Leo: L’ambizione Delusa

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Leo: L’ambizione Delusa



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1st June 2015




2 hours 51 minutes


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Leo: L’ambizione Delusa

Giampiero Cicino (Ciaccone), Candida Guida (Foresto), Filomena Diodati (Delfina), Alessia Martino (Laurina), Riccardo Gagliardi (Lupino), Federica Carnevale (Silvio) & Michela Antenucci (Cintia)

Teatro Petruzzelli di Bari Chorus & Orchestra ICO of Magna Grecia di Taranto, Antonio Greco

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Recorded: San Domenico’s Cloister – Martina Franca, Italy - July 2013

Under the banner of a renewed interest in comic opera – at least as far as the opening titles were concerned – the 2013 edition of Martina Franca’s Festival staged the first modern performance of a late work by Leonardo Leo, the 'commedia pastorale' in three acts L’ambizione Delusa, on a libretto by Domenico Canicà.

Leo and Canicà composed a rather extensive work – three acts, more than three hours of music – where the comic element is given, as Daniela Rota writes in the Festival’s booklet, “by the contrast between what the characters really are (goatherds or peasants), what they pretend to be (Barons and Magistrates) and what they wish to become (Lords and Ladies)”.

In addition to the sarcasm that accompanies the foolish ambitions of the main characters, the action is further livened up by the inevitable and variously intertwined love rivalries among them.

This delightful rural comedy plot has as a counterpart truly wonderful music, rich in beautiful and original melodies which, rather than being harmonized, are set by Leo to contrapuntal accompaniments, showing the great mastery the composer had acquired.

Leonardo Leo: L'ambizione delusa, Act I

Act I: Ouverture

Act I: Badate a me (Delfina)

Act I: Questo e l'inchino (Delfina)

Act I: A te ritorno (Silvio)

Act I: Digli che io (Lupino)

Act I: Vedi mio bel tesoro (Silvio)

Act I: Io son qual peregrina (Cintia)

Act I: A pro' di questo core (Silvio)

Act I: Belle figliole (Ciaccone)

Act I: De Sirvio lo patrone (Ciaccone)

Act I: Nasce da vaghi lumi (Silvio)

Act I: Vedi sventura! (Foresto)

Act I: Nel cupo seno di notte oscura (Foresto)

Act I: Ola' sbrighiamola (Lupino)

Act I: Deh, se nol credi (Laurina)

Act I: No! Questa signoretta (Delfina)

Act I: Eh! Signor, che avete mai? (Delfina)

L'ambizione delusa, Act II

Act II: Tanti fiori e tante foglie (Foresto)

Act II: Ecco l'idolo mio (Foresto)

Act II: D'amor la face (Laurina)

Act II: Foresto mio, gia e fatta la frittata (Lupino)

Act II: Or voi saper volete (Lupino)

Act II: To'! Foresto mio bello (Lupino)

Act II: Vaghi occhietti (Ciaccone)

Act II: A lui l'amor gli ha dato in testa (Delfina)

Act II: Fra gli orrori d'ombrosa foresta (Cintia)

Act II: Crudo amor (Silvio)

Act II: Dolente, dubbioso (Silvio)

Act II: Legata e la colomba (Silvio)

Act II: Che ridicolo accidente! (Cintia)

L'ambizione delusa, Act III

Act III: Fatessa mia (Ciaccone)

Act III: Il cervello mi fa capotommola (Ciaccone)

Act III: Laurina non v'e altronde (Lupino)

Act III: Mie belle lacrime (Laurina)

Act III: Io non ne vuo far altro (Lupino)

Act III: Ch'io speri? (Laurina)

Act III: L'abbiamo riscampata (Lupino)

Act III: Si per voi d'amor la stella (Foresto)

Act III: Fortunaccia Ribalda (Cintia)

Act III: Per te mi sento in petto (Cintia)

Act III: Orsu sior Podesta (Delfina)

Act III: Sempre ch'io miro (Delfina)

Act III: Tu hai fatto controvarmi (Lupino)

Act III: Alfin per te ben mio (All)

Gramophone Magazine

September 2015

“Leo's skilful means of depicting the sentimental comedy through deceptively clever music emerge clearly enough to make one hope that before long his operas might receive proper attention from higher-class performers.”

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