Pergolesi: L'Olimpiade

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Pergolesi: L'Olimpiade

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23rd May 2011




3 hours 42 minutes


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Pergolesi: L'Olimpiade

Raffaella Milanesi (Aristea), Ann-Beth Solvang (Argene), Olga Pasichnyk (Megacle), Jennifer Rivera (Licida), Martin Oro (Alcandro), Jeffrey Francis (Clistene), Markus Brutscher (Aminta)

Academia Montis Regalis, Alessandro de Marchi

CD - 3 discs


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The first complete and unabridged recording of Giovanni Battista Pergolesi’s operatic masterpiece, as well as the world-premiere recording on period instruments, undertaken by the critically acclaimed 2010 production from the Innsbruck Festival of Early Music, known as the “Bayreuth of Baroque Opera”. In his all too brief career Pergolesi, who died in 1736 aged only 26, set the course for 18th century opera. His works, especially L’Olimpiade, which was first performed in 1735, introduced a new and sentimental tone to the opera stage. Based on one of the most popular subject matters of opera seria, Pergolesi’s masterpiece L’Olimpiade offers a drama of love and intrigue coupled with highly virtuoso singing. Presenting Italian conductor Alessandro de Marchi, one of the most sought-after Early Music specialists, and a stunning cast of top-league international Baroque singers.

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi: L'Olimpiade - Highlights

Act I: Duetto "Ne' giorni tuoi felici"

Act I: Recitativo "Ho risoluto, Aminta"

Act I: Aria Megacle "Superbo di me stesso"

Act I: Recitativo "Oh generoso amico!"

Act I: Aria Aminta "Talor guerriero invitto"

Act I: Recitativo "Oh sei pure importuno"

Act I: Aria Licida "Quel destrier che all'albergo è vicino"

Act I: Aria Argene "O care selve o cara"

Act I: Recitativo "Ecco Aristea"

Act I: Recitativo "Figlia, tutto è compito"

Act I: Aria Clistene "Del destin non vi lagnate"

Act I: Recitativo "Udisti, o principessa?"

Act I: Aria Aristea "Tu di saper procura"

Act I: Recitativo "Dunque Licida ingrato"

Act I: Aria Argene "Più non si trovano fra mille amanti"

Act I: Recitativo "Licida. Amico. Eccomi a te"

Act I: Aria Licida "Mentre dormi Amor fomenti"

Act I: Recitativo "Che intesi eterni dei!"

Act I: Recitativo "Stranier. Chi mi sorprende?"

Act II: Aria Licida "Gemo in un punto e fremo"

Act II: Recitativo "Ed ancor della pugna"

Act II: Recitativo "Fortunate novelle. Il re m'invia"

Act II: Aria Alcandro "Apportator son io"

Act II: Recitativo "Ah dimmi, o principessa"

Act II: Aria Aristea "Grandi, è ver, son le tue pene"

Act II: Recitativo "E trovar non poss'io"

Act II: Aria Argene "Che non mi disse un di?"

Act II: Recitativo "Insana gioventú! Qualora esposta"

Act II: Aria Aminta "Siam navi all'onde algenti"

Act II: Recitativo "Giovane valoroso"

Act II: Recitativo "All'odiose nozze"

Act II: Aria Clistene "So ch'è fanciullo Amore"

Act II: Recitativo "Fra l'amico, e l'amante"

Act II: Recitativo "Oh ricordi crudeli"

Act II: Recitativo "Intese tutto Aristea"

Act II: Aria Megacle "Se cerca, se dice"

Act II: Recitativo "Che laberinto è questo!"

Act II: Aria Aristea "Tu me da me dividi!

Act II: Recitativo "A me barbaro! Oh numi!"

Act II: Aria Argene "No, la speranzua più non m'alletta"

Act II: Recitativo "In angustia più fiera"

Act II: Recitativo "Ove son! Che m'avvenne?"

Act II: Recitativo "Con questo ferro, indegno"

Act III: Recitativo "Lascami! Invan t'opponi"

Act III: Aria Alcandro "L'infelice in questo stato"

Act III: Recitativo "Più resister non posso."

Act III: Aria Aristea "Caro, son tua così"

Act III: Recitativo "Deh secondate, o numi"

Act III: Aria Megacle "Torbido in volto e nero"

Act III: Recitativo "E pure a mio dispetto"

Act III: Aria Argene "Fiamma ignota nell'alma mi scende"

Act III: Recitativo "Fuggi, salvati Aminta!"

Act III: Aria Aminta "Son qual per mare ignoto"

Act III: Marcia

Act III: Recitativo "Giovane sventurato"

Act III: Aria Licida "Nella fatal mia sorte"

Act III: Recitativo "T'appagherò. Custodi!"

Act III: Aria Clistene "Non so donde viene"

Act III: Recitativo "Ah, vieni illustre esempio"

Act III: Recitativo "O degli uomini padre e degli dei"

Act III: Recitativo "Fermati o re!"

Act III: Recitativo "Credimi o padre"

Act III: Recitativo "Ah, Licida. T'accheta"

Act III: Coro "Viva il figlio delinquente"

Gramophone Magazine

September 2011

“Academia Montis Regalis deliver a vivid interpretation that advocates Pergolesi as a musical dramatist of greater versatility and imagination than most of us will have hitherto suspected.”

International Record Review

July 2011

“It's an opera full of fine arias: some in Pergolesi's characteristically simple, pared-down style; some ambitiously heroic; some delvingly introspective: the singers here rise to the challenge impressively...the fact that this is live music-making means that we do benefit from a freer way with the ornamental intensification of da capos and properly acted recitatives...the cast is excellent and has no weak links.”

The Observer

29th March 2011

“As the Olympics approach, there will be plenty of revivals of Games-related dramas (Garsington promises a Vivaldi opera next year), and this big three-acter by Pergolesi –, best known for his small comic pieces – leads the field. ...The performance from Innsbruck is sparky, the music charming”

The Telegraph

19th May 2011


“The opera stretches to close on four hours, but this pacy, expertly sung performance highlights Pergolesi’s deft orchestral touch and the thrill he could ignite through his virtuoso treatment of the voice.”

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