Bach, J S: St John Passion, BWV245

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Bach, J S: St John Passion, BWV245



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24th March 2017




1 hour 50 minutes


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Bach, J S: St John Passion, BWV245

Lothar Odinius tenor (Evangelista, No.13), Christian Immler bass (Jesus, Nos 11b, 32), Ditte Andersen soprano (Ancilla, No.9), Lenneke Ruiten soprano (No.35), Delphine Galou alto (No.30), David Hansen alto (No.7), Colin Balzer tenor (Servus, Nos 20, 24, 34), Valerio Contaldo tenor (No.13b), Felix Speer bass (Petrus, Pilatus, No.19)

Les Musiciens du Louvre, Marc Minkowski

CD - 2 discs


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The foundations of Marc Minkowski’s career lie in Baroque music, and he has enjoyed a long relationship with Warner Classics, but this Johannes-Passion (St John Passion) is his first Bach for the label. The work’s terse drama – here presented through just nine singers – is ideally suited to both his scrupulous musicianship and his keen sense of theatre. The French conductor describes Bach’s great masterpieces as “a journey you have to prepare for meticulously, over a long period of time … You come back from it like an explorer comes back from Everest or the Moon – transformed.”

Johann Sebastian Bach: St John Passion, BWV 245

No. 1 "Herr, unser Herrscher" (Chorus)

No. 2 "Jesus ging mit seinen Jüngern... Jesus antwortete" (Evangelist, Jesus, Chorus)

No. 3 "O grosse Lieb" (Chorus)

No. 4 "Auf dass das Wort erfüllet würde" (Evangelist, Jesus)

No. 5 "Dein Will gescheh, Herr Gott, zugleich" (Chorus)

No. 6 "Die Schar aber und der Oberhauptmann" (Evangelist)

No. 7 "Von den Stricken meiner Sünden" (Alto)

No. 8 "Simon Petrus aber folgete Jesu nach" (Evangelist)

No. 9 "Ich folge dir gleichfalls" (Soprano)

No. 10 "Derselbige Jünger war dem Hohenpriester bekannt" (Evangelist, Ancilla, Petrus, Jesus, Servus)

No. 11 "Wer hat dich so geschlagen" (Chorus)

No. 12 "Und Hannas sandte ihn gebunden.... Er leugnete aber und sprach" (Evangelist, Petrus, Servus, Chorus)

No. 13 "Ach, mein Sinn" (Tenor)

No. 14 "Petrus, der nicht denkt zurück" (Chorus)

No. 11 bis "Himmel reisse, Welt erbebe" (Bass, Chorus)

No. 13 bis: "Zerschmettert mich, ihr Felsen und ihr Hügel" (Tenor)

No. 15 "Christus, der uns selig macht" (Chorus)

No. 16 "Da führeten sie Jesum... Auf dass erfüllet würde das Wort" (Evangelist, Pilatus, Jesus, Chorus)

No. 17 "Ach grosser König" (Chorus)

No. 18 "Da sprach Pilatus zu ihm.... Barrabas aber war ein Mörder" (Evangelist, Pilatus, Jesus, Chorus)

No. 19 "Betrachte, meine Seel" (Bass)

No. 20 "Erwäge, wie sein blutgefärbter Rücken" (Tenor)

No. 21 "Und die Kriegsknechte flochten eine Krone... Da Pilatus das Wort hörete" (Evangelist, Pilatus, Jesus, Chorus)

No. 22 "Durch dein Gefängnis, Gottes Sohn" (Chorus)

No. 23 "Die Jüden aber schrieen und sprachen... Da überantwortete er ihn" (Evangelist, Pilatus, Chorus)

No. 24 "Eilt, ihr angefochtnen Seelen" (Bass)

No. 25 "Allda kreuzigten sie ihn... Pilatus antwortet" (Evangelist, Pilatus, Chorus)

No. 26 "In meines Herzens Grunde" (Chorus)

No. 27 "Die Kriegsknechte aber... Auf dass erfüllet würde die Schrift" (Evangelist, Jesus, Chorus)

No. 28 "Er nahm alles wohl in Acht" (Chorus)

No. 29 "Und von Stund an nahm sie der Jünger zu sich" (Evangelist, Jesus)

No. 30 "Es ist vollbracht" (Alto)

No. 31 "Und neiget das Haupt" (Evangelist)

No. 32 "Mein teurer Heiland, lass dich fragen" (Bass, Chorus)

No. 33 "Und siehe da, der Vorhang im Tempel zerriss" (Evangelist)

No. 34 "Mein Herz, in dem die ganze Welt" (Tenor)

No. 35 "Zerfliesse, mein Herze" (Soprano)

No. 36 "Die Jüden aber, dieweil es der Rüsttag war" (Evangelist)

No. 37 "O hilf, Christe, Gottes Sohn" (Chorus)

No. 38 "Darnach bat Pilatum Joseph von Arimathia" (Evangelist)

No. 39 "Ruht wohl, ihr heiligen Gebeine" (Chorus)

No. 40 "Ach Herr, lass dein lieb Engelein" (Chorus)

Sunday Times

9th April 2017

“Minkowski goes for minimalism, if not hardline one-voice-to-a-part “authenticity”, sharing out the solos and choruses between eight singers. His Evangelist, Lothar Odinius, is outstanding, delivering the text with clarity and an emotional angst that burns itself onto the memory.”

The Guardian

27th April 2017


“This passion is brutal from the start: bass notes in the opening chorus are full of threat, a contrabassoon added for extra thud. But it’s also punctuated with sudden and devastating gentleness. Try one of the silky chorales or an aria like Mein teurer Heiland to see what I mean.”

Gramophone Magazine

May 2017

“The eight-strong ensemble is unerringly committed to text in ‘Herr, unser Herrscher’, which is taken quickly by Minkowski and played vividly by Les Musiciens du Louvre…the rapid narrative from Lothar Odinius’s lively if somewhat dry Evangelist and rapid turba choruses means that there is seldom a dull moment…Mikowski’s willingness to ask fresh questions certainly avoids complacency”

Classical Music

July 2017


“Minkowski achieves great clarity but also great depth of texture. Solos and choruses are shared, and there is no weak link anywhere in the line-up. Odinius’s Evangelist is superb, clear and focused, pairing nicely with Immler’s rich, sonorous Jesus. Orchestral playing and dramatic timing are of the very highest standard throughout”

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