Arie Napoletane: Max Emanuel Cencic

Decca: 4788422

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Arie Napoletane: Max Emanuel Cencic


Gramophone Awards 2016

Finalist - Recital

Gramophone Magazine

Editor's Choice - December 2015



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Release date:

2nd Oct 2015




75 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Arie Napoletane: Max Emanuel Cencic


Concerto in D major for harpsichord, two violins and continuo

world premiere recording


Dal suo gentil sembiante (from Demetrio)

world premiere recording

Non fidi al mar che freme (from Demetrio)

world premiere recording

No, non vedrete mai (from Siface)

world premiere recording


L’infelice in questo stato (from L’Olimpiade)


Quel vasto, quel fiero (from Polifemo)

world premiere recording

Qual turbine che scende (from Germanico in Germania)

world premiere recording

Scarlatti, A:

Miei pensieri (from Il Prigioniero Fortunato)

world premiere recording

Tutto appoggio il mio disegno (from Il Cambise)

world premiere recording

Si, si tra le mie speranze resisti… Care pupille belle (from Il Tigrane)

world premiere recording

Vago mio sole (from Massimo Puppieno)

world premiere recording

Vinci, Leonardo:

In questa mia tempesta (from Eraclea)



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Following the success of 2013’s solo album ROKOKO, Arie Napoletane is a brand new solo album for Decca’s prolific countertenor Max Emanuel Cencic. With repertoire not dissimilar to that on Cecilia Bartoli’s groundbreaking ‘Sacrificium’ album, Cencic sings arias by Porpora, Vinci and their contemporaries written for the superbly talented castrati of the day.

Focusing on the musically rich city of Naples during the Baroque period, this album, typical of Cencic’s highly-regarded musical curiosity, contains a majority of world premiere recordings – TEN works in total. Just as ROKOKO contained an extra addition in the form of Hasse’s Concerto for Mandolin, ARIE NAPOLETANE includes Auletta’s Concerto in D major for harpsichord, two violins and continuo played by the dynamic Maxim Emelyanychev.

A feast of baroque discoveries, riding the wave of enthusiasm for the countertenor voice, this album is a first-rate showcase for the talents of Max Emanuel Cencic, fast becoming one of the most recorded countertenors of our time – a must-buy for countertenor and baroque discovery fans alike.

Nicolai Porpora: Polifemo

"Quel vasto quel fiero"

Leonardo Leo: Demetrio

"Dal suo gentil sembiante"

Leonardo Vinci: Eraclea

"In questa mia tempesta"

Alessandro Scarlatti: Il Prigioniero Fortunato

"Miei pensieri"

Alessandro Scarlatti: Cambise

"Tutto appoggio il mio disegno"

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: L'Olimpiade

"L’infelice in questo stato"

Leonardo Leo: Scipione nelle Spagne

"Non fidi al mar che freme"

Leonardo Leo: Siface

"No, non vedete mai"

Alessandro Scarlatti: Il Tigrane

"Care pupille belle"

Nicolai Porpora: Germanico in Germania

"Qual turbine che scende"

Alessandro Scarlatti: Massimo Puppieno

"Vago mio sole"

Domenico Auletta: Concerto in D Major for Harpsichord, Two Violins & Continuo

1. Allegro con spirito

2. Largo ma non tanto

3. Allegro

Gramophone Magazine

December 2015

“Cencic negotiates this complex emotional parabola wonderfully well. This is a great voice, dark in tone, beguiling in its liquidity and finely equalised. His coloratura flows with great ease...though it’s the slower numbers, where the long lines are effortlessly sustained and the emotions keenly felt, that make the disc so special. Il Pomo d’Oro are on fine form, too, and Emelyanychev, volatile, sensuous and keenly intense, is impressive”

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