Taverner: Missa Corona spinea

Gimell: CDGIM046

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Taverner: Missa Corona spinea




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30th Oct 2015




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Taverner: Missa Corona spinea


Dum transisset Sabbatum I

Dum transisset Sabbatum II

Missa Corona Spinea



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“The Missa Corona spinea is a kind of treble concerto, packed with mind-blowing sonorities. If ever there was music to exemplify Shakespeare’s ‘Music of the Spheres’, it is here. The first performance, probably in front of Henry VIII and Cardinal Wolsey, must have been an astonishing occasion.” (Peter Phillips)

John Taverner’s Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas was released in 2013 to celebrate The Tallis Scholars’ 40th Anniversary. It received exceptional reviews and was number 1 in the UK Specialist Classical Album Chart for 6 weeks.

John Taverner: Missa Corona Spinea

1. Gloria: Gloria in excelsis Deo

2. Gloria: Qui tollis

3. Credo: Credo in unum Deo

4. Credo: Et incarnatus est

5. Sanctus: Sanctus & Hosanna 1

6. Sanctus: Benedictus

7. Sanctus: Qui venit

8. Sanctus: Hosanna 2

9. Agnus Dei 1

10. Agnus Dei 2

11. Agnus Dei 3

12. Agnus Dei 3: Dona nobis pacem

John Taverner: Dum transisset Sabbatum II

1. Dum transisset

2. Ut venientes

3. Alleluia

John Taverner: Dum transisset Sabbatum I

1. Dum transisset

2. Ut venientes

3. Alleluia

The Telegraph

26th October 2015


“the real glory of this recording is the sopranos. They sing Taverner's stratospheric high voice parts with truly staggering perfection. If they don't persuade sceptics that women can actually sing Tudor polyphony better than boys, then nothing will”

The Guardian

5th November 2015


“Here they present one of the repertoire’s most challenging works, John Taverner’s mass for the Feast of the Crown of Thorns, probably commissioned by Cardinal Wolsey to show off his chapel choir’s particularly fine trebles. They must have been impressive, judging by the dizzyingly high and virtuosic singing of Janet Coxwell and Amy Haworth, who often hover a full angelic octave above the part below.”

Gramophone Magazine

November 2015

“I tend to like Phillips's tempi: each phrase has its individuality, turned to perfection by his singers. And the textures of Taverner's six-voice polyphony are marvellously transparent…a gorgeous recording”

BBC Music Magazine

December 2015


“The Mass requires singers of the highest calibre and the Scholars rise magnificently to the challenge - both literally and figuratively speaking. The sopranos sing with razor-sharp precision, producing a remarkably boyish sound…while the lower voices are fluid and sure. Ensemble is balanced and textures are sheer, even in the most sumptuous polyphony…The Sixteen's account remains a classic but it is hard to imagine a more radiant and uplifting performance than this new one”

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