Feliz Navidad

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Feliz Navidad



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26th Oct 2009




65 minutes


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Feliz Navidad

Mediterranean Christmas Music from the Renaissance


Dadme albrícias

Yo me soy la morenica

Bella de vos som amoros

Vos virgen soys nuestra madre

No la devemos dormir

Un niño nos es nasçido

Verbum caro factum est

Alta Reina soberana

Señores el qu'es nasçido

Falalalan falalera

Que farem del pobre Joan

Rey a quien reyes adoran

Riu, riu chiu

E la don don

Reyna muy esclarescida

A los maytines era

Qué bonito niño chiquito

Escobar, P:

Virgen Bendita sin par

Festa, S:

Vergine sacra

Guerrero, Francisco:

Ave Virgo sanctissima

A un niño Ilorando al hielo

Pastores si nos queries

Los reyes siguen la estrella

Al resplandor d’una estrella


Lirum bilirum lirum lirum


Quando nascette nino

Neopolitan traditional


Ostinato vo' seguire

Cécile Kempenaers (soprano) & José Pizarro (tenor)

Capella de la Torre, Katherina Bäuml



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Christmas did not have the same importance in the official ecclesiastical calendar of the Catholic Church in previous centuries as it has today. This CD represents the characteristic of Spanish Christmas songs of the Renaissance, Polyphonic melodies known as “peasant songs” which were predominant in musical manuscripts of the period. Although many of the compositions are by the well known composer ‘Anon’, most were popular tunes of their day. Handel even used one of these carols, Quando nascette nino in the Messiah (1742) in the aria He shall feed his flock.

Anonymous: Dadme albricias

Dadme albricias

Bartolomeo Tromboncino: Ostinato vo seguire

Ostinato vo seguire

Anonymous: Yo me soy la morenica

Yo me soy la morenica

Anonymous: Bella de vos som amoros

Bella de vos som amoros

Anonymous: Vos virgen soys nuestra madre

Vos virgen soys nuestra madre

Anonymous: No la devemos dormir

No la devemos dormir

Anonymous: Un nino nos es nascido

Un nino nos es nascido

Anonymous: Verbum caro factum est

Verbum caro factum est

Francisco Guerrero: Ave virgo sanctissima

Ave virgo sanctissima

Anonymous: Reyna muy esclarescida

Reyna muy esclarescida

Anonymous: Alte Reina soberana

Alte Reina soberana

Sebastiano Festa: Vergine sacra

Vergine sacra

Anonymous: Senores el qu'es nascido

Senores el qu'es nascido

Anonymous: A los maytines era

A los maytines era

Anonymous: Que bonito Nino chiquito!

Que bonito Nino chiquito!

Anonymous: Falalalan falalera

Falalalan falalera

Traditional: Quando nascette nino

Quando nascette nino

Anonymous: Que farem del pobra Joan

Que farem del pobra Joan

Francisco Guerrero: A un nino llorando

A un nino llorando

Anonymous: Rey a quien reyes adoran

Rey a quien reyes adoran

Pedro de Escobar: Virgen bendita sin par

Virgen bendita sin par

Francisco Guerrero: Pastores si nos quereis

Pastores si nos quereis

Anonymous: Riu, riu chiu

Riu, riu chiu

Francisco Guerrero: Los Reyes siguen la'strella

Los Reyes siguen la'strella

Rossino Mantovano: Lirum bilirum lirum lirum

Lirum bilirum lirum lirum

Francisco Guerrero: Al resplando d' una estrella

Al resplando d' una estrella

Anonymous: E la don don

E la don don

BBC Music Magazine

Christmas 2009


“Renaissance Spain's 'popular', non-liturgical celebration of Christmas was a distinctly jolly business, if this perky, toe-tapping CD is anything to go by. There is tenderness, too, amid the general buoyancy…”

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