Roy McMillan: Pirates! (unabridged)

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Roy McMillan: Pirates! (unabridged)

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31st May 2011




2 hours 37 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Roy McMillan: Pirates! (unabridged)

Read by Jasper Britton

CD - 2 discs


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Which pirate incubated chickens in camel-dung? What would Blackbeard do if you didn’t hand over your jewellery (it wasn’t nice)? Which pirate was called ‘The Exterminator’? Where’s the treasure buried? Why were two women dressed as men on the same pirate ship? Who made the Jolly Roger famous? And who was the greatest pirate ever? This 2-CD history answers all these questions and many more; it is the ideal introduction to the facts behind the great legends of piracy. Whatever you think you know about pirates, the truth is even more extraordinary!

Roy McMillan: Pirates! (Unabridged)

Setting Out

Pirates in the Ancient World

No-one is certain who these 'sea people' were…

The Barbary Corsairs

The Barbarossa Brothers (c. 1470–1546)

The Barbarossas left an impressive legacy…

Jack 'Birdy' Ward (c. 1553–1622)

He had become something of a Robin Hood figure…

Pirates of the Caribbean

Sir Francis Drake (1540–1596)

Gruesome Alert!

Sir Henry Morgan (1635–1688)

Captain William Kidd (c. 1645–1701)

Blackbeard (c. 1680–1718)

Generally, pirates preferred to intimidate their enemies…

By Hook or By Crook – Howell Davis (c. 1690–1719)

Howell Davis ctd. Recognising his own skill at charm and deceit…

Bartholomew Roberts (1682–1722)

Gruesome Alert! Edward Low (c. 1690 – c. 1724) and Daniel Montbars (1645 – c. 1707)

The Articles

Gruesome Alert!

Bang! Bang! You're Dead

Pieces of Eight and X Doesn't Mark the Spot

Gruesome Alert! Francois l'Olonnais (c. 1635–1688)

Stede Bonnet (c. 1688–1718)

Not-so-Jolly Roger

John Rackham – Calico Jack (1682–1720)

Here Come the Girls…

Anne Bonny (1702–1782)

Mary Read (c. 1695–1721)

Grace O'Malley (c. 1530–1603)

The South China Seas and Lai Choi San

Gruesome Alert!

The Greatest Pirate Ever: Cheng I Sao (1775–1844)

John Boysie Singh (1908–1957)

Gruesome Alert!

Piracy Now: Plus Ca Change

The End of the Voyage

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