Nin-Culmell: Tonadas

Marco Polo: 8223534

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Nin-Culmell: Tonadas


Marco Polo

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Release date:

3rd Nov 2000




70 minutes


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Nin-Culmell: Tonadas


Books 1-4 Tonadas

Maria Luisa Cantos (piano)



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Joaquin Maria Nin-Culmell: Tonadas, Vol. 1

Saratarra naizela (Basque love-song)

Jota castellana (Castilian jota)

Cancion de labrador (Peasant's song)

Arada de Salamanca (Ploughing-song from Salamanca)

Diferencia sobre la arada de Salamanca (Variation on the ploughing song from Salamanca)

Charrada de Salamanca (Peasant dance from Salamanca)

Baile de Burgos (Dance from Burgos)

Vaqueirada (Herdsman's song)

Jota alicantina (Jota from Alicante)

Muineira (Dance)

Cantar de pandeiro (Tambourine song)

Alala (Song)

Joaquin Maria Nin-Culmell: Tonadas, Vol. 2

Jota castellana (Castilian jota)

Cancion de labrador (Peasant's song)

Copla castellana (Castilian song)

Canto de ronda (Serenade)

Copla extremena (Song from Extemadura)

Volume II (1957)

Cancion otonal (Basque autumn-song)

Copla asturiana (Song from Asturias)

Seguidilla murciana (Threshing song)

Cancion de trilla (Threshing song)

Canto de arriero (Muleteer's song)

Muineira (Dance)

Joaquin Maria Nin-Culmell: Tonadas, Vol. 3

Folias (Courtly dance)

Copla asturiana (Song from Asturias)

Baile de gaita (Bagpipe dance)

Cancion asturiana (Song from Asturias)

Pandeirada (Tambourine dance)

Motivo de Santo Domingo (Motif from Santo Domingo)

Mateixa (Dance)

Vou-veri-vou (Lullaby)

Copeo de Sineu (Dance)

Cavallets de Felanitx (Dance of the little horses from Felanitx)

Ball d'Arta (Dance from Arta)

Mateixa (Dance from Arta)

Joaquin Maria Nin-Culmell: Tonadas, Vol. 4

Ball del vano i del ram (Dance of the fan and bouquet)

Ratolinesa (Catalonian polka)

Ball de garlandes (Dance of the garlands)

Ball de Sant Farriol i bolangera (Catalonian dance)

El canta dels ocells (The song of the birds)

Ball pla i l'esquerrana (Country dance)

Cancion de campo (Peasant song)

Paleo (Stick dance)

Jota extremena (Jota from Extremadura)

Cancion (Basque song)

Zortzico (Basque dance)

Jota castellana (Castilian jota)

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