other in order to enhance the expression. It was only six years after Lasso's death that the 'Prophetiæ Sibyllarum' was published for the first time.

The Vocalconsort Berlin supplements this half-hour work with more motets of Lasso, also associated with Christmas celebration.

Orlando di Lasso: Prophetiae Sibyllarum


Sibylla Persica: Virgine matre

Sibylla Lybica: Ecce dies venient

Sibylla Delphica: Non tarde

Sibylla Cimmeria: In teneris

Sibylla Samia: Ecce dies nigras

Sibylla Cumana: Jam mea

Sibylla Hellespontica: Dum meditor

Sibylla Phrygia: Ipsa Deum

Sibylla Europaea: Virginis aeternum

Sibylla Tiburtina: Verax ipse

Sibylla Erythraea: Cerno Dei

Sibylla Agrippa: Summus erit

Orlando di Lasso: Selectiorum aliquot cantionum sacrarum

Selectiorum aliquot cantionum sacrarum: Dixit Dominus

Orlando di Lasso: Sacrae cantiones [Nuremberg, 1562] (Anonymous lyricist)

Sacrae cantiones: Angelus ad pastores ait [Nuremberg, 1562]

Orlando di Lasso: Cantiones aliquot

Cantiones aliquot: Quem vidistis pastores

Sacrae cantiones [Nuremberg, 1562] (Anonymous lyricist)

Sacrae cantiones: Videntes stellam [Nuremberg, 1562]

Orlando di Lasso: Magnum opus musicum

Magnum opus musicum: Ave Maria gratia plena

Orlando di Lasso: Magnificat super aurora lucis rutilat

Aurora lucis rutilat

Early Music Review

October 2015

“The Vocalconsort of Berlin present performances of such assurance and complete security that it is salutary to recall just how hard this mercurial music is to sing. A perfect balance, utterly secure intonation and a constant inexorable sense of direction make this one of the most impressive recordings I have heard of this repertoire.”

Gramophone Magazine

November 2015

“Vocalconsort Berlin's approach is most comparable to The Brabant Ensemble's for Hyperion, though the deeper acoustic imparts a bigger sound…Daniel Reuss's direction tends towards smooth lines and seamless transitions, an approach that obviously corresponds to the ensemble's sound”

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