Rimsky Korsakov: Le Coq d'Or

Capriccio: C10760-61

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Rimsky Korsakov: Le Coq d'Or



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1 hour 58 minutes


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Rimsky Korsakov: Le Coq d'Or

Ljubomir Bodourov (tenor), Elena Stoyanova (soprano), Nicolai Stoilov (bass), Lyubomir Dyakovski (tenor), Emil Ugrinov (baritone), Kosta Videv (bass), Yavora Stoilova (soprano), Evgenia Babacheva (mezzo-soprano)

Sofia National Opera Chorus, Sofia National Opera Orchestra, Dimitur Manolov

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Nikolay Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov: The Golden Cockerel

Introduction - The astrologer's enter

Act I: King Dodon's monologue (Tsar Dodon)

Act I: Gwidon's plan (Gwidon, King Dodon, Choir of Bojaren)

Act I: Afron's plan (King Dodon, Bojaren, Afron, Polkan, Gwidon)

Act I: The astrologer's enter (King Dodon, The Golden cockerel)

Act I: — (The Golden Cockerel, King Dodon) - Amelfa's enter - The Parrot scene

Act I: Dodon's siesta (Chorus, Amelfa, The Golden Cockerel, Polkan, Afron, Bojaren, Gwidon)

Act I: King Dodon's dream (The Golden Cockerel, Dodon, Amelfa, Chorus)

Act I: The Cockerel's scene (The Golden Cockerel, People, Polkan, King Dodon)

Act II: — (Soldier's Chorus) - King Dodons' enter (King Dodon, Polkan, the soldiers)

Act II: The Queen of Shemakha's enter (Queen of Shemakha, King Dodon, Polkan)

Act II: — (Queen of Shemakha, King Dodon)

Act II: Dance of the Queen of Shemakha (King Dodon)

Act II: — (Chorus of slaves, King Dodon)

Act III: — (People, Amelfa)

Act III: King Dodon's enter (Queen of Shemakha, Astrologer)

Act III: King Dodon's death (Queen of Shemakha King Dodon) - The Cockerel's voice


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