Janacek: Glagolitic Mass

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Janacek: Glagolitic Mass



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1st March 2002




70 minutes


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Janacek: Glagolitic Mass


Glagolitic Mass

Lear (soprano), Rössel-Mjdan (alto), Haefliger (tenor), Crass (bass)

Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir

The Diary of One Who Disappeared

Kay Griffel (alto), Ernst Haefliger (tenor), Kubelik (piano)




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Leos Janácek: Glagolitic Mass

1. Uvod (Introduction)

2. Gospodi pomiluji (Kyrie)

3. Slava (Gloria)

4. Veruju (Credo)

5. Svet (Sanctus)

6. Agnece Bozij (Agnus Dei)

7. Varhany solo (organ solo)

8. Intrada

Leos Janácek: The Diary of One Who Disappeared

1. "Traf eine junge Zigeunerin"/"One day I met a gypsy girl" (Tenor)

2. "Ist sie noch immer da"/"That black-eyed gypsy girl" (Tenor)

3. "Wie der Glühwürmchen Spiel"/"Throug the twilight glow-worms" (Tenor)

4. "Zwitschern im Nest schon die Schwalben"/"Already swallows are" (Tenor)

5. "Heut ist's schwer zu pflügen"/"Weary work is ploughing" (Tenor)

6. "Heissa, ihr grauen Ochsen!"/"Hey, There my tawny oxen" (Tenor)

7. "Wo ist das Pflöcklein hin"/"I've got a loose axie" (Tenor)

8. "Seht nicht, ihr Öchselein"/"Don't look; my Oxen" (Tenor)

9. " Sei willkommen, Jan"/" Welcome, my handsome one" (Alt, Tenor, Chor)

10. "Gott dort oben, mag"/"Go all-powerful, God eternal" (Alt, Chor)

11. "Vor der Heidin Wangen"/"From the rip'ning Cornfield" (Alt, Tenor)

12. "Dunkler Erlenwald"/"Forest's shady height" (Tenor)

13. Piano Solo

14. "Sonn' ist aufgegangen"/"See how high the sun is!" (Tenor)

15. "Meine grauen Ochsen"/"Now my tawny oxen" (Tenor)

16. "Was hab' ich da getan?"/"What has come over me?" (Tenor)

17. "Flieh, wenn das Schicksal ruft"/"Who can escape his fate" (Tenor)

18. "Nichts mehr denk ich"/"Nothing matters now" (Tenor)

19. "Wie die Elster wegfliegt"/"See that thieving magpie" (Tenor)

20. "Hab' ein Jüngferlein"/"Now she bears my child" (Tenor)

21. "Vater, dam Tag' fluch ich"/"Father, how wrong you were" (Tenor)

22. "Leb denn wohl, Heimatland"/"Then farewell, dearest land" (Tenor)

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