Mozart: Idomeneo, K366

Dacapo: 6220586-89

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Mozart: Idomeneo, K366



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31st Aug 2010




3 hours 6 minutes


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Mozart: Idomeneo, K366

Christian Elsner (Idomeneo), Kristina Hammarström (Idamante), Henriette Bonde-Hansen (Ilia), Raffaella Milanesi (Elettra), Christoph Strehl (Arbace), Göran Eliasson (Nettuno) & Stephen Milling (La Voce)

Danish National Choir & The Danish Radio Sinfonietta, Adam Fischer

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Following the success of the now acclaimed “Mitridate” (6220580-82) and “Lucio Silla” (8226069-71), DRS (Danish Radio Sinfonietta’s own label) now release their third Mozart opera; Idomeneo.

Written when the composer was 24, Idomeneo was Mozart’s first mature opera seria. The libretto was adapted by Giambattista Varesco from a French text by Antoine Danchet.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Idomeneo re di Creta, K. 366


Act I Scene 1: Quando avran fine omai l'aspre sventure mie? (Ilia)

Act I Scene 1: Padre, germani, addio! (Ilia) - Ecco Idamante, ahime (Ilia)

Act I Scene 2: Rudante i Troiani, ite (Idamante, Ilia)

Act I Scene 2: Non ho colpa, e mi condanni (Idamante)

Act I Scene 2: Ecco il misero resto de' Troiani (Ilia, Idamante)

Act I Scene 3: Godiam la pace, trionfi Amore (Chorus of Trojans and Cretans, 2 Cretan Women, 2 Trojan Men)

Act I Scene 4: Prence, signor, tutta la Grecia oltraggi (Elettra, Idamante)

Act I Scene 6: Estinto e Idomeneo? … (Elettra)

Act I Scene 6: Tutte nel cor vi sento (Elettra)

Act I Scene 7: Pieta! Numi, pieta! (Chorus of Sailors)

Act I Scene 8: Ecco ci salvi alfin (Idomeneo)

Act I Scene 9: Vedrommi intorno l'ombra dolente (Idomeneo)

Act I Scene 9: Cieli! Che veggo? (Idomeneo)

Act I Scene 10: ll padre adorato ritrovo, e lo perdo (Idamante)

Act I Scene 11: March

Act I Scene 11: Ballo delle donne Cretesi

Act I Scene 11: Nettuno s'onori, quel nome risuoni (Chorus of Cretan Citizens, Semichorus)

Act II Scene 1: Tutto m'e noto (Arbace, Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 1: Se il tou duol, se il mio desio (Arbace)

Act II Scene 2: Se mai pomposo appparse (Ilia, Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 2: Se il padre perdei la patria, il riposo (Ilia)

Act II Scene 3: Qual mi conturba i sensi equivoca favella? … (Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 3: Fuor del mar ho un mare in seno (Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 3: Frettolosa e giuliva (Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 4: Idol mio, se ritroso (Elettra)

Act II Scene 4: Marcia: Odo da lunge armonioso suono (Elettra)

Act II Scene 5: Sidonie sponde! (Elettra)

Act II Scene 5: Placido e il mar, andiamo (Chorus, Elettra)

Act II Scene 6: Vattene, prence (Idomeneo, Idamante)

Act II Scene 6: Pria di partir, oh Dio! (Idamante, Elettra, Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 6: Qual nuovo terrore! (Chorus of Sailors)

Act II Scene 6: Eccoti in me, barbaro Nume! (Idomeneo)

Act II Scene 6: Corriamo, fuggiamo quel mostro spietato (Chorus of Sailors)

Act III Scene 1: Solitudini amiche, aure amorose (Ilia)

Act III Scene 1: Zeffiretti lusinghieri de volate al mio tesoro (Ilia) - Ei stesso vien (Ilia)

Act III Scene 2: Principessa, a' tuoi sguardi se offrirmi ardisco ancor (Idamante, Ilia)

Act III Scene 2: S'io non moro a questi accenti (Idamante, Ilia)

Act III Scene 3: Cieli! Che vedo? (Idomeneo, Ilia, Idamante, Elettra)

Act III Scene 3: Andro ramingo, e solo (Idamante, Ilia, Idomeneo, Elettra)

Act III Scene 4: Sire, alla reggia tua immensa turba (Arbace, Ilia, Idomeneo, Elettra)

Act III Scene 5: Sventurata Sidon! (Arbace)

Act III Scene 5: Se cola ne' fati e scrito (Arbace)

Act III Scene 6: Volgi intorno lo sguardo, oh sire (High Priest, Idomeneo)

Act III Scene 6: Oh voto tremendo! (Chorus, High Priest)

Act III Scene 7: March

Act III Scene 7: Accogli, oh re del mar, i nostri voti (Idomeneo, Priests) - Stupenda vittoria (Chorus)

Act III Scene 9: Padre, mio caro padre, ah dolce nome! (Idamante)

Act III Scene 9: No, la morte (Idamante)

Act III Scene 9: Ma che piu tardi? (Idamante, Idomeneo, High Priest, Elettra)

Act III Scene 10: Ha vinto amore … (A Voice)

Act III Scene 10: Oh ciel pietoso! … (Idomeneo, Idamante, Ilia, Arbace)

Act III Scene 10: D'Oreste, d'Ajace ho in seno i tormenti (Elettra)

Act III Scene 11: Popoli, a voi l'ultima legge impone Idomeneo (Idomeneo)

Act III Scene 11: Scenda Amor, scenda Imeneo (Chorus of Cretan Citizens)

Act III Scene 11: Ballet: Chaconne

Act III Scene 11: Ballet: Larghetto

Act III Scene 11: Ballet: La chaconne, qui reprend

Act III Scene 11: Ballet: Pas seul

Classic FM Magazine

December 2010


“Fischer's vision of the opera is lean and muscular, with fleet-footed orchestral playing and strong, characterful soloists...Elsner captures the conflict raging within the Lear-like Idomeneo and demonstrates some fiendish coloratura...Fischer understands this opera deeply and presents it as a convincing drama”

Gramophone Magazine

January 2011

“the Danish Radio Sinfonietta's modern instruments play with impeccable sense and style, and Fischer quietly gets on with delivering outstanding results that bespeak natural judgement of Mozartian music drama: his pacing, shaping of phrases and balancing of strings with woodwind textures are magnificent, and the theatrical effects in the orchestration emerge lucidly.”

International Record Review

December 2010

“Each of [Bonde-Hansen's] three arias is sculpted with immaculate taste and style...[Milanesi's] Elettra is delivered with native textual vitality and verve...However, it is Fischer's evident enthusiasm and the thrilling response he gets from chorus and orchestra...that makes this set so enjoyable.”

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