D.H. Lawrence: The Virgin and the Gypsy (unabridged)

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D.H. Lawrence: The Virgin and the Gypsy (unabridged)

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26th April 2011




3 hours 36 minutes


CD (download also available)
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D.H. Lawrence: The Virgin and the Gypsy (unabridged)

Read by Georgina Sutton

CD - 3 discs


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In a claustrophobic household, oppressed by her blind, toad-like grandmother and a cowardly, conventional father, Yvette’s exuberance seems doomed to suppression. But meeting a gypsy awakens unfamiliar emotions in her, making her challenge the family’s accepted morality. As she wavers between conformity and rebellion, a flash flood threatens her home, her world and her life. This short novel deals with all the major themes of sexuality and identity that made Lawrence one of the most original and influential writers of the 20th century; and it is a satirical, atmospheric, moving and surprising masterpiece.

David Herbert Richards Lawrence: The Virgin and the Gypsy (Unabridged)

Chapter 1

The children were brought up in this atmosphere…

Chapter 2

So the months went by.

The crossword puzzles, invented by Satan himself…

Then in the afternoon Lottie and Ella and Bob Framley came…

Chapter 3

The party had been silent for some time.

The gypsy man had been sitting loosely…

The woman took two wooden stools…

So, with curiosity, she followed the woman up the steps…

Chapter 4

When things went very wrong…

Hate kindled her heart, as she lay with numbed limbs.

Granny, who had been in a semi-coma…

Then Aunt Cissie, livid, sprang upon Lucille…

Chapter 5

Aunt Cissie began to bargain for the candlestick…

The two girls started downstairs in state…

She remained soft and remote in her amazement.

Chapter 6

He put down his tools and the pot, and rose from the ground.

Obediently she went to the stool by the fire…

Behind her the two men were talking briefly.

Chapter 7

'What is it Lucille,' she asked…

Yvette did not tell the rector, or Granny…

'Do you mean to say you don't know what love is?'

Chapter 8

She looked at him, as he stood there…

It was Granny whom she came to detest with all her soul.

The second time, she met the gypsy by accident.

Chapter 9

The sun was yellowing to decline.

With a low thud like thunder…

Yvette, naked, shuddering so much that she was sick…

Chapter 10

She was tugging at her hair when the policeman tapped…

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