Music for an Antwerp Church

Glossa: GCDP32111

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Music for an Antwerp Church



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24th March 2017




82 minutes


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Music for an Antwerp Church


Missae senis et octonis vocibus


Missa 'Maeror cuncta tenet'


Missa 'Praeter rerum seriem'

Lôbo, D:

Magnificat sexti toni


Missa 'Sine nomine'


Missa 'Tota pulchra es'


Salve Antverpia


Missa 'Pro defunctis'

Graindelavoix, Björn Schmelzer

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Music for an Antwerp Church is the soundtrack for the exhibition Divine Interiors (Antwerp, 2016). This production partially contains audio material which is also included on Glossa GCD P32113 Orazio Vecchi: Requiem, available both physically and digitally. Some of the paintings of church interiors in the early Baroque show people singing in a chapel during High Mass or at Vespers, while empty church interiors devoid of staffage suggest the reverberation of sound through space. A virtual aural dimension adds to our experience of these generally Gothic spaces and their decorative interiors, but which sounds and repertoires would allow us to hear what it was like to be there? In the late sixteenth century, Antwerp’s two most prominent printers, Christophe Plantin and Pierre Phalèse, published a local and international musical repertoire which in many ways matched these paintings of church interiors. These were compositions in a late style that stretched the spatial elasticity of polyphony to its limits. Just like the paintings, they suggest an affective three-dimensionality that, because of its retrospective nature, belongs as much to the Counter-Reformation programme as it does to the Baroque. The Belgian ensemble, Graindelavoix, directed by Björn Schmelzer, produce another of their impressive vocal soundscapes in order to illustrate the sound which might have been heard in Baroque Antwerp churches.

George de La Hèle: Missa "Praeter rerum seriem"

Missa "Praeter rerum seriem": Kyrie

Missa "Praeter rerum seriem": Sanctus

Missa "Praeter rerum seriem": Agnus Dei

Alard Du Gaucquier: Missa "Maeror cuncta tenet"

Missa "Maeror cuncta tenet": Sanctus

Missa "Maeror cuncta tenet": Agnus Dei

Matthias Pottier: Missa "Sine nomine"

Missa "Sine nomine": Sanctus

Missa "Sine nomine": Agnus Dei

Pedro Rimonte: Missa "Tota pulchra es"

Missa "Tota pulchra es": Sanctus

Missa "Tota pulchra es": Agnus Dei

Orazio Vecchi: Missa "Pro defunctis"

Missa "Pro defunctis": Domine Jesu Christe

Missa "Pro defunctis": Lux aeterna

Paolo Bravusi: Missae senis et octonis vocibus

Missae senis et octonis vocibus: Libera me Domine

Duarte Lobo: Magnificat sexti toni

Magnificat sexti toni

Tylman Susato: Salve Antverpia

Salve Antverpia

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