1948-2001: A Ligeti Odyssey

BIS: BIS1503

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1948-2001: A Ligeti Odyssey



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2nd Jan 2013




82 minutes


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1948-2001: A Ligeti Odyssey



Fredrik Ullén (piano)

Six Bagatelles for wind quintet

Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet


Hans-Ola Ericsson (organ)

Lux aeterna

Schola Heidelberg, Walter Nußbaum

Ten Pieces for Wind Quintet

Berlin Philharmonic Wind Quintet

Sonata for Viola Solo

Nobuko Imai (viola)

Étude No. 3 'Touches bloquées'

Fredrik Ullén (piano)

Étude No. 18 'Canon'

Fredrik Ullén (piano)

Étude No. 17 'À Bout de Souffle'

Fredrik Ullén (piano)



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BIS present a chronological exploration of the music of György Ligeti.

The exploration begins with a brief piece for solo piano written when he was studying in Budapest and ends with his final compositions, also for solo piano.

The disc highlights a number of works which demonstrate the kaleidoscopic qualities of the composer – from the sense of humour displayed in the Six Bagatelles to the otherworldliness of Lux Aeterna (used by Stanley Kubrick in his film 2001 – A Space Odyssey), and the sheer mass of Volumina for organ.

The disc brings together some seminal Ligeti works in interpretations that were highly praised when originally released.

Gyorgy Ligeti: Invention


Gyorgy Ligeti: 6 Bagatelles

No. 1. Allegro con spirito

No. 2. Rubato - Lamentoso

No. 3. Allegro grazioso

No. 4. Presto ruvido

No. 5. Adagio - Mesto (Bela Bartok in memoriam)

No. 6. Molto vivace - Capriccioso

Gyorgy Ligeti: Volumina


Gyorgy Ligeti: Lux aeterna

Lux aeterna

Gyorgy Ligeti: 10 Pieces

No. 1. Molto sostenuto e calmo

No. 2. Prestissimo minaccioso e burlesco

No. 3. Lento

No. 4. Prestissimo leggiero e virtuoso

No. 5. Prestissimo staccatissimo e leggiero

No. 6. Prestissimo staccatissimo e leggiero

No. 7. Vivo, energico

No. 8. Allegro con delicatezza

No. 9. Sostenuto, stridente

No. 10. Presto bizzarro e rubato

Gyorgy Ligeti: Viola Sonata

I. Hora Lunga

II. Loop

III. Facsar

IV. Prestissimo con sordino

V. Lamento

VI. Chaconne chromatique

Gyorgy Ligeti: Etudes, Book 1

Etudes, Book 1: No. 3. Touches bloquees

Gyorgy Ligeti: Etudes, Book 3

No. 18. Canon

No. 17. A bout de souffle

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