J. M. Barrie: Peter Pan (abridged)

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J. M. Barrie: Peter Pan (abridged)

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26th Aug 2000




2 hours 30 minutes


CD (download also available)
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J. M. Barrie: Peter Pan (abridged)

Read by Samuel West

CD - 2 discs


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‘I’m youth, I’m joy… I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg.’ The story of the little boy who refused to grow up has captured the imagination of generations of children (and the adults they grew into) since its publication in 1904. Peter Pan flies in through the bedroom window one night and teaches Wendy, John and Michael to fly. He lures them away from their home and parents and takes them away to endless adventures in the magical Neverland, where they meet the wicked captain Hook and a host of other characters. Funny, charming, touching and incisively observant as to the ways of children and adults, Peter Pan is an unforgettable story.

James Matthew Barrie: Peter Pan

Peter Breaks Through

The Shadow

Come Away, Come Away

The Flight

The Island Come True

The Little House

The Home Under The Ground

The Mermaid's Lagoon

The Mermaid's Lagoon (Cont.)

The Never Bird

Wendy's Story

The Children Are Carried Off

Do You Believe In Fairies?

The Pirate Ship

'Hook Or Me This Time'

The Return Home

When Wendy Grew Up

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