Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust (abridged)

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust (abridged)

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6th Sept 2011




3 hours 58 minutes


CD (download also available)
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust (abridged)

Samuel West (Faust), Toby Jones (Mephistopheles)

CD - 4 discs


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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Faust (Abridged)

Part 1: Prologue in Heaven

The First Part of the Tragedy – Scene 1: Night

Enter the Spirit

Exit Wagner. Faust alone

Scene 2: Outside the City Gate

Scene 3: Faust's Study

Enter Mephistopheles

Scene 4: Faust's Study

Mephistopheles: 'It's done!'

Scene 5: A Witch's Kitchen

Scene 6: A Street

Scene 6a

Scene 7: Gretchen's Room

Scene 9: The Neighbour's House

Scene 10: A Garden

Scene 11: A Summerhouse

Scene 12: Forest and Cavern

Scene 12a: Gretchen's Song

Scene 13: Martha's Garden

Scene 14: At the Well

Scene 16: The Street in Front of Gretchen's House

Scene 17: Cathedral

Scene 18: Walpurgis Night

Scene 19: Gloomy Day. A Field

Scene 20: A Dungeon

Part 2 Scene 1: A Pleasant Landscape

Scene 2: Throne Room of the Imperial Palace

Scene 3: A Pleasure Garden

Scene 4: A Gloomy Gallery

Scene 6: Great Hall

Act II Scene 1: High-vaulted Narrow Gothic Room…

Scene 2: Laboratory

Scene 3: Classical Walpurgis Night

Scene 3b: On the Upper Peneus

Scene 3c: On the Lower Peneus

Scene 3d: On the Upper Peneus, as before

Scene 3e: Mephistopheles Climbing

Scene 4: Rocky Bays of the Aegean Sea

Act III Scene 1: Before the Palace of Menelaus…

Phorkyas (Mephistopheles) appears

Scene 2: Inner Courtyard of a Castle

Scene 2a: In Front of a Series of Rocky Caves

Act IV Scene 1: High Mountains

Act V Scene 1: A Palace

Scene 2: Dead of Night

Scene 3a: Midnight

Scene 3b: Faust's Room

Scene 4: Great Forecourt of the Palace

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