The Kalevala (Unabridged)

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The Kalevala (Unabridged)

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4th Feb 2013




13 hours 22 minutes


CD (download also available)
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The Kalevala (Unabridged)

read by Keith Bosley

CD - 12 discs


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The first unabridged recording of an important world classic: a compelling insight into the myths and folklore of Finland, The Kalevala is often compared to such epic poems as Homer's Odyssey. Drawing from oral storytelling traditions, Elias Lonnrot made this collection in the 19th-century, and it helped to cement Finnish identity in the turmoil of the 20th-century. The Kalevala has proven to be an inspiration to many, including Jean Sibelius, who tapped into its rich tapestry for many of his captivating orchestral works.

Keith Bosley is one of the acknowledged experts on the work: his translation is widely regarded as a landmark publication. A poet and acclaimed translator from Finnish, he is a Corresponding Member of the Finnish Literature Society and has also been knighted by the Order of the White Rose in Finland. For 30 years he was an announcer for the BBC World Service.

Elias Lonnrot: The Kalevala (Unabridged)

Canto 1: In the Beginning

Canto 2: Felling and Sowing

Canto 3: The Singing Match

Canto 4: The Drowned Maid

Canto 5: The Mermaid

Canto 6: A Brother's Revenge

Canto 7: The Castaway

Canto 8: The Wound

Canto 9: Iron and Blood

Canto 10: Forging the Sampo

Canto 11: A Bond Made

Canto 12: A Bond Broken

Canto 13: The Demon's Elk

Canto 14: Elk, Horse, Swan

Canto 15: Resurrection

Canto 16: To Build a Boat

Canto 17: Inside the Giant

Canto 18: The Rivals

Canto 19: Vipers, Beasts, Pikes

Canto 20: Slaughtering and Brewing

Canto 21: The Wedding

Canto 22: Laments

Canto 23: Instructions and a Warning

Canto 24: Departure

Canto 25: Homecoming

Canto 26: A Perilous Journey

Canto 27: Magic and Mayhem

Canto 28: Into Hiding

Canto 29: Conquests

Canto 30: Jack Frost

Canto 31: Feud and Serfdom

Canto 32: To Guard a Herd

Canto 33: The Broken Knife

Canto 34: Father and Mother

Canto 35: Brother and Sister

Canto 36: The Cowbone Whistle

Canto 37: The Golden Bride

Canto 38: Girl into Gull

Canto 39: Sailing to Northland

Canto 40: The Pike

Canto 41: The Pikebone Kantele

Canto 42: Stealing the Sampo

Canto 43: Battle at Sea

Canto 44: The Birch Kantele

Canto 45: Death's Daughter Gives Birth

Canto 46: The Bear

Canto 47: Fire from Heaven

Canto 48: Fishing for Fire

Canto 49: Moon and Sun

Canto 50: The Newborn King

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