Seppo Nummi - Five Songs Cycles


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Seppo Nummi - Five Songs Cycles



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73 minutes


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Seppo Nummi - Five Songs Cycles


Vuoripaimen (Mountain shepherd) (Text: Lassi Nummi)

Kevätteiltä (From Spring Roads)

Länsilinnan Lauluja (Songs of the Western Palace)

Lauluja hyljätyltä seudulta (Songs from a deserted place)

Syyspäiviä (Autumn Days)

Margaretha Haverinen (mezzo-soprano), Matti Juhani Piipponen (tenor), Jorma Hynninen (baritone), Ralf Gothóni (piano)



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Seppo Nummi: Vuoripaimen (Mountain shepherd)

No. 1. Ajatuksia (Thoughts)

No. 2. Rakastunut (In Love)

No. 3. Mutta kun olen runoniekka (But as I am a poet)

No. 4. Tuoksua puutarhoista (The scent of gardens)

No. 5. Ikava, ikava on mieli (Sad, sad is my mind)

No. 6. Mietteliaat vainiot (The pensive corn fields)

Seppo Nummi: Kevatteilta (From Spring Roads)

No. 1. Lahtomalja (Parting toast)

No. 2. Sydanyolla (In the heart of the night)

No. 3. Kevatteilta (From Spring Roads)

No. 4. Korsikeinu (The swing of straw)

No. 5. Viinituvan valkamassa (In the haven of the wine lodge)

No. 6. Vuosipaiva (Anniversary)

No. 7. Vuorella (In the mountain)

Seppo Nummi: Lansilinnan Lauluja (Songs of the Western Palace)

No. 1. Ikuinen runo (Eternal poem)

No. 2. Kevatyo (Spring night)

No. 3. Lemmenhurma (Love's enchantment)

No. 4. Hovinainen (Lady of the court)

No. 5. Hibiscus-kukat (The hibiscus flowers)

No. 6. Paimen ja kutojaneito (The shepherd and the weaving maid)

Seppo Nummi: Lauluja hyljatylta seudulta (Songs from a deserted place)

No. 1. Venheessa (In a boat)

No. 2. Hyljatty palatsi (The abandoned palace)

No. 3. Salaperainen huilu (The secret flute)

No. 4. Ikulumiset vuoret (Mountains of perpetual snow)

No. 5. Hyljatty seutu (Deserted place)

Seppo Nummi: Syyspaivia (Autumn Days)

No. 1. Syksyn juhla (Autumn feast)

No. 2. Metsassa (In the forest)

No. 3. Syyspaiva (Autumn day)

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