Fyodor Dostoyesvky: The Brothers Karamazov (unabridged)

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Fyodor Dostoyesvky: The Brothers Karamazov (unabridged)

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1st June 2013




37 hours 1 minute


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Fyodor Dostoyesvky: The Brothers Karamazov (unabridged)

read by Contantine Gregory

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Fyodor Mikhail Dostoyevsky: The Brothers Karamazov (Unabridged)

The Brothers Karamazov

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

He became especially fond of the younger, Alexey…

Chapter 4

At the time of Yefim Petrovitch's death…

He used particularly to point to his nose…

Chapter 5

The story is told, for instance…

'Among us there is sin, injustice, and temptation…'

Book II

'He's like von Sohn,'…

Chapter 2

'I went straight up to him…'

'He got up, and throwing up his hands…'

Chapter 3

'You are of the tradesman class?'

Her eyes showed that she had come with a purpose…

Chapter 4

He announced that he had come from the far north…

'In short, I am a hired servant…'

Chapter 5

'The Christian Church entering into the State…'

'The Church holds aloof, above all…'

Chapter 6

'Is that really your conviction…'

At last Miusov felt completely humiliated and disgraced.

Chapter 7

'Do you know, I simply wonder at you, Alyosha…'

'How do you know?'

Chapter 8

'We must apologise most humbly, your reverence,'…

We must note here that Fyodor Pavlovitch knew where to look…

Book III

Externally, Grigory was cold, dignified and taciturn…

Chapter 2

It happened one clear, warm, moonlight night…

Chapter 3

Alyosha was delighted too…

Alyosha made up his mind to wait.

Chapter 4

The colonel, of course, was a very different matter

'It's strange how things happen sometimes.'

Chapter 5

'Stop, Dmitri,' Alyosha interrupted again…

'But now, I'm going to Grushenka.'

Chapter 6

The boy took the slap without a word…

Chapter 7

'Who will hold an unclean Tartar responsible…'

Chapter 8

'You know, Ivan, it must have been so ordained…'

He mused, and suddenly a slow…

Chapter 9

Smerdyakov ran for water.

Chapter 10

Alyosha had given his opinion at the time…

'I've only been waiting behind the curtain…'

'You defend me very kindly…'

Chapter 11

What worried Alyosha more than anything…

'He is weaker…'

Part II

All were expecting that some marvel…

Father Ferapont had succeeded in getting himself installed…

'Your words are terrible…'

Chapter 2

'Then you don't mean to take proceedings?'

Chapter 3

Alyosha crossed the bridge and walked uphill by the fence…

Chapter 4

Madame Khokhalkova hastened away.

Chapter 5

'My dear, kind, ever-faithful and generous adviser…'

She underwent an instantaneous transformation…

He went out of the room without saying good-bye…

Chapter 6

At last he found the house in Lake Street.

'And do you suppose I'd thrash him?'

Chapter 7

'On the third day when he came back from school…'

They were both standing at the time by the great stone…

Book V

'Why, why could nothing better have happened?'

'Ah, Lise, it was not so at all.'

Chapter 2

The voice ceased.

After a moment's silence…

Chapter 3

'You are trying to save me…'

'Perhaps so,' smiled Alyosha.

Chapter 4

'People talk sometimes of bestial cruelty…'

'The counsel protests in his client's defence…'

Ivan for a minute was silent.

Chapter 5

'He came softly, unobserved…'

'All that matters is that the old man…'

'But Thou wouldst not deprive man of freedom…'

'Yet what was offered Thee?'

'Yes, we shall set them to work…'

'And if only one such stood at the head of the whole army…'

Chapter 6

'Damn you! Speak out what you want!'

'If you think that he'll make use of those signals…'

Chapter 7

'I shall be no use in such a business.'

They reached the station quickly…

Book VI

He was suddenly silent…

Chapter 2

Mother shook her head as she listened.

(b) Of the Holy Scriptures in the Life of Father Zosima.

Fathers and teachers, forgive my tears now…

Let him read to them about Abraham and Sarah…

(c) Recollections of Father Zosima's Youth…

I went to bed, and slept for about three hours.

The seconds, especially mine, were shouting too…

(d) The Mysterious Visitor.

He looked at me and smiled.

For a long while I could not believe him…

He was respected in society for his active benevolence…

'Good God,' I thought…

Chapter 3

(f) Of Masters and Servants…

'Why are you weeping?' said I…

(g) Of Prayer, of Love, and of Contact with Other Worlds.

(h) Can a Man judge his Fellow Creatures? Faith to the End.

(i) Of Hell and Hell Fire, a Mystic Reflection.

Part III

Meanwhile the time was passing.

As soon as signs of decomposition had begun to appear…

The monk from Obdorsk heard all this…

The incident he referred to was this.

Chapter 2

This new something was the harassing impression left…

Chapter 3

The appearance of Rakitin and Alyosha caused a slight excitement.

'You've talked nonsense enough,' cried Rakitin.

'Once upon a time there was a peasant woman…'

'In the morning I would get up more spiteful than a dog…'

Rakitin got up.

Chapter 4

'Jesus saith unto them…'


Of this different, reformed and 'virtuous' life…

After his conversation with Alyosha…

Above all, he wanted this concluded that very day.

Chapter 2

'No, you'd better wait a little,' the priest pronounced at last.

Mitya fussed about the drunken peasant for half an hour…

Chapter 3

He flew home, washed, combed his hair…

'Of the gold mines, madam?'

'Madam!' cried Mitya, jumping up at last…

Chapter 4

Mitya looked at him from the side without stirring.

Chapter 5

'In your pocket, or on the table here.'

'What are you doing, loading the pistol?'

The officious shopmen began explaining…

'Dmitri Fyodorovitch, dear good Dmitri Fyodorovitch…'

Chapter 6

Mitya suddenly seized him by the shoulders…

In spite of the thousands of roubles he had saved…

Chapter 7

The Pole on the sofa struck him by his dignified demeanour…

'Listen, listen!' cried Kalganov, bubbling over.

The landlord brought in a new, unopened pack…

The Pole gazed open-eyed at Mitya…

Chapter 8

He would run away and she listened to the singing…

'So that's what you're after.'

'Will you forgive me for having tormented you?'

'Well, now I'll go,' thought Kalganov…

Book IX

But he had hardly uttered the name…

Chapter 2

She went up to the gate…

Chapter 3

The prosecutor would have continued…

'We will continue,' interposed Nikolay Parfenovitch.

Chapter 4

'Allow me to caution you, sir…'

Chapter 5

The prosecutor swallowed this without a murmur.

'Oh, I was sitting like this…'

'I was in want of ten roubles…'

Chapter 6

Mitya imagined however…

Mitya had leapt up from his chair…

Chapter 7

'This is almost miraculous,' murmured Nikolay Parfenovitch.

Both the lawyers laughed aloud.

'Have mercy, gentlemen!'

Chapter 8

Though Nikolay Parfenovitch did insert this in the protocol…

Ippolit Kirillovitch was very well satisfied with this piece of evidence.

Chapter 9

Part IV

'Run, run away from the rails,' the boys cried…

Chapter 2

'Come, kiddies,' said Kolya, stepping into the room.

Chapter 3

'That peasant's beard's frozen,' Kolya cried…

Chapter 4

'Suddenly I noticed for three days in succession…'

'Tell me, what made you hope that I should be the one to find him?'

Chapter 5

'Krassotkin!' cried one of the boys suddenly.

The captain ran across the passage to the landlady…

'Ah! I heard about the goose!' Ilusha laughed…

'The study of the classics…'

Chapter 6

'Long will you remember, the house at the Chain bridge.'

Chapter 7

Book XI

'But he knew about the Pole before?'

'Oh, dear! Couldn't you go to that counsel yourself…'

Chapter 2

'Well, that must be me,' she hurried on again.

'Oh, yes. I was talking of aberration.'

Chapter 3

What struck Alyosha above everything was her earnestness.

Chapter 4

Mitya laughed suddenly.

Mitya was almost gasping for breath…

Mitya walked frowning across the room.

Chapter 5

'Katerina Ivanovna loves you, brother,' said Alyosha sadly.

Chapter 6

'In the first place,' began Ivan…

Ivan wondered inwardly again.

Chapter 7

Ivan restrained himself with painful effort.

Ivan did not go home…

Chapter 8

'Do you know, I am afraid that you are a dream…'

'So that's where the envelope lay…'

'"Why, here she is," said I.'

Ivan said this solemnly and resolutely…

Chapter 9

'Excuse me, excuse me, I'll catch you.'

'Your nerves are out of order.'

'Then even you don't believe in God?'

'Not for one minute,' cried Ivan furiously.

'Somebody takes all the credit…'

Chapter 10

'He has worn you out,' said Alyosha…

Book XII

There were numbers of severe, frowning, even vindictive faces.

At last the president opened the case…

Chapter 2

At last the counsel for the defence began to cross-examine him…

'Allow me to ask,' began the counsel for the defence…

Chapter 3

But the unexpected pronouncement…

Chapter 4

The prosecutor, of course, intervened.

'And even if nothing had been omitted…'

Chapter 5

The usher at once approached him.

The document she had handed up…

The President and the prosecutor, of course, tried to calm her.

Chapter 6

'What, after all, is this Karamazov family…'

'He is not greedy, no…'

Chapter 7

'Those who heard the prisoner…'

Chapter 8

'You see, gentlemen of the jury…'

'But what do we see?'

Chapter 9

'By the way, I will note in parenthesis…'

'At that point one of the lawyers asked him…'

'Just because the prisoner still persists in these absurdities…'

Chapter 10

So Fetyukovitch began.

Chapter 11

'Not long ago in Petersburg a young man of eighteen…'

'But the prosecutor refuses to allow…'

Chapter 12

'Gentlemen of the jury, is that really so?'

'The prosecutor asks at what moment…'

Chapter 13

'The Lover of Mankind on the eve of His Crucifixion said…'

'Oh, perhaps those questions strike you…'

Chapter 14

His voice was weak, he did not shout as before.


Katya had never made such confessions…

Chapter 2

'Our brother has a strong constitution…'

'Here she is!' cried Alyosha.

Chapter 3

They had not far to carry the coffin to the church…

'The landlady is laying the table for them now…'

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