The Carbon Copy Building

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The Carbon Copy Building



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9th July 2007




71 minutes


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The Carbon Copy Building

A comic strip opera by Michael Gordon, David Lang & Julia Wolfe

Theo Bleckmann (Porter, Delivery Boy); Tony Boutté (Emetine, Chewing Gum Remover); Katie Geissinger (Emanuel Majuscule, Semele); Toby Twining (Architect, Manager,Waiter) John Benthal (electric guitar); David Cossin (percussion); Martin Goldray (keyboards) & Bohdan Hilash (clarinets)



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The plot revolves around a pair of buildings constructed from the same architectural plan. One stands on a wide, wealthy avenue and the other on the forgotten alley of a fringe neighbourhood.Architecturally, the buildings and their plans are identical, but their uses and the people and businesses that inhabit them could not differ more. Combining the striking projections of Katchor's comics with powerful virtuoso performances, the production inventories the contents of the buildings, explores the parallel yet opposite lives of their inhabitants, and uncovers the strange and hilarious places in which the two worlds overlap, finally bringing together the odd lives of each building over a single piece of cherry cheesecake.

David Lang: The Carbon Copy Building

Scene 1: In the fall of 1929 (Architectural Historian)

Scene 2: The Palatine building on Park Manure Avenue (Porter)

Scene 3: Eating utensils made of the cheapest steel (All, Early Birds, Waiter)

Scene 4: Oh, I wonder: is this gum of period or recent origin? (Semele, Porter, Gum Remover)

Scene 5: At dusk, Park Manure Avenue is, empty and deserted (Porter)

Scene 6: Where is that boy? (Emanuel Majuscule, 2 Assistants)

Scenes 7-8: What's the hurry? (Delivery Boy)

Scene 9: We're obliged to keep a copy of each application going back to 1947 (Philip Emetine, 3 Panelists, Mayonnaise)

Scene 10: I blame the tenants for the building's state of disrepair (Manager)

Scene 11: There is, of course, no commercial basis for our work (Philip Emetine, Manager)

Scene 12: Delivery Boy Biography

Scene 13: Oh, (Semele, Philip Emetine)

Scene 14: Would you care for dessert? (Waiter, Semele, Philip Emetine)

Scene 15: One third of a creme-caramel with shattered glaze (Emanuel Majuscule, 3 Embalmers)

Scene 16: The delivery boy rises at noon and flees (Architectural Historian, Emanuel Majuscule, Assistant)

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