NORGARD: Siddharta / Percussion Concerto, 'For a Change'

Dacapo: 8224031-32

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NORGARD: Siddharta / Percussion Concerto, 'For a Change'



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2nd May 1995




2 hours 16 minutes


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NORGARD: Siddharta / Percussion Concerto, 'For a Change'

Stig Fogh Andersen (tenor), Poul Elming (tenor), Aage Haugland (bass), Edith Guillaume (mezzo-soprano), Erik Harbo (tenor), Kim Janken (tenor), Christian Christiansen (bass), Tina Kiberg (soprano), Anne Frellesvig (soprano), Birgitte Frieboe (alto), Minna Nyhus (alto), Gert Mortensen (percussion)

Danish National Radio Choir, Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Jan Latham-Koenig

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Per Norgard: Siddharta (Play for the Expected One)

Act I: Introduction 'Folket straler, lyser' (Suddhodana) (Prajapati)

Act I: 'Musik!' (Suddhodana) (Prajapati)

Act I: 'Se: Maya star sa ene' (Prajapati)

Act I: 'Se Maya danser' (Prajapati)

Act I: 'Hor, Maya har fodt'

Act I: 'Gik mod nord' (Suddhodana)

Act I: 'Han vil se' (Suddhodana)

Act I: 'Al jordens lyst skal binde ham' (Suddhodana) (Prajapati)

Act I: 'Sorgen har ramt os' (Prajapati)

Act II: Introduction

Act II: 'Nu straler dagens lys' (Suddhodana)

Act II: 'Men under hver blomst' (Prajapati) (Suddhodana)

Act II: 'Se der! Hven danser?' (Suddhodana) (Siddharta) (Yasodhara)

Act II: 'Elskov er grusom' (Yasodhara) (Siddharta) (Prajapati) (Suddhodana)

Act II: Contest

Act II: Yasodhara: der er du' (Siddharta) (Yasodhara)

Act II: 'Bryllup, Bryllup nu!' (Yasodhara) (Siddharta) (Prajapati) (Suddhodana)

Act II: 'Selv nu er jeg bange' (Prajapati)

Act III: Introduction

Act III: 'Mragatrashana, tryllerske tryl for os' (Yasodhara) (Siddharta)

Act III: 'Forunderlige Amra' (Siddharta) (Yasodhara)

Act III: 'Hun er syg, hun er syg, syg' (Siddharta)

Act III: 'Sa er det sket' (Prajapati)

Act III: 'I denne nat' (Yasodhara) (Prajapati) (Suddhodana)

Act III: 'Ja min fader' (Yasodhara) (Siddharta)

Per Norgard: For a Change

Thunder Repeated: The Image of Shock

The Taming Power of The Small

The Gentle, The Penetrating

Towards Completion: Fire Over Water

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