Kurka: The Good Soldier Schweik

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Kurka: The Good Soldier Schweik



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1 hour 43 minutes


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Kurka: The Good Soldier Schweik

Chicago Opera Theater, Alexander Platt

CD - 2 discs


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More than four decades after its 1958 debut, American composer Robert Kurka's hilarious, satirical opera The Good Soldier Schweik returns to active duty with a complete, world premiere recording on Cedille Records.

Based on Jaroslav Hasek's classic Czech novel of the same name, Schweik lampoons World War I era Europe through a musical score infused with dances, marches, ballads, jazz, and Weill-esque cabaret.

Robert Kurka: The Good Soldier Schweik


Prologue: Gentleman of Bohemia "Dami a Pani!"

Act I, Scene 1: Schweik's Flat in Prague

Act I, Scene 2: The Flagon

Act I, Scene 3: Pantomine Dance

Act I, Scene 3: Good evening, gentlemen, I hope you're all well (Schweik)

Act I, Scene 4: Good evening, ev'rybody, it's been a lovely day (Schweik)

Act I, Scene 4: We're all in a hell of a mess (Schweik)

Act I, Scene 4: It's great fun (Schweik)

Act I, Scene 5: The ego and the Id (1st Psychiatrist)

Act I, Scene 6: I never felt so good before (Schweik)

Act I, Scene 6: Furiant

Act I, Scene 6: Achtung! (1st Doctor)

Act I, Scene 6: Who will go to the war when it comes? (Schweik)

Act I, Scene 6: Have they ever examined the state of your mind? (2nd Doctor)

Act I, Scene 7, Part I: Mrs Muller! (Schweik)

Act I, Scene 7, Part I: Oh, the gen'rals(Schweik)

Act I, Scene 7, Part II: To Belgrade! (Schweik)

Act II: Prelude: March

Act II, Scene 1: O-o-oh!

Act II, Scene 1: Just look at me (1st Malingerer)

Act II, Scene 1: Achtung (Sergeant)

Act II, Scene 1: Aha, rheumatism (Doctor)

Act II, Scene 1: Baroness von Botzenheim (Sergeant)

Act II, Scene 2: I always thought the army (Schweik)

Act II, Scene 2: Okay, let's pray! (Chaplain)

Act II, Scene 2: Why bless my soul (Chaplain)

Act II, Scene 3: Well, Schweik, how'd things go today? (Lt. Lukash)

Act II, Scene 3: Fox! Fox! Come here boy... (Colonel von Zillergut)

Act II, Scene 3: Sexet

Act II, Scene 4: So you let one of our trunks get stolen (Lt. Lukash)

Act II, Scene 4: What happened (Passangers)

Act II, Scene 5: Dear Madame (Lt. Lukash)

Act II, Scene 5: Come in! (Lt. Lukash)

Act II, Scene 6: Schweik (Voditchka)

Act II, Scene 6: Fill up and drink up and fill up again... (Tavern Patrons)

Act II, Scene 6: Polka

Act II, Scene 6: Sixteen Soprony, Madame Kakonyi (Schweik)

Act II, Scene 7A: Well, Schweik (Lt. Lukash)

Act II, Scene 7B: Wait for the ragged soldier (Soldiers)

Act II, Scene 7B: Now we go to the right (Vanek)

Act II, Scene 7B: I'll take a quiet road (Schweik)

Epilogue: Schweik, Schweik, where did he go? (Gentleman of Bohemia)

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