Handel: Tamerlano

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Handel: Tamerlano


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7th April 2014




3 hours 12 minutes


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Handel: Tamerlano

Xavier Sabata (Tamerlano), Max Emanuel Cencic (Andronico), John Mark Ainsley (Bajazet), Karina Gauvin (Asteria), Ruxandra Donose (Irene), Pavel Kudinov (Leone)

Il Pomo d’Oro, Riccardo Minasi

CD - 3 discs


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Following the recording of several complete Baroque operas: Faramondo, Farnace, Artaserse, Alessandro, all received with unrestrained critical enthusiasm eg Gramophone Editor's Choice, BBC Music Magazine CD of the Month, Handel Recording Prize, Max Emanuel Cencic once again brings together a fine group of singers and orchestra for the rarely recorded Handel opera, 'Tamerlano'.

The title role is taken by the exceptional counter-tenor, Xavier Sabata. A remarkable boxed-set released simultaneously with an extensive concert tour in Europe.

George Frideric Handel: Tamerlano, HWV 18 (1731 version)


Allegro - Adagio


Act I Scene 1: Sinfonia: Largo e staccato - Scene 1: Recitative: Esci, esci, o Signore (Andronico) - Scene 1: Sinfonia: Largo e staccato

Act I Scene 1: Recitative: Prence, lo so: ti devo Questo di liberta brieve momento, (Bajazet, Andronico)

Act I Scene 1: Aria: Forte e lieto a morte andrei (Bajazet)

Act I Scene 2: Recitative: Non si perda di vista il disperato (Andronico, Tamerlano)

Act I Scene 2: Aria: Vuo dar pace a un'alma altiera (Tamerlano)

Act I Scene 3: Recitative: Il Tartaro ama Asteria (Andronico)

Act I Scene 3: Aria: Bella Asteria, il tuo cor mi difenda (Andronico)

Act I Scene 4: Recitative: Non e piu tempo, Asteria (Tamerlano, Asteria)

Act I Scene 4: Aria: Dammi pace, o volto amato (Tamerlano)

Act I Scene 5: Recitative: Serve Asteria di prezzo al Greco infido (Asteria)

Act I Scene 5: Aria: S' ei non mi vuol amar (Asteria)

Act I Scene 6: Recitative: Non ascolto piu nulla (Bajazet, Andronico, Asteria)

Act I Scene 6: Aria: Ciel e terra armi di sdegno (Bajazet)

Act I Scene 7: Recitative: Asteria non parlate? (Andronico, Asteria)

Act I Scene 7: Aria: Deh, lasciatemi il nemico (Asteria)

Act I Scene 8: Recitative: Cosi la sposa il Tamerlano accoglie? (Irene, Leone, Andronico)

Act I Scene 8: Aria: Dal crudel che m'ha tradita, Tentero con la mia vita (Irene)

Act I Scene 9: Recitative: Chi vide mai piu sventurato amante? (Andronico)

Act I Scene 9: Aria: Benche mi sprezzi (Andronico)

Act II Scene 1: Recitative: Amico, tengo un testimon fedele (Tamerlano, Andronico)

Act II Scene 1: Aria: Bella gara che faranno (Tamerlano)

Act II Scene 2: Recitative: Qui l'infedel! (Asteria, Andronico)

Act II Scene 2: Aria: Non e piu tempo no, Un altro stringero (Asteria)

Act II Scene 3: Recitative: Ah, no! Dove trascorri, idolo mio? (Andronico)

Act II Scene 3: Aria: Cerco in vano di placare L'idol mio, il mio bel nume (Andronico)

Act II Scene 4: Recitative: Signor, vergine illustre chiede accostarsi (Leone, Tamerlano, Irene)

Act II Scene 5: Recitative: Senti, chiunque tu sia (Asteria, Irene)

Act II Scene 5: Recitative: Non si perda di vista questa schiava nemica e risoluta (Irene, Leone)

Act II Scene 6: Aria: Par che mi nasca in seno un raggio di speranza a consolarmi il cor (Irene)

Act II Scene 6: Recitative: Veggio da questi amori nascer strane vicende (Leone)

Act II Scene 6: Aria: Amor da guerra e pace, da pene e da tormenti (Leone)

Act II Scene 7: Recitative: Dov' e mia figlia, Andronico? (Bajazet, Andronico)

Act II Scene 7: Aria: A' suoi piedi padre esangue (Bajazet)

Act II Scene 8: Recitative: Se Asteria mi tradisce, al certo io voglio darle (Andronico)

Act II Scene 8: Aria: Piu d'una tigre altero (Andronico)

Act II Scene 9: Recitative: Al soglio, al soglio, oh bella! (Tamerlano, Asteria, Bajazet, Andronico)

Act II Scene 10: Recitative: E per lei vengo ad impegnar quel posto e promesso e dovuto (Irene, Asteria, Tamerlano, Bajazet, Andronico)

Act II Scene 10: Trio: Voglio strage (Tamerlano, Bajazet, Asteria)

Act II Scene 10: Recitative: Padre, dimmi, son piu l'indegna figlia? (Asteria)

Act II Scene 10: Arietta: No, no, il tuo sdegno mi placo (Bajazet)

Act II Scene 10: Recitative: Andronico, son piu l'infida amante? (Asteria)

Act II Scene 10: Arietta: No, che del tuo gran cor io sono l'offenso (Andronico)

Act II Scene 10: Recitative: Amica, son quella superba donna? (Asteria)

Act II Scene 10: Arietta: No, che sei tanto costante Nella la fede a me promessa (Irene)

Act II Scene 10: Recitative: Si, si, son vendicata (Asteria)

Act II Scene 10: Aria: Se potessi un di placare Il mio fato si crudele (Asteria)

Act III Scene 1: Recitative: Figlia, siam rei, io di schernito sdegno (Bajazet, Asteria)

Act III Scene 1: Aria: Cor di padre, E cor d'amante (Asteria)

Act III Scene 2: Recitative: Andronico, il mio amore (Tamerlano, Andronico, Asteria)

Act III Scene 3: Recitative: Come? Asteria, tu a pie del Tamerlano? (Bajazet, Tamerlano, Andronico)

Act III Scene 3: Aria: A dispetto d'un volto ingrato Piu sdegnato gia s'agita il cor (Tamerlano)

Act III Scene 4: Recitative: Figlia, con atto vil tutta perdesti (Bajazet, Asteria, Andronico)

Act III Scene 5: Recitative: L'empieta de' ministri (Leone, Andronico, Asteria)

Act III Scene 5: Duet: Vivo in te, mio caro bene, E se morte e a te gradita (Asteria, Andronico)

Act III Scene 6: Recitative: Reina, e vuoto il trono, non tocca ad occuparlo ora che a voi (Leone, Irene)

Act III Scene 6: Aria: Crudel piu non son io, Amarlo e dover mio (Irene)

Act III Scene 7: Recitative: Principesse infelice, infido Tamerlano! (Leone)

Act III Scene 7: Aria: Nel mondo e nell'abisso Io non pavento tutto l'orror (Leone)

Act III Scene 8: Recitative: Eccoti, Bajazete, dall'angusto ritiro in cui t'avea gia l'ira mia ristretto (Tamerlano, Bajazet, Andronico)

Act III Scene 8: Aria: Se non mi rendi il mio tesoro, Tu dir non sai qual sia pieta (Andronico)

Act III Scene 9: Recitative: Eccomi, che si chiede? (Asteria, Tamerlano, Andronico, Bajazet, Irene)

Act III Scene 9: Recitative: Padre, amante, di voi chi vuole il merto delle vendette mie? (Asteria)

Act III Scene 9: Arioso: Folle sei, se lo consenti (Asteria, Andronico, Bajazet, Tamerlano)

Act III Scene 9: Recitative: E il soffrirete, d'onestade, o Numi? (Bajazet)

Act III Scene 9: Aria: Empio, per farti guerra (Bajazet)

Act III Scene 9: Recitative: Signor, fra tante cure che fia d'Irene? (Irene, Tamerlano)

Act III Scene 10: Recitative: Vieni, Asteria, e saprai (Leone, Andronico, Tamerlano, Asteria)

Act III Scene 11: Recitative: Oh, per me lieto, avventuroso giorno! (Bajazet, Tamerlano)

Act III Scene 11: Recitative: Fremi, minaccia; mi rido del tuo furor, di tue minaccie (Bajazet, Asteria)

Act III Scene 11: Arioso: Figlia mia, non pianger (Bajazet)

Act III Scene 11: Recitative: Tu, spietato, il vedrai (Bajazet)

Act III Final Scene: Recitative: Barbaro! Or manca solo il morir mio al tuo trionfo (Asteria, Tamerlano)

Act III Final Scene: D'atra notte gia mirasi a scorno, D'un bel giorno, brillar lo splendor (Irene, Andronico, Tamerlano, Leone)

Interview with Xavier Sabata

Interview with Max Emanuel Cenčić

Interview with Ruxandra Donose

Interview with Karina Gauvin

Interview with John Mark Ainsley

Sunday Times

13th April 2014

“Sabata’s bad-boy manner captures the unstable mood swings of the Mongol ruler...If John Mark Ainsley’s commanding Bajazet is the great performance here, the entire set makes the strongest case yet for this masterpiece on disc, ideally paced by Riccardo Minasi and his splendid period band.”

The Guardian

8th May 2014


“Sabata makes Tamerlano the most insidious and dangerous of psychopaths...Ainsley's noble, harrowing Bajazet has rarely been bettered...Minasi's conducting is second to none, too, and the work's severity and sensuousness are wonderfully captured by Il Pomo d'Oro. This is one of the great Handel recordings and very highly recommended.”

Financial Times

23rd May 2014


“Il pomo d’oro provide further evidence that the period movement’s centre of gravity has shifted emphatically in Italy’s direction.”

The Observer

15th June 2014


“John Mark Ainsley is anguished as the volatile monarch. Instead of the contraltos of yesteryear we have two superbly agile countertenors, Xavier Sabata and Max Emanuel Cencic, sharing the honours with Riccardo Minasi's wiry, pungent period band”

The Independent

1st April 2014

“It’s a treasure chest of music seldom heard.”

BBC Music Magazine

August 2014


“The cast is of exceptional and even strength...[Sabata and Cencic] deliver brilliant tone and lively fioritura, while the scenes between Sabata and Ainsley crackle with fury...An all-round outstanding performance...The oorchestral performance is dynamic, the bowing expressive.”

Gramophone Magazine

August 2014

“Bursting with an energetic, dramatic drive and great characterisation from the soloists. An all-round excellent Handel release...newcomers should start with this throat-grabbing performance.”

Presto Classical

Katherine Cooper

August 2014

“this recording from Il Pomo d'Oro and Riccardo Minasi boasts an exceptionally strong cast, not least John Mark Ainsley's nuanced Bajazet and Max Cencic's charismatic Andronico. In the title-role Xavier Sabata's surprisingly sweet tone is no barrier to his credibility as the volatile tyrant.”

Opera Now


“Sabata’s Tamerlano has rich tone and a refulgent chest voice; Max Emanuel Cenčić has a higher vocal placement and more glittering colour...[Gauvin's] high-lying soprano both rich yet pure and technically undaunted by this virtuosic role...Minasi ensures that the recitatives have as much drama as the arias and ensembles.”

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