Saint-Saëns: Proserpine

Ediciones Singulares: ES1027

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Saint-Saëns: Proserpine

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19th May 2017




94 minutes


2 CDs + Book (download also available)

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Saint-Saëns: Proserpine

Book Contents:

• Marie-Gabrielle Soret, From genesis to reception

• Gérard Condé, A look through the score

• Camille Saint-Saëns, A few remarks on Proserpine

• Hugh J. Macdonald, Proserpine, Goddess of the Underworld

• Synopsis

• Libretto

• Cast – Tracklist

Véronique Gens (Proserpine), Marie-Adeline Henry (Angiola), Frédéric Antoun (Sabatino), Andrew Foster-Williams (Squarocca), Jean Teitgen (Renzo)

Munchner Rundfunkorchester, Flemish Radio Choir, Ulf Schirmer

2 CDs + Book - 2 discs

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Read our exclusive interview with Véronique Gens about the recording here.

The protagonist of Saint-Saëns’ Proserpine, premiered at the Opéra-Comique on 14 March 1887, is no reincarnation of the ancient goddess, but a Renaissance courtesan well versed in culpable amours. According to the composer, she is ‘a damned soul for whom true love is a forbidden fruit; as soon as she approaches it, she experiences torture’. Yet for all the innocence of her rival Angiola, the unexpected happens: ‘It is the bloodthirsty beast that is admirable; the sweet creature is no more than pretty and likeable.’ Visibly enraptured by this delight in horror, Saint-Saëns indulges in unprecedented orchestral modernity, piling on the dissonances beneath his characters’ cries of rage or despair. He concluded thus: ‘Proserpine is, of all my stage works, the most advanced in the Wagnerian system.’ The least-known, too, and one which it was high time to reveal to the public, in its second version, revised in 1899.

Camille Saint-Saëns: Proserpine, R. 292, Act I

Act I: Prélude

Act I: Qu'elle est infernale et divine (Proserpine, Orlando, Filippo, Ercole, Courtisans)

Act I: Duet: Voyez-les tous, navrés de trop d'indifférence! (Proserpine, Orlando, Ercole)

Act I: Duet: Je t'en supplie (Sabatino, Renzo)

Act I: Air de Sabatino: Pourquoi me demander cette épreuve insensée? (Sabatino, Renzo)

Act I: Enfin! Sabatino! (Proserpine, Sabatino, Renzo, Orlando, Filippo, Ercole)

Act I: Pavane: Va; c'est fort à propos qu'elle les congédie! (Proserpine, Renzo)

Act I: Arioso: Amour vrai, source pure où j'aurais voulu boire (Proserpine)

Act I: Duo: Proserpine! (Proserpine, Sabatino)

Act I: Il n'a pas compris! (Proserpine, Gil, Squarocca)

Act I: Que préféreriez-vous (Proserpine, Squarocca)

Act I: Finale: Proserpine nous délaisse! (Proserpine, Squarocca, Orlando, Filippo, Ercole, Courtisans)

Proserpine, R. 292, Act II

Act II: Prélude - Ave Maria (Female Chorus)

Act II: Un cavalier à la moustache noire (Angiola, Une Religieuse, Trois Novices, Trois Jeunes Filles)

Act II: Bonjour, petite sœur! (Angiola, Renzo)

Act II: Air de Sabatino: Comment dire bien ce que je veux dire (Angiola, Sabatino, Renzo)

Act II: Trio: Allez, ô vous que j'aime! (Angiola, Sabatino, Renzo)

Act II: Finale: Approchez et prenez, chacun à votre tour (Angiola, Sabatino, Squarocca, Renzo, Pélerins, Foule)

Proserpine, R. 292, Act III

Act III: Tarentelle

Act III: Qui va là? Squarocca! (Squarocca, Chorus)

Act III: Approchez, ma beauté; nous sommes seuls maîtres (Proserpine, Squarocca)

Act III: Air de Proserpine: Pourquoi suis-je venue... et que puis-je espérer? (Proserpine, Squarocca)

Act III: Chanson de Squarocca: Là! Chantons maintenant la chanson des ivrognes (Squarocca)

Act III: Elle est belle, la misérable! (Angiola, Proserpine, Squarocca, Renzo)

Act III: Duet: Votre main! (Angiola, Proserpine, Squarocca)

Proserpine, R. 292, Act IV

Act IV: Entracte

Act IV: Air: Puis-je croire que c'est bien vrai (Sabatino)

Act IV: Duo: Vous ici! (Proserpine, Sabatino)

Act IV: Trio et finale: Vos menaces, madame... (Angiola, Proserpine, Sabatino, Renzo)

BBC Music Magazine

September 2017


“Frédéric Antoun is a bright, not exactly nuanced Sabatino and Jean Teitgen a warm and sympathetic Renzo, but the main prize goes to Véronique Gens for her utterly superb singing of the title role”

Classical Music

June 2017


“If Gens is marvellous as the tortured Proserpine, it's Henry who makes an even bigger impression as her innocent rival Angiola...Schirmer conducts with authority and panache, making the most of a fascinating score.”

Gramophone Magazine

August 2017

“The cast is led by Véronique Gens in the title-role, her ever-expressive colouring of text superb, from scornful and haughty courtesan to desperate lover…Frédéric Antoun is a stylish Sabatino…Andrew Foster-Williams’s biting baritone makes for a splendid Squarocca…The Munich Radio Orchestra impress, particularly in the pulsating entr'acte depicting Proserpine’s flight back to Florence.”

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