Handel: Siroe, King of Persia, HWV24

Accent: ACC26401

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Handel: Siroe, King of Persia, HWV24



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12th May 2014




3 hours 3 minutes


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Handel: Siroe, King of Persia, HWV24

Yosemeh Adjei (Siroe), Anna Dennis (Emira), Aleksandra Zamojska (Laodice), Antonio Giovannini (Medarse), Lisandro Abadie (Cosroe) & Ross Ramgobin (Arasse)

FestspielOrchester Göttingen, Laurence Cummings

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Betrayal, revenge, inheritance conflicts and forbidden love at the Persian court: in 1728 this explosive mixture inspired Handel to compose the successful opera 'Siroe, Re di Persia', one of his last compositions for the Royal Academy of Music at the King’s Theatre. Handel based his work on the libretto by the famous poet Pietro Metastasio. In its first season 'Siroe' was performed on 18 successive evenings, but was never subsequently revived in Handel’s lifetime. It received its first modern performance in Göttingen with a top-rank cast performing under the musical direction of Laurence Cummings. Booklet notes by David Vickers.

'Siroe' is the start of a new co-operation with the International Handel Festival Göttingen and Accent Records. It is planned to release two operas and one oratorio per year. Next release, in September 2014, will be Handel's 'Faramondo' again with Laurence Cummings, recorded live this May. The Göttingen Handel Festival 2014 has the title 'Handel Royal' & has a focus on the Anglo-German collaboration which started in 1714, the year in which Georg, Prince-Elector of Hanover, acceded to the throne of Great Britain and Ireland as George I. The Lufthansa Festival 2014 is also celebrating this anniversary.

George Frideric Handel: Siroe, re di Persia, HWV 24


Act I: Figli, di voi non meno - Recitative: Amato figlio (Cosroe, Siroe, Medarse)

Act I: Aria: Se il mio paterno amore (Cosroe)

Act I: Recitative: E puoi, senza arrossirti, fissar - Al fin giungesti a consolar (Siroe, Medarse, Emira, Laodice)

Act I: Aria da capo: D'ogni amator la fede (Emira)

Act I: Recitative: Siroe, non parla? (Laodice, Siroe)

Act I: Aria da capo: Se il labbro mio ti giura (Siroe)

Act I: Recitative: Di te germana in traccia (Arasse, Laodice)

Act I: Aria da capo: O placido il mare (Laodice)

Act I: Recitative: Dall'insidie d'Emira si tolga il - Chi tradisce il mio re? (Siroe, Cosroe, Laodice, Medarse, Emira)

Act I: Aria da capo: La sorte mia tiranna (Siroe)

Act I: Recitative: Ola! S'osservi il Prence (Cosroe, Emira, Medarse, Laodice)

Act I: Aria da capo: Vedesti mai sul prato (Emira)

Act I: Recitative: Gran mistero in quei detti (Laodice, Medarse)

Act I: Aria da capo: Chi e piu fedele ritrova pene (Medarse)

Act I: Recitative: Non credo che sian finti (Laodice)

Act II: Or mi perdo di speranza (Laodice)

Act II: Arioso: Deh! Voi mi dite, o Numi - Recitative: Dite … Ma qui Laodice! (Siroe, Laodice)

Act II: Aria da capo: Mi lagnero tacendo (Laodice)

Act II: Recitative: Come quel di Laodice, potessi almen - Recitative: Che fai, superbo? (Siroe, Emira, Cosroe)

George Frideric Handel: Concerto Grosso h-Moll, Op. 6, Nr. 12, HWV 330: 3. Larghetto, e piano - Variatio (Fluch der Karibik)

Concerto Grosso in B Minor, Op. 6, No. 12, HWV 330: I. Largo - II. Allegro

George Frideric Handel: Siroe, re di Persia, HWV 24

Act II: Aria da capo: Mi credi infedele (Siroe)

Act II: Recitative: Pensoso e il re! (Cosroe, Emira, Medarse)

Act II: Aria da capo: Sgombra dell'anima tutto il timor (Emira)

Act II: Recitative: Signor, per tua salvezza meglio (Medarse, Cosroe)

Act II: Aria da capo: Fra l'orror della tempesta (Medarse)

Act II: Recitative: Qui da Cosroe richiesto a lui ne - Non irritar gli dei (Siroe, Cosroe, Emira, Laodice)

Act II: Aria da capo: Tu di pieta mi spogli (Cosroe)

Act II: Recitative: Che risolver deggio? (Siroe, Emira, Laodice)

Act II: Aria da capo: Fra dubbi affetti miei (Siroe)

Act II: Recitative: A costei, che diro? (Emira, Laodice)

Act II: Aria: L'aura non sempre (Laodice)

Act II: Recitative: Si diversi sembianti (Emira)

Act II: Aria: Non vi piacque, ingiusti dei (Emira)

Act III: Sinfonia - Recitative: Mio re, che fai? (Arasse, Laodice, Cosroe)

Act III: Aria da capo: Se il caro figlio (Laodice)

Act III: Recitative: Rendi, o Signor, il Prence al - Arasse! Oh ciel! (Emira, Cosroe, Arasse)

Act III: Aria: Gelido in ogni vena (Cosroe)

Act III: Recitative: Che vuoi, d'un empio Re piu reo - Recitative: Tutto e in tumulto (Emira, Arasse, Medarse)

Act III: Aria da capo: Benche tinta del sangue fraterno (Medarse)

Act III: Son stanco, ingiusti Numi (Siroe)

Act III: Aria da capo: Deggio morire, o stelle (Siroe)

Act III: Recitative: Arasse non menti! - Recitative: Numi! Ogn'un m'abbandona (Medarse, Emira, Siroe, Arasse)

Act III: Aria da capo: Ch'io mai vi possa lasciar d'amare (Emira)

Act III: Recitative: Siroe, gia so qual sorte sovrasti - Recitative: Ah, con mio danno imparo (Medarse, Siroe, Laodice)

Act III: Aria da capo: Torrente cresciuto (Laodice)

Act III: Sinfonia - Recitative: Padre! (Cosroe, Emira, Siroe, Arasse, Medarse, Laodice)

Act III: Aria da capo: La mia speranza diceva al core (Emira)

Act III: Recitative: Ecco, Persia, il tuo Re! (Cosroe)

Act III: Dolcissimi amore (All)

Early Music Review

June 2014

“The arias are without exception quite stunning and it is surprisingly fresh and has moments of real beauty and imagination.”

Gramophone Magazine

January 2015

“the performance is energetic and committed. Cummings has an ability to push the momentum through from recitative to aria and back again with naturalness and urgency, so that all seems of a piece. Soprano Anna Dennis and Aleksandra Zamojska are the most impressive cast members.”

The Guardian

12th June 2014


“Anna Dennis as Emira is very fine”

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