Edward Ferrie: More Tales from the Greek Legends (unabridged)

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Edward Ferrie: More Tales from the Greek Legends (unabridged)

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3rd July 2006




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Edward Ferrie: More Tales from the Greek Legends (unabridged)

* Bellerophon and the Chimera

* The Anger of Artemis

* The Story of Orion the Hunter

* Meleager and the Calydonian Boar

* Atlanta’s Marriage and the Golden Apples of the Hesperides

* Orpheus and Eurydice

* Artemis and Actaeon

* Echo and Narcissus

* Castor and Pollux – the Dioscuri

* Athena and Arachne

Read by Benjamin Soames

CD - 2 discs


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Bellerophon and the winged horse Pegasus launch into the blue sky in search of the dreaded three-headed Chimera, but will success go to the hero’s head? Orpheus, devastated by the death of his wife, Eurydice, dares the dangers of the Kingdom of the Dead in an attempt to bring her back to life. Echo loves Narcissus but he only loves himself: a story that can only end in sadness. These and other colourful legends from Ancient Greece are retold in lively form by Benjamin Soames, with classical music providing further excitement.

Sunday Times

“This turns out to be a sort of Mount Olympus Babylon, where the bold and the beautiful perform fabulous deeds (Bellerophon slays the Chimera, Orpheus braves the underworld in search of his beloved Eurydice) but also discover the terrible consequences of hubris and vanity.”

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