Ovid: Metamorphoses (unabridged)

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Ovid: Metamorphoses (unabridged)

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3rd July 2012




17 hours 28 minutes


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Ovid: Metamorphoses (unabridged)

A new verse translation by Ian Johnston

read by David Horovitch

CD - 14 discs


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Ovid: Metamorphoses (Unabridged)

Book 1: Invocation

Primal Chaos

Formation of the Earth

Regions of Earth

Climates on Earth

Distribution of Winds

Creation of Life and Prometheus

The Golden Age

The Silver Age

The Bronze and Iron Ages

War of the Giants

Jupiter Summons the Gods


The Flood

Deucalion and Pyrrha


Creation of New Human Life

Creation of Other Life

Apollo and Pytho

Apollo and Daphne

Inachus and Io

Jupiter and Io

Juno, Jupiter and Io

Argus and Io

Mercury and Argus


Phaeton and Clymene

Book 2: Palace of the Sun

Phaeton and Phoebus

Book 2 ctd

Phaeton's Journey

The Earth in Flames

Earth Complains

Death of Phaeton

Phaeton's Family

Daughters of the Sun


The Sun

Jupiter and Callisto

Diana and Callisto

Juno and Callisto

Callisto and Arcas

Juno, Tethys and Oceanus

The Raven and the Crow

The Crow and Minerva

Apollo and Coronis

Chiron and Ocyrhoe

Mercury and Battus

Mercury and Herse

Minerva and Envy

Mercury and Aglauros

Jupiter and Europa

Book 3: Cadmus

Cadmus and the Serpent

Earth Born Warriors

Actaeon and Diana

Actaeon's Dogs

Juno and Semele

Birth of Bacchus

Jupiter, Juno and Teiresias


Narcissus and Echo

Narcissus in Love

Pentheus and Teiresias

Pentheus and Bacchus


Pentheus and Agave

Book 4: The Daughters of Minyas

Pyramus and Thisbe

Venus and Mars

Helios and Leucothoe


Salmacis and Hermaphroditus

Book 4 ctd

Juno and Ino

The Underworld

Juno in the Underworld

Juno and Tisiphone

Tisiphone and Ino

Venus and Ino

Ino's Companions

Cadmus and Harmonia


Perseus and Atlas

Atlas is Transformed

Perseus and Andromeda

Daughters of Phorcys

Medusa's Hair

Book 5: Phineus

The Battle in the Hall

Perseus and Medusa's Head

Proteus and Polydectes

Minerva and the Muses

Pyreneus and the Muses

Pierus's Daughters

Typhoeus and the Gods

Calliope's Story


Pluto, Venus and Cupid

Pluto and Proserpine

Cyane and Pluto

Ceres's Search

Ceres and Cyane

Ceres and Sicily

Ceres and Arethusa

Ceres and Jupiter


The Sirens

Arethusa and Alpheus

Triptolemus and Lyncus

Book 6: Minerva and Arachne…

Minerva's Weaving

Arachne's Weaving

Niobe and Latona

Near the walls there is a wide expanse…

The Lycian Peasants

Apollo and Marsyas


Procne and Tereus

Tereus and Philomela

Procne and Philomela

Book 6 ctd

Procne and Itys

Tereus and Itys

Boreas and Orithyia

Calais and Zethes

Book 7: Jason and Medea

Jason and the Golden Fleece

Medea and Aeson

Medea's Incantation

Medea and Aeson

Medea and the Nymphs

The Daughters of Pelias

Medea Flies Over the Islands

Cycnus and Hyrie

Medea's Revenge

Medea and Aegeus

Medea and Theseus

Athens Celebrates Theseus


Minos and Aeacus

Cephalus and Aeacus

The Plague in Aegina

The Myrmidons

Cephalus and Procris

Aurora and Cephalus


Cephalus, Aura and Procris

Book 8: Nisus and Scylla

Scylla and Minos

Scylla and Nisus's Hair

Minos and Scylla

Minos and the Minotaur


Theseus and Ariadne

Daedalus and Icarus

Daedalus and Perdix


The Calydonian Boar

The Boar Hunt

Plexippus and Toxeus

Althaea and Meleager

Sisters of Meleager

Theseus and Achelous

The Echinades

Achelous and Perimele

Philemon and Baucis

Erysichthon and Ceres


Hunger and Erysichthon

Erysichthon and Maestra

Book 9

Achelous and Hercules

Hercules and Nessus

Deianira and Hercules

Hercules and Lichas

The Death of Hercules

Jupiter and Hercules

Alcmene and Iole

Galanthis and Lucina



Themis's Prophecy

Jupiter and the Gods

Byblis and Caunus

Her hand wrote out these ineffectual words…

Ligdus and Telethusa

Io and Telethusa


Iphis and Ianthe

Book 10: Orpheus and Eurydice

Orpheus in the Underworld


Orpheus and the Trees


Orpheus's Song

Jupiter and Ganymede

Apollo and Hyacinthus

The Cerastes

Propoetus's Daughters


Cinyras and Myrrha

When Myrrha heard that word 'father'…


Venus and Adonis

Atalanta and Hippomenes

The Golden Apples

Book 11: The Death of Orpheus

Bacchus and the Maenads

Midas and Silenus

Midas and Bacchus

Midas's Golden Touch

Apollo and Pan

Apollo and Midas

Apollo and Neptune at Troy

Hercules and Laomedon

Peleus and Thetis

Peleus and Ceyx


Diana and Chione

Daedalion and Apollo

Peleus and Psamathe

Ceyx and Alcyone

Storm at Sea


The Cave of Sleep

Iris and Sleep


Morpheus and Alcyone

Aesacus and Hesperie

Book 12: The Greeks at Aulis

Calchas's Prophecy

The Sacrifice of Iphigeneia

The Home of Rumour

The Greeks Reach Troy

Cycnus and Achilles

Caeneus and Caenis

Caenis and Neptune

The Centaurs and Lapiths

Theseus and Eurytus

Book 12 ctd

Theseus and the Centaurs

Cyllarus and Hylonome

Caeneus and Latreus

Hercules and Nestor


Neptune and Apollo

Apollo and Achilles

The Arms of Achilles

Book 13: Ajax Makes his Case

Ulysses Makes his Case

'Here is my chest which has always worked to serve…'

Ajax Kills Himself

The War Ends

Troy is Destroyed



Polydorus and Polymestor

Achilles and Polyxena

Hecuba Laments

Book 13 ctd

Hecuba and Polymestor

Aurora and Memnon

The Memnonides

The Voyages of Aeneas

The Daughters of Anius

Anius's Wine Bowl

Aeneas's Voyage Continues

Aeneas Reaches Sicily

Acis and Galatea

Polyphemus in Love

Telemus and Polyphemus

Polyphemus's Love Song

Scylla and Glaucus

Book 14: Glaucus and Circe

Aeneas and Dido


Aeneas and the Sibyl

Aeneas in the Underworld

Apollo and the Sybil


Ulysses and Aeolus


Circe and Ulysses

Picus and Canens

Circe and Picus


Book 14 ctd


Aeneas in Italy


Turnus Burns the Ships

Cybele and the Ships

The Fall of Ardea

Aeneas Becomes a God

The Kings of Alba

Pomona and Vertumnus

Iphis and Anaxarete

The Sabine War

Venus Saves Rome

Romulus is Made a God


Book 15: Numa

Hercules and Croton

Hercules and Myscelus



Immortality of the Soul


Changes in Nature

The Elements

Geological Changes

Properties of Water

Mount Aetna

Spontaneous Generation

The Phoenix

Strange Animals


Rome's Destiny

Numa As King



Hippolytus and Diana


Romulus's Spear



Julius Caesar

Omens of Caesar's Death

Jupiter and Venus

Achievements of Augustus

Venus and Julius Caesar

Glory of Augustus

Ovid's Immortality

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