Tate, P: The Lodger

Lyrita: REAM2119

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Tate, P: The Lodger



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4th Sept 2015




1 hour 58 minutes


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Tate, P: The Lodger

Broadcast by the BBC on 2 February 1964

Owen Brannigan (George Bunting), Johanna Peters (Emma, his wife), Marion Studholme (Daisy, their daughter), Joseph Ward (The Lodger), Alexander Young (Joe Chandler, a young detective), John Thornley (A paper-boy), Ranken Bushby (A policeman), Trevor Anthony (A cockney), Rachel Paine (A cockney Woman), Geoffrey Clifton (A cockney Man)

BBC Northern Singers & Orchestra, Charles Groves

CD - 2 discs


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Libretto by David Franklin adapted from the novel by Mrs. Belloc-Lowndes.

The Lodger was commissioned by the Royal Academy of Music and first performed there in July 1960. This revised score, adapted for the BBC, was the opera’s first broadcast.

The Lodger forms part of a select group of British stage works with a horrific or supernatural theme. In Tate’s opera, what she referred to as ‘the sinister element’ is subtle and suggested rather than exaggerated or gratuitous and moments of genuine tension are juxtaposed with other non-sensational elements such as the burgeoning romance between Daisy and Joe and the local colour of the chorus’s music hall number. The composer’s natural gift for extended, lyrical lines and her capacity to build and dispel tension assist in lending distinction to an atmospheric and cogently constructed piece of music theatre.

Phyllis Tate: Act I, Scene I

Prelude No fire again tonight, Emma?

Whoever can that be?

Now George Bunting. I Haven't got time to sit here with you

There's young Joe

Phyllis Tate: Act I, Scene II

It is evening, a week later

Daisy Bunting arrives

Emma fusses half-heartedly with cushions and knick-knacks

Emma has returned to her room

Phyllis Tate: Act II, Scene I

Prelude. It is very late the next night

Left alone, Emma rocks herself in her chair

Suddenly Emma hears voices approaching outside

Phyllis Tate: Act II, Scene II

Late afternoon of the following day

Mr Bunting…it's something I ought to tell you

Does Mum know?

The Lodger gropes his way out of the house

Epilogue. When did you know who he was?

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