David Angus: The Vikings

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David Angus: The Vikings

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26th April 2011




2 hours 25 minutes


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David Angus: The Vikings

Read by Joe Marsh

CD - 2 discs

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Between the eighth and eleventh centuries Vikings stormed out of their Scandinavian homelands to raid and loot along the coasts of Europe. In old Norse to ‘go a’viking’ meant to take to sea in a long ship for an adventure. Sometimes this was a trading trip, sometimes a piratical raid. Often it was both. Explorers and traders, warriors and poets, they ranged between Byzantium in the south and Iceland, and even North America, in the North. Their fame lives on.

David Angus: The Vikings (Unabridged)

Chapter 1: 'Preserve us, Oh Lord, from the fury of the Northmen'

A great deal of what we know about the Vikings…

Chapter 2: Raiders and Traders, Farmers and Lawmakers…

This trade flourished for several hundred years.

However, not all Scandinavians went a-viking.

The next class up was freemen.

At the very top of Viking society were the chieftains…

Chapter 3: Skalds and Eddas

After one raid, Egil somehow got left behind…

Egil grew bored with his life as a farmer…

The Myths of the Norsemen

This is, more or less, how all the stories of the old Vikings…

The most feared of Viking warriors were called Berserkers…

Loki is the most mysterious of the Norse Gods.

The death of Baldur was the beginning of the end.

Chapter 4: The Conquest of England, the 'Great Army'…

At the same time, Viking raids on the islands of Orkney…

Bjorn parted with Hastein now…

When the Ragnarssons arrived in England…

Chapter 5: To the East, The Birth of Russia…

The trade route from Ladoga…

Chapter 6: Across the Atlantic, Iceland, Greenland…

Eric took to sea in a long ship…

Chapter 7: Harald Hardrada The Last Viking

Eventually, according to the saga, he caught the eye…

Chapter 8: Kings and Kingdoms, Christianity…

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