John Milton: Paradise Regained (unabridged)

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John Milton: Paradise Regained (unabridged)

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2nd May 2006




2 hours 15 minutes


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John Milton: Paradise Regained (unabridged)

Read by Anton Lesser

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In Paradise Regained, Satan again is on the prowl, having successfully tempted Adam and Eve and forced their departure from the Garden of Eden, here he sets out to tempt again – this time Jesus himself as he comes to the end of his forty days in the desert. The magisterial poetry of Milton enriches the encounter and, while not matching the greatness achieved in Paradise Lost, provides drama and depth.

Paradise Regained

Paradise Regained - The First Book

Oh ancient powers of Air and this wide World

So to the coast of Jordan he directs

Meanwhile the Son of God, who yet some days

This having heard, straight I again revolved

Full forty days he passed – whether on hill

Whom thus answered the Arch-Fiend, now undisguised:

To whom our Saviour sternly thus replied

So spake our Saviour; but the subtle Fiend

The Second Book

Thus they out of their plaints new hope resume

The while her Son, tracing the desert wild

To whom quick answer Satan thus returned

He ceased, and heard their grant in loud acclaim

He viewed it round

‘What doubts the Son of God to sit and eat?’

To whom thus Jesus patiently replied

The Third Book

To whom our Saviour calmly thus replied

To whom the Tempter, murmuring, thus replied

To whom our Saviour answer thus returned

With that (such power was given him then), he took

He looked, and saw what numbers numberless

To whom our Saviour answered thus, unmoved

The Fourth Book

And now the Tempter thus his silence broke

To whom the Son of God, unmoved, replied

Whom thus our Saviour answered with disdain

Look once more, ere we leave this specular mount

To whom our Saviour sagely thus replied

Or, if I would delight my private hours

So saying, he took (for still he knew his power Not yet expired)

Him walking on a sunny hill he found

To whom the Fiend, now swoln with rage, replied

But Satan, smitten with amazement, fell

‘True Image of the Father, whether throned...’

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