WF Bach: Complete Harpsichord Music

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WF Bach: Complete Harpsichord Music

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4th Aug 2017




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WF Bach: Complete Harpsichord Music

Bach, W F:

Fantasia in A minor, Fk 23

Fantasia in C Fk 14

Fantasia in D minor, Fk 19

Fantasia in E minor (BR A23/Fk20)

Fantasia in C minor, Fk 15

Fantasia in D minor, Fk 18

Fantasia in D Fk 17

Fantasia in E minor, Fk 21

Fantasia in C minor (BR A19/Fk16)

Fugue in C minor, Fk. 32

Fugue in F major, Fk. 33

Sonata in C major, BR A 1

Sonata in F major, F.6a/BR A 11c

Sonata in E minor, BR A 9

Sonata in C BR A2b

Sonata in D Major (BR A5/Fk4)

Sonata in E flat major, BR A 8

Sonata in C (BR A3)

Sonata in A Major (BR A15/Fk8)

Keyboard Sonata in F major, F. 202 (BR A10)

Sonata in E flat (BR A7)

Sonata in G (BR A14)

Fantasia in C minor (BR A19/Fk16)

Twelve Polonaises, F. 12

Concerto in G (BR A13b) for solo harpsichord

Suite FK nv24 in G minor

8 Fugues FK 311

Minuet in G minor F25/1 (BR A48)

Presto in D minor F25a (BR A49)

La caccia in C F26c (BR A51c)

Reveille in C F27 (BR A52)

Gigue in G F28 (BR A53)

Prelude in C minor F29 (BR A54)

March in E flat F30 (BR A56)

Polonaise & Trio in C F13 (BR A58)

Fantasia in G F22 (BR A25)

Ouverture in E flat BR A59

Minuet I – II in F BR A50a

Variations on Minuet in F BR A50b

March in F BR A57

[Poco] Allegro BR A62

Fantasia in D minor BR A105

[Fantasia] in G BR A106

Allegro in D BR A107

[Allegro] in D minor BR A108

Minuet – Trio in C BR A109

Minuet in G with 13 variations BR A110

Christus, der ist mein Leben BR A101

Die Seele Christi heilge mich BR A102

Sey Lob und Ehr BR A103

Nun freut euch, lieben Christen BR A104

Claudio Astronio (harpsichord)

CD - 6 discs


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Wilhelm Friedemann Bach was the least famous son of the great Johann Sebastian in his time. Yet reportedly he was his father’s favourite, and he was regarded as the most original and innovative of his offspring.

Wilhelm Friedemann left relatively little music, and much was only published only in the 20th century. He was an extraordinary keyboard player, which is shown in his works for the harpsichord, a collection of sonatas, fantasias, fugues and dances. His amazing improvisation skills are reflected in his style: original, witty, clever, sometimes dark and always full of imagination they are uncompromisingly challenging, a far cry from the charming and pleasing works of his brother Johann Christian (the London Bach).

This is the first complete recording of Wilhelm Friedemann’s keyboard works on 6 CD’s, a tour de force by Italian Claudio Astronio, conductor, organist, harpsichordist, musicologist, an amazing artist with an open mind, pioneer in Early Music with a fondness of pop and jazz as well. “Astronio’s ability to convey the character and emotional dynamic of a vocal line is incredibly beautiful, sensitive and deeply touching” wrote Fanfare, America’s classical magazine.

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