Wagner: Die Walküre

Hallé: CDHLD7531

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Wagner: Die Walküre


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Opera Choice - August 2012



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14th May 2012





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Wagner: Die Walküre

Stig Andersen (Siegmund), Yvonne Howard (Sieglinde), Clive Bayley (Hunding), Egils Silins (Wotan), Susan Bullock (Brünnhilde), Susan Bickley (Fricka), Miranda Keys (Gerhilde), Elaine McKrill (Ortlinde), Sarah Castle (Waltraute), Linda Finnie (Schwertleite), Katherine Broderick (Helmwige), Alison Kettlewell (Siegrune), Ceri Williams (Grimgerde), Leah Marian Jones (Roßweiße)

Hallé, Sir Mark Elder

CD - 4 discs

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This is the latest release in Elder and Halle’s stunning Ring cycle and was recorded live at sell out Bridgewater Hall concerts which formed highlights of the 2011 Manchester International Festival. The performances received stunning reviews, including:

"The Hallé excelled in supporting the human voice, lifting the vernal lovesong of Siegmund and Sieglinde in a light lilt … The cast was outstanding."

Hilary Finch - Monday 18 July 2011 - The Times

"[The Hallé’s] Wagner is simply beautiful, and if that burnished lyricism was more glamorous than dangerous in Act I of Die Walküre, the duet with Siegmund (Stig Andersen) and Sieglinde (Yvonne Howard) had a tenderness beyond renegade intoxication. Elder is a skilful accompanist, metering the blend to suit the timbres of his cast … [he] conducted as though in love with a score that was in love with love itself."

Anna Picard - Sunday 24 July 2011- The Independent on Sunday

The recording features soloists of the highest calibre, perfectly cast by Elder who displays his opera credentials and achieves performances which are both moving and dramatic. The recordings were made from live performances, as part of the Manchester International Festival, in the Bridgewater Hall Manchester in July 2011.

Wagner: Die Walküre

1. Act 1: Prelude

2. Act 1: Scene 1: Wes Herd dies auch sei

3. Act 1: Kühlende Labung gab mir der Quell!

4. Act 1: Einen Unseligen labtest du

5. Act 1: Scene 2: Müd am Herd fand ich

6. Act 1: Friedmund darf ich nicht heissen

7. Act 1: Wunder und wilde Märe

8. Act 1: Die so leidig Los

9. Act 1: Ich weiss ein wildes Geschlecht

10. Act 1: Scene 3: Ein Schwert verhiess mir

11.Act 1: Schläfst du, Gast?

12.Act 1: Dich selige Frau

13. Act 1: Winterstürme wichen dem Wonnemond

14. Act 1: Du bist der Lenz

15. Act 1: O süsseste Wonne!

16. Act 1: Wehwalt heisst du fürwahr?

17. Act 1: Siegmund heiss' ich

1. Act 2: Prelude

2. Act 2: Scene 1: Nun zäume dein Ross

3. Act 2: Der alte Sturm, die alte Müh?!

4. Act 2: Heut' hast du's erlebt!

5. Act 2: Nichts lerntest du

6. Act 2: Was verlangst du?

7. Act 2: Deiner ew?gen Gattin

8. Act 2: Scene 2: Schlimm, fürcht? ich, schloss der Streit

9. Act 2: Als junger Liebe Lust mir verblich

10. Act 2: Ein andres ist?s: achte es wohl

11. Act 2: So nimmst du von Siegmund den Sieg?

12. Act 2: O sag?, künde! was soll nun dein Kind?

13. Act2: So sah ich Siegvater nie

14. Act 2: Scene 3: Raste nun hier; gönne dir Ruh?!

15. Act 2: Hinweg! Hinweg! Flieh? die Entweihte!

16. Act 2: Wo bist du, Siegmund?

1. Act 2: Scene 4: Siegmund! Sieh auf mich!

2. Act 2: Der dir nun folgt, wohin führst du den Helden?

3. Act 2: Du sahest der Walküre sehrenden Blick

4. Act 2: Weh! Weh! Süssestes Weib!

5. Act 2: So jung und schön erschimmerst du mir

6. Act 2: Scene 5: Zauberfest bezähmt ein Schlaf

7. Act 2: Der dort mich ruft

8. Act 2: Wehwalt! Wehwalt!

9. Act 2: Geh? hin, Knecht! Knie vor Fricka

1. Act 3: Scene 1: Prelude: Hoyotoho! Hoyotoho!

2. Act 3: Schützt mich und helft in höchster Not!

3. Act 3: Nicht sehre dich Sorge um mich

4. Act 3: So fliehe denn eilig und fliehe allein!

5. Act 3: Scene 2: Wo ist Brünnhild?, wo die Verbrecherin?

6. Act 3: Hier bin ich, Vater: gebiete die Strafe!

7. Act 3: Halt? ein, o Vater!

8. Act 3: Interlude: Scene 3

9. Act 3: War es so schmählich, was ich verbrach?

10. Act 3: Nicht weise bin ich

11. Act 3: So tatest du, was so gern zu tun ich begehrt

12. Act 3: Wohl taugte dir nicht die tör?ge Maid

13. Act 3: Du folgtest selig der Liebe Macht

14. Act 3: Du zeugtest ein edles Geschlecht

15. Act 3: In festen Schlaf verschliess? ich dich

16. Act 3: Leb? wohl, du kühnes, herrliches Kind!

17. Act 3: Der Augen leuchtendes Paar

18. Act 3: Loge, hör?! Lausche hieher!

19. Act 3: Wer meines Speeres Spitze fürchtet

The Observer

27th May 2012

“the orchestral playing is richly nuanced, never hurried, alert in detail. Stig Andersen and Yvonne Howard express blazing urgency as Siegmund and Sieglinde, with Clive Bayley a masterful, brutal Hunding. Egils Silins's Wotan is tender and anguished in his farewell to Brünnhilde. Loge's fire music burns with slow intensity, no mere sparkler but an all-consuming furnace.”

The Times

26th May 2012


“a magnificent achievement, thrillingly played and gloriously sung...Elder takes his time, perhaps too much time, over Wagner’s more sumptuous passages, especially in Act II; yet the sense of drama never flags.”

The Telegraph

14th June 2012


“hugely impressive...Elder’s conducting emphasises the score’s romantic grandeur through the cultivation of a rich, deep orchestral sound and firm, even stately tempos which build tension over the long arcs of each act...At a bargain price, this is something that can be recommended to every true Wagner fan.”

BBC Music Magazine

August 2012


“Elder is the driving force, with an approach that's powerfully measured and beautifully detailed, nowhere more so than in Act 1. His cast is also excellent...[Howard's] nervy, vulnerable Sieglinde is beautifully sung...Bullock's initially girlish, bright-toned Brunnhilde acquires heroic stature so swiftly that one ignores her minor moments of strain...This special recording knocks spots off anything we've had from the continent in recent years.”

International Record Review

September 2012

“Elder conducts with tensile strength and a really impressive sense of dramatic and musical architecture, drawing playing of thrilling immediacy and detail...[Andersen's] dramatic involvement, the pure unforced gleam of his tone and his fine sense of line all help to make this a powerful musical experience...Silins can (and does) sing with great tenderness and expressiveness...Elder's Halle Wagner is some of the best around at the moment.”

MusicWeb International

June 2012

“The performance is very much an interpretation, with Mark Elder imprinting his musical personality on every phrase...There are no huge names in the cast, which ironically helps to maintain consistent quality between the singers. Every one of them is equal to Wagner's challenges...here's hoping that the resources and opportunities will be found for a Rheingold and Siegfried in the same series. Should they materialise, this could become one of the great Ring cycles of our times.”

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