Messiaen - The Complete Organ Music, Volume 6


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Messiaen - The Complete Organ Music, Volume 6



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1st Feb 1992




2 hours 17 minutes


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Messiaen - The Complete Organ Music, Volume 6


Livre du Saint-Sacrement

The Birdsong in Messiaen's Organ Music - European Birds & Israeli Birds

CD - 2 discs


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Olivier Messiaen: Livre du Saint Sacrement

I. Adoro te

II. La Source de Vie

III. Le Dieu cache

IV. Acte de Foi

V. Puer natus est nobis

VI. La manne et le Pain de Vie

VII. Les ressuscites et la lumiere de Vie

VIII. Institution de l'Eucharistie

IX. Les tenebres

X. La Resurrection du Christ

XI. L'apparition du Christ ressuscite a Marie-Madeleine

XII. La Transsubstantion

XIII. Les deux murailles d'eau

XIV. Priere avant la communion

XV. La joie de la grace

XVI. Priere apres la communion

XVII. La Presence multipliee

XVIII. Offrande et Alleluia final

Olivier Messiaen: Birdsong Used in Messiaen's Organ Music

European Birds: Turdus merula (Blackbird)

European Birds: Luscinia megarhynchos (Nightingale)

European Birds: Turdus philomelos (Song thrush)

European Birds: Erithacus rubecula (Robin)

European Birds: Parus major (Great tit)

European Birds: Dendrocopos major (Great spotted woodpecker)

European Birds: Sylvia atricapilla (Black cap)

European Birds: Troglodytes troglodytes (Wren)

European Birds: Sylvia borin (Garden warbler)

European Birds: Fringilla coelebs (Chaffinch)

European Birds: Emberiza citrinella (Yellowhammer)

European Birds: Turdus torquatus (Ring ouzel)

European Birds: Aegolius funereus (Tengmalm's owl)

European Birds: Dryocopus martius (Black woodpecker)

European Birds: Pycnonotus barbatus (Common bulbul)

Israeli Birds: Onycognathus tristrami (Tristram's grackle)

Israeli Birds: Hippolais pallida (Olivaceaous warbler)

Israeli Birds: Hippolais olivetorum (Olive-tree warbler)

Israeli Birds: Oenanthe lugens (Mourning wheatear)

Israeli Birds: Ammomanes deserti (Desert lark)

Israeli Birds: Luscinia megarhynchos (Nightingale)

Israeli Birds: Irania gutturalis (White-throated robin)

Israeli Birds: Pycnonotus (Common garden bulbul)

Israeli Birds: Streptopelia senegalensis (Laughing dove)

Israeli Birds: Hippolais polyglotta (Melodious warbler)

Israeli Birds: Acrophelagus stentoreus (Clamorous reed warbler)

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