The Clumsy Ghost and Other Spooky Tales (unabridged)

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The Clumsy Ghost and Other Spooky Tales (unabridged)

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6th Sept 2011




2 hours 31 minutes


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The Clumsy Ghost and Other Spooky Tales (unabridged)

read by Sean Barrett, Anne-Marie Piazza and others

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Alastair Jessiman: The Clumsy Ghost (Unabridged)

The Clumsy Ghost by Alastair Jessiman, read by Sean Barrett

But of course there was a problem…

One evening, the family had a seance in the lounge.

That evening, I stood by the arched window…

Anna Britten: By the Hot Green Water (Unabridged)

By the Hot Green Water by Anna Britten, read by Harry Somerville

After a couple of hours, we had a break…

Mum and I walked home the long way…

David Blake: Unable to Connect (Unabridged)

Unable to Connect by David Blake, read by Anne-Marie Piazza

When I went in this evening, there was still one customer…

After Mum died I was in a daze for weeks.

Roy McMillan: The Stillness (Unabridged)

The Stillness written and read by Roy McMillan

Jake learned his father's trade quickly…

Three months later…

There was a lot of activity.

Edward Ferrie: The Piper Boy (Unabridged)

The Piper Boy by Edward Ferrie, read by Thomas Eyre

But Monday came before Friday…

Friday came and Steven knocked on the big oaken door…

Steven took a closer look…

Monday morning came. The swimming pool.

Margaret Ferrie: The Weeping Tree (Unabridged)

The Weeping Tree by Margaret Ferrie, read by Anne-Marie Piazza

She awoke the next morning…

Soon the three of them were seated around the table…

Amy slept fitfully that night…

For the next three nights…

David Angus: The Book of Imhotep (Unabridged)

The Book of Imhotep by David Angus, read by Sean Barrett

Together with some servants, carrying picks and shovels…

Setna reached out his hand to lift the book…

'This story is very sad,' said Setna…

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