Britten War Requiem - 2013 HD Remaster on CD & Blu-ray Audio

Decca: 4785433

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Britten War Requiem - 2013 HD Remaster on CD & Blu-ray Audio




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12th Aug 2013




2 hours 10 minutes


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Britten War Requiem - 2013 HD Remaster on CD & Blu-ray Audio

Iconic 1963 recording remastered at 24-bit from original tapes, plus special bonus ‘rehearsal’ CD


War Requiem, Op. 66

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Over half a century has passed since this classic DECCA recording was made in Kingsway Hall, London in January 1963. While the performance remains a benchmark, time has left the original analogue master tapes more fragile than ever. For this Britten centenary edition, DECCA has gone back to the original tapes and used the latest techniques and extensive comparison with the earliest LP pressings and subsequent remasterings, to make a definitive transfer. For the first time ever, all audio processing has been achieved in the 96 kHz 24-bit domain. The new blu-ray disc format, in particular, affords an unprecedented opportunity to hear the recording at this resolution.

The definitive audio version of Britten’s iconic masterpiece, presented with original artwork in an innovative new package. Newly remastered from the original tapes, War Requiem is offered on a single 81-minute CD. But excitingly, it is additionally offered herewith in a Blu-Ray Audio fomat, which permits the recording to be heard at 24-bit.

Enthusiasts will be further delighted to have published here a CD featuring Britten in rehearsal at the sessions in January 1963. Producer John Culshaw wired up the Kingsway Hall with microphones and later presented a Limited Edition of 1 copy to Benjamin Britten on the occasion of his 50th Birthday. For musicians, choral singers, would-be conductors and those interested in Britten the musician, this offers exceptional insights into what made him such an outstanding director of music.

The accompanying booklet offers full sung texts and a new essay on War Requiem by film maker Christopher Palmer, while Britten scholar Donald Mitchell tells the story of how Decca came to record Britten in rehearsal. Photographs from the Britten archive, session photographs and more besides are included in the generous 76-pager, making this truly a definitive presentation of the ultimate reference recording of this masterpiece.

Benjamin Britten: War Requiem, Op. 66 - Requiem aeternam

"Requiem Aeternam"

"What Passing Bells For These Who Die As Cattle?"

Benjamin Britten: War Requiem, Op. 66 - Dies Irae

"Dies irae"

"Bugles Sang, Saddening the Evening Air"

"Liber Scriptus Proferetur"

"Out There, We've Walked Quite Friendly Up To Death"

"Recordare Jesu Pie"

"Be Slowly Lifted Up"

"Dies Irae"

"Lacrimosa Dies Illa"

"Move Him Into the Sun"

Benjamin Britten: War Requiem, Op. 66 - Offertorium

"Domine Jesu Christe"

"So Abram Rose, and Clave the Wood"

Benjamin Britten: War Requiem, Op. 66 - Sanctus

"Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus"

"After the Blast Of Lightning From the East"

Benjamin Britten: War Requiem, Op. 66 - Agnus Dei

"One Ever Hangs Where Shelled Roads Part"

Benjamin Britten: War Requiem, Op. 66 - Libera me

"Libera me, Domine"

"It Seemed That Out Of Battle I Escaped"

"Let Us Sleep Now...In Paradisum"

Benjamin Britten: War Requiem, Op. 66 - Rehearsals

Requiem Aeternam (Rehearsal)

Dies Irae (Rehearsal)

Dies Irae (Rehearsal)

Dies Irae (Rehearsal)

Offertorium (Rehearsal)

Sanctus (Rehearsal)

Sanctus (Rehearsal)

Agnus Dei (Rehearsal)

Libera Me (Rehearsal)

Libera Me (Rehearsal)

Libera Me (Rehearsal)

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